Mar. 15th, 2011

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I hate that I've become one of those people who doesn't really use LJ anymore. This isn't to say I'm not all over my flist like I'm being paid, it's just that nothing actually happens in my life. Legit. I mean, this is what is going on right now:

- Flailing about 17th Precinct: Can't stop, won't stop. TODAY TRICIA TWEETED A PICTURE OF HER AND CALLIS AND BAMBER. I CAN'T EVEN DEAL.

- I'm watching The West Wing. I love it.

- I recently found out that CJ/Toby wasn't something I was making up in my head, and this DELIGHTED ME.

- I have nicknames for everyone on the show (natch) but as a unit they are called the court of Justice. Nicknames as follows:
Leo: The Duke of Justice.
Sam: The Dauphin of Justice.
Josh: The Earl of Justice.
CJ: The Countess of Justice
Toby: The Viceroy of Justice
Charlie: The Knight of Justice.

I'd say that Bartlet is the King of Justice, but I already call him the President, so I think he's good.

- In real life news: I'm trying to get stuff together in order to try to get a gig substituting at the Catholic school a few blocks from my house because this whole not working thing is boring as hell. I hate it. I need money, dammit.

- The only thing in my life that I am really excited about is September 2011. First D*C, then Monica's wedding.

So... that's about it.


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