Oct. 12th, 2011

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So, today was the second and last day of training, and it was fun, because I love seeing all the other kids in my department and the two ladies who have been running it have been absolutely awesome and they make this whole thing seem doable and not scary and for a couple hours the whole thing seemed not terrible. And then I met with the guy in charge of the internet situation, and he invited me up to talk to him and he laid out what he had planned for the internet, and I even saw someone in my building today with cables and stuff and he was like, yes! I'm not promising it for this weekend, but definitely before break (which starts next Saturday.) So I felt super hopeful! And then Jean-Baptiste, the kid who has been working with some teacher on our internet situation, he comes over and says that the teacher said it would be seven weeks at least.

And now it's like goddammit, if that's true, why is that teacher telling me a week? That is VERY DIFFERENT FROM SEVEN WEEKS. I'm trying to be cool about having to go to the teacher's lounge with my laptop, but it's really kind of lame (but better than nothing.) Tomorrow I'm going into Paris to get my phone and my bank card, and hopefully the internet will work on my phone so I can at least tweet and send emails or something and that way it won't be so terribly lonely at nights, but lord in heaven, I am so done with this place. I have roommates I don't like in a place I no longer really want to be in- although that's not true. I've graduated from the constant nausea of heartbreaking homesickness to a more dull empty 'I'm stuck here indefinitely no matter what,' which isn't too great. Tomorrow I'm going to Paris to look at another place where I'd live in exchange for a few hours of babysitting a week, and I might actually do it if my schedule works out.

The girls that I live with don't understand why I'm willing to pay for internet, especially with a contract, and they give me such attitude about it! Like, here I am saying how I am willing to pay for it myself and I understand I'll have to pay for a contract but whatever, and they just don't get it at all. They're clearly not as homesick as I am, and it's really frustrating to me.

Also, because one of them is so nasty to me, I never want to hang out, and it becomes this vicious cycle of I don't like her so I won't hang out with them-> they're not so nice to me cause they think I don't like them -> whatever bullshit.

Whatever, I'm reading Clash of Kings and wondering how in god's name GRRM managed to come up with all this stuff, because it's so detailed and rich and I'm stunned. Also, CERSEI FIERCE. SANSA FIERCE. I know that obviously Sansa isn't in a place where she can actually be like YESSSSS I AM CERSEI'S PROTOGEE THIS ONLY MEANS GOOD THINGS, what with the Lannister issues and all, but ohhh, Cersei means well in her own jacked up way and oh my sweet Sansa! I just want to hug her every moment of her life. Whenever I mentally whine about Paris I think about her and how much worse this fictional character has it.

ETA: The guy in charge just came over to me and told me the cable situation is not workable, so they're just installing a cable thing like I would've done on my own and we'll have our own router in our common room and it'll be normal wifi. He expects this up by next week. HUZZAH.



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