May. 2nd, 2011

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Forming A Healthy Relationship
By Mike Kellerman and Julianna Cox
This dynamic couple offers valuable advice to anyone seeking to make a relationship work. Cox and Kellerman's three-step plan--1. Always Fuck Drunk; 2. Never Say What You Mean; and 3. Be Cruel at Random and Unforeseen Moments--is nothing short of genius.

In other news, I started watching the seasons of Homicide: Life on the Streets because it has my boo Michelle Forbes in it, and I love it. I mean, it's a crime procedural, but when you cut your teeth on SVU, regular police procedurals are like nothing, and Michelle Forbes is charming and jaunty and delightful and I love her. This also has the sad reality of me wanting fic THAT I CAN'T FIND. I mean, I get it, it's the season I'm watching aired from 1996-1997 (and they look it, it's hilarious!) But I want fic, forever, because so far in their relationship they're just cute and flirty and btw I love them? I don't know. The West Wing is no where near as pleasant, because right now they're undergoing a Pegasus/Mercy West situation, but unlike on BSG I'm firmly on one side so it's just unpleasant. JOHN GOODMAN WHY DO YOU HAVE A DOG IN THE OVAL OFFICE? THAT, SIR, IS UNTOWARD.

Also Zoey's missing, that's not good, and, more importantly, SOMEONE INSULTED LEO MCGARRY, AND THAT CANNOT STAND. I LOVE HIM BEST.

Nothing else too exciting going on! Sent in some documents so that I could be legally employed in France with some terrible passport photos and that's cool, but until July or so I won't know anything concrete. Anxiety mustache!


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