Oct. 19th, 2011

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I had no idea so many of you watched Dr Quinn before but I'm so glad because now I have people to express my thoughts to! )

The power just went out for a few minutes, and it was so alarming because I had no idea what to do. At home if the power went out, I knew to call the power company; at school I either lived on campus, so I knew the RAs were around and knew what to do, and the campus would take care of it, and then when I lived in my apartment I at least knew the number of the management company. Here, I have no idea who's in charge, or who to contact. Luckily the men of the families down the hall went out to investigate, and the power came back long before they could've gone to talk to anyone (who would they talk to?!) but it was still really scary because I was like, okay, I have a flashlight, but it's 8:15 and way too early for bed.

Other than that, today was pretty good. Met two more classes and some students asked questions and some just made weird comments but they were pretty okay, and then I met with the super nice teacher who really wants to take care of me because she's adorable- she's the one who offered to let me call home from her house, and today she told me where her doctor was, in case I need one, and where to find certain grocery stores, and also the location of her favorite boulangerie.

And, because I have priorities, I totally went to the boulangerie this afternoon and I got a DELICIOUS baguette and a pretty tasty chocolate thing as a treat but it felt very stereotypically French to be returning home with a fresh baguette for my dinner of... a hot dog in said baguette with ketchup, which wasn't very French of me. But it's less than a week until I go England to see Melissa and I AM SO EXCITED.

I did get just get a text message from one of my teachers I'm going to meet tomorrow and she's all "I might be five minutes late," which is great, because that means I'm going to be there for five minutes on my own D: ... if I can get into the classroom? That's a concern. Oh well! I've been very calm about this whole assistantship thing for reasons unknown to me.

Aaaand yesterday I had a really nice evening with my roommates where they were nice, and today we're back to super bitch! It's lovely.


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