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And this is what I say to everyone that would judge me for being near tears over Ingrid's death on Dr Quinn: SHUT UP DR QUINN'S MAKING YOU CRY. I just! And feelings! Heartbreaking feelings of pain! Goddammit, Brian's dog! (Also, Ingrid's poor siblings. They used to have this bigass family and now it's the two little girls and the brother. THIS IS LIKE READING THE FIRST KIRSTEN BOOK ALL OVER AGAIN AND I COULDN'T HANDLE IT THEN SO I REALLY CAN'T HANDLE IT NOW.) As a sidebar, I think that if this show had gone on long enough, Michaela would've created the internet out of nothing but moxie and sass.

Today's classes were pretty good- everyone talked, at least, at varying degrees of proficiency, which is bizarre because they've all had four plus years of English but some of them can actually speak and some of them can't, and then some can speak English but don't understand 85% of what I say. The low point of my day was when I got trapped in my bathroom- my bathroom is down the hall from my room, and it's in the little living space we have (an inner hall with the toilet-room and the shower room with sinks, the kitchen, then a dining room/living room) and the door to the hall and the door to the toiler open on the same side, so that you have to have one closed to open the other. The bad news is that the hallway door rarely closes 100%, and sometimes jars open, and then you're trapped in the bathroom because you can't close either. The first time it happened to me my roommate was in the next room, so she saved me; today I had to holler and bang for a couple minutes. It was awesome!

But whatever, now I'm off until Tuesday and guess what? [ profile] scifishipper IS IN PARIS AND TOMORROW I GET TO HANG OUT WITH HER.
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