Nov. 8th, 2011

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Ugh, I'm remembering what it was like before when I didn't have internet! I'm literally breaking up errands so that I'll have something to do other days. "The grocery store is closed for lunch? No, don't come back later- go tomorrow, it'll give you something to do." "Go to the post office on Thursday! It'll give you something to do!" The people in the office have flat out said "you'll have internet when you get it," which, wow, thanks! Ugh.

Class-wise, I seem to have just two speeds: really awesome classes that are enjoyable and want to chat, and classes that want to say nothing. I'd say that it was to be expected, but sometimes the two wildly different groups are from the same class! Same age, same level of English. I'm pretty sure everyone got really conflicting reports on what I was like- I had a great time with the first group, and then in the second group, when they refused to talk I was like FINE WE WILL LOOK AT A WORK SHEET AND ANSWER DISCUSSION QUESTIONS AND IF YOU DON'T VOLUNTEER I WILL CALL ON YOU. I also told them that I get paid whether they practice their English or not, so it's up to them to improve. Kids are hard, yo.

And now I'm getting text messages from my phone company saying that my web "illimite" is actually limite and I'm close to it? Or something? I'm so screwed, man.


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