Nov. 9th, 2011

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So, I wrote a pretty amusing post (I thought) detailing both Dr Quinn squee (SHE AND SULLY GOT MARRIED, it was as crazy and delightful as you might expect) and the drama involving my phone (my unlimited web is not at all unlimited, it fact it is very limited, and I'm almost done FOR THE MONTH and I have to believe they mean 'some four-week period that ends soonish' rather than 'the whole month of November,' but who even knows. I certainly didn't intend to leave France being all 'AMERICA IS THE GREATEST' but goddamn, there have been so many little inefficiencies or just plain *lies* that I've never dealt with in the US and it makes me want to scream.

I also can't believe that the people dealing with our internet situation just have no idea when France Telecom is coming, because what kind of company just says 'oh, we'll come construct a line sometime' and then I think, no, it's totally possible, because: France. And then I fume.

So on one hand, I love being here- I have a lot of fun when I'm with my friends, and I love going into Paris and just hanging out or trying to find things and wandering around and accidentally stumbling on really historic things- and on the other I'm counting the days until I get to go home (forty!). This is so unlike when I went to college it's ridiculous.

Since I'm sitting here waiting to go to class (and then between those classes I plan on posting this, and then going into Paris!) I just looked at my contract and it looks like I signed on the 10th? So maybe the month ends then? In which case being near the end wouldn't be too awful, it would be bearable and in fact understandable? Sweet god I hope so. (I mean, unlimited should still mean unlimited, but whatever, I'm okay being at 160/200 'Mo' if it starts up again soon. I wish I knew how to look this up! I'm going to try going on the website and if I can't figure it out there I'll call them.


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