Feb. 2nd, 2011

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So, I just got a phone call from work. Apparently, even though I've been there three days and doing everything asked of me and doing it well, I am not enthusiastic enough, and because I don't want to stay twelve hours, I'm "not right" for their size company, and I was fired.

And the thing is, the thing I'm most upset about, after this snap judgment of only three days there, I'm most angry that I just paid $100 for a metro pass. And the money I spent on clothes. It wasn't what I liked to do, but I was doing everything that I had been given the tools to do and I was doing it quickly and efficiently, and that wasn't good enough. I was just told today that I needed to be louder and more forceful- two things I've never been told in my life- and that I should be brash and assertive and not care that I'm stepping on people's toes. and I was thinking how I could never be that way, but I could stick it out a few months. I am never going to be comfortable constantly harassing people over the phone, I'm never going to want to stay there for twelve hours in a row. I don't want to fight for this job.

And so ends Madi's foray into the working world, not with a bang but with a phone call.


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