Nov. 3rd, 2011

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My Mom: What did you do today?
Me: [Wrote highly indulgent fic wherein Sam and Caprica are married and have three children and they have adventures on the metro] Um, went to the grocery store.

Today, while not lovely as in clear blue skies, there was a bit of sun, and when I went to the grocery store (THIRD ATTEMPT IN AS MANY DAYS) it was only 61 degrees so I could wear my flip flops and I was like sweet joyous temperature! Never leave me!

I got some American-style sandwich bread, mostly out of curiosity. I've been eating my PB&Js on these rolls that taste like cake. It was tasty bread. I also caved and got the Skippy peanut butter for 4,80 euros after trying to eat some of the peanut butter I got from England with a spoon. It was okay but definitely not awesome. The Skippy? Compared to the Jif it's not great and it's totally highway robbery but any port in a storm. I also got some red currant jelly by accident because the drawing looked like cranberries and I was like huh I had no idea they called them 'groseilles' and it wasn't until about a half hour ago that I remembered the word for cranberries is 'canneberge' and I had to look up what groseilles were. I feel like it'll have some potential when it's chilled.

Classes start again tomorrow (for two days, and then it's the weekend!), and of course now that I actually have to be up at a certain time tomorrow, my body is like OH MY GOD I AM ACTUALLY EXHAUSTED BECAUSE I REFUSE TO SLEEP WHEN I CAN. I'm up every day at 8:30 because, you know, why not, even if I stay up til 1:30 watching Michaela Quinn judge people (I don't know if I'm getting snarkier as I get more comfortable with the characters [I am aware how weird and creepy that sounds] or if the show is just crossing over from endearingly campy to borderline awful but this! show! and! its! ridiculous! plots!)


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