Nov. 6th, 2011

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I have no internet in my common room for some reason, so I'm like, no big, I'll go sit outside the teacher's lounge. So I am, in GALE-FORCE WINDS. I have no idea what's going on but clearly this plan is not long for this world.

Internet isn't working, which is tragically sad and I'd forgotten how rotten it is not to have internet, even if it's just in the common room attached to the ethernet cable.

Two nights ago my friends Katie and Becky came over really late and spent the night! That was an adventure, as I have a single bed and I made a little bedding nest for Katie on the floor. I slept super poorly for some reason- not for lack of room, but because it was so hot- but having them over was awesome. Yesterday morning we got up around ten, went to the closest boulangerie for breakfast, and then went into Paris.

I tried to get a Longchamp bag on Tuesday, but I failed to take into account that it was Toussaint and, of course, 50% of things were closed and Longchamp was no exception. So yesterday we went back to that store... and found out that it didn't have the bag I wanted in the color I wanted (dark purple.) So we had to trek another twenty minutes to the big shopping center, Galleries Lafayette. Disappointingly, it was the location that isn't breathtakingly beautiful. Anyway, I finally got my bag and it's exactly what I've wanted for so like, three years! Win.

Then we went over to the American Church because we had heard they were having a bazaar. There were some cool things- I bought a neat little leather purse for my sister for Christmas and two little leather change purses- but I was really surprised by the people. Some of the ladies working there were absolutely lovely- and some of them were totally cold. Weirdest of all was that the few times I mentioned that I was American and I was delighted to be at an American event, I was told that the community at the American Church was mainly for people who were going to be in France for several years (subtext: not for you.) I was really surprised at that- for one, I hadn't said anything about what I was doing in France, so I could've totally been living there for reals or whatever, and secondly it delivered really judgmentally. I'm sorry I'm not married to a Frenchman was dragged to a foreign country, American Wives of European Husbands, and I don't want to join your lame groups anyway.

Some other assistants arrived and also perused the bazaar, and then we left, got some lunch/dinner fixins at a grocery store, and then ate in a park while little old men played Petanque. It was cloudy by that point but it has been (gloriously) unseasonably warm to my never-ending delight, and I had a really good time! I even managed to get home before dark, which never happens lately, and I would be on top of the world right now if the internet was working... but even without it, I'm doing okay! I finally figured out how to play Spider Solitaire and I've been listening to my iTunes and god, I am so much better than I was a few weeks ago and it's awesome. Tonight Katie and Becky are coming back for a pizza party because we have a Pizza Hut in town and we're all intrigued.


sunshine_queen: Tricia being fierce, as always. (Default)

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