Oct. 14th, 2011

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Things The French Love, or at least Like To Watch Dubbed Versions Of:

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, which I have decided I must now watch
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother (I saw this on TV a few times and wanted to hug the TV. WHY DID I BRING NO HIMYM WITH ME?!)

It's super cold here and promises to get even extra super colder tonight. I'm going to the grocery store later with Rhiannon, the Welsh assistant who lives in this town, but that's not until noon and it's just ten now and I'm not teaching and I have no internet so I'm just sitting in the teacher's workroom, COME AT ME, BRO.

Next month I will definitely get the monthly metro pass that lets me go in and out of Paris without knowing exactly how much I'm spending, but since I didn't this month every time I pay for a round trip (7,90 euros, so about ten bucks,) I kind of cringe. I'm still waiting to get paid by these people and I need funds transferred to my French bank from my American one, so almost everything is going on the credit card and it's pretty awful, therefore I'm trying not to go into Paris unless I have a reason (to meet someone, to GET MY PHONE dammit) and as we learned yesterday, I am not good at just being on my own with no texting or tweeting or emailing.

(The biggest problem isn't actual internet access. I've been able to catch up on LJ or at least see some posts, and I've gotten to check facebook and all that. The problem is communication. I can't just IM my friends. I can't just check my emails. I can't just skype with my parents, which is the biggest thing for me.)

UGH ANYWAY I feel so weird just hanging out here!
sunshine_queen: Tricia being fierce, as always. (Sloane- exciting!- krycons)
Okay, kids. The moment I've been waiting for is here: I got my new phone. If the gods are kind, I will be tweeting and emailing up a storm tonight, and NO ONE WILL STOP ME.


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