Oct. 20th, 2011

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In which I am unable to stop gushing about how delightful I find Dr Quinn. In other words, nothing you haven't seen before, ONLY THIS TIME WITH ADDED SQUEE BECAUSE SULLY AND MICHAELA LOVE EACH OTHER, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! )

So today was pretty good- I met one of my teachers who was really nice and pleasant. She was a French assistant in upstate New York in 1995, so I asked where, and it turns out she was placed in Saratoga! Like, of all the many cities in NY, she was in the one that I know the best. It was a bit weird, because she was saying how tiny and boring it was, which I totally understand if you're there to experience the US, but I was like :( I love Saratoga! Anyway, she was crazy nice. The second teacher I was supposed to meet called out sick, so I'll meet her after break. I met a class of Chantal's, and bless her, she bought me more fancy chocolates and then a bar of exceedingly delicious chocolate, as well as giving me the number of her doctor (in case I need one) and telling me about country dancing, chorus and other things I might like to do for fun. (If I was a joiner. Bless her, she thinks I might be.)

Today the kids I met had some really good questions- so good I could barely answer them. They asked about health care and what I thought about America's preoccupation with God, what I thought about the economic crisis, for details on sororities and fraternities and what I thought about Chris Brown. It was a total grab bag of questions and it was weird but pretty fun. I really won't know what this job is really about until after break.


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