Oct. 17th, 2011

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So today:

- I sent in my whole 'I live in France now, French government, please pretend I'm a citizen for the next few months!" packet. 5,30 euros. :(
- Bought train tickets to go visit Melissa in England, which was so expensive I can't actually think about it too hard or my brain will explode but I WILL SEE MELISSA IN EIGHT DAYS :D :D :D
- Watched the pilot and first episode of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman and omg, it is SO MUCH BETTER than anticipated! No, seriously. I tweeted that I should probably be irked that every five seconds Sully gets to rescue Michaela (often by using his tomahawk, and no, that's not a metaphor but mmmmm) but no, seriously. I'm, what, three hours in and I have bought them lock stock and barrel and I just want them to be together all day every day. Who knew I found the mountain man get up an attractive thing? Not I!

I'm obviously feeling a lot better- having a phone with internet so that I can email my mom in lieu of texts and tweet with you all is doing *wonders* to make me feel more normal, and people I barely know on campus have stopped me to be all "are you the english assistant? THE INTERNET IS COMING WE'RE WORKING ON IT," so IDK if people were really touched by how dedicated I was requesting it or if news spread that I cried several times talking to people about how homesick I was, but I'll take it.

Even now, though, when I'm pretty much happy with my location and what's going on, I still will get blindsided by a sucker punch of homesickness for no good reason. Earlier today I was either brushing my teeth or putting on makeup, something by the mirror in my bedroom, and I almost burst into tears because I was suddenly so homesick. It's awful. I never endured this at college! What gives!

(I know I'm feeling better overall, though, because suddenly my body is no longer accepting 8+ hours of sleep a night anymore, and I'm starving ALL OF THE TIME, like my body remembers it's barely eaten for the past few weeks and wants to make up for it all at once.)


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