Jan. 5th, 2011

sunshine_queen: Tricia being fierce, as always. (BSG- kids at play- Splodge04)
I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to hear how dinner went last night and it was okay! Like, everyone dressed a million times fancier than I did (which never happens, I was livid) but I got to see the girls for the first time in two years and Tommy for the first time in four (FOUR!!! FOUR IT IS ABSURD) but being with them was actually pretty fun. We talked a lot about things that happened during school together, or about encounters with long-forgotten former classmates and I didn't feel judged and all my panicking was for nought.

The best was being with Tommy, because it felt like I'd forgotten how close we'd been. Like, I had the memory of it, but not of actually hanging out with him, but we sat next to one another and it was like falling back into an old comedy routine, because we played off one another so well and we both enjoyed one another's jokes and comments so much. In conclusion, I had a pretty good time and got all worked up over nothing. I forgot that while I stopped hanging out with them, I was friends with them for at least our shared past, and for things like this, it's enough.


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