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Stuff that couldn't be posted while I was unable to get on LJ!

I have been so truly lucky with the friends I have- not only here on LJ/tumblr/twitter, but with the friends I have made here in France since arriving. I really have found some awesome people to hang out with, and they've been pulling me out of my hermit-y shell and it's kind of enjoyable? I think they're really helping me make the most of my time in Paris.

However, as always, I am delighted with my ladies in fandom who put up with my craziness since I left the US. You guys are amazing and I love you!

Heather came to visit and it was seriously amazing. I had such a great time hanging out with her and getting to discuss BSG- she has a very different perspective on a lot of things, but we're totally on the same page with many others, so talking about different characters and storylines with her was a great treat. Also, we wandered all around Paris and had delicious lunches and macarons and generally had a fabulous time getting tipsy before sundown and ordering drinks that arrived with roman candles in them and I wish she had stayed forever! I went back to the area we hung out in and I was all but looking around for her because I want her to come back!

Last Friday I went out with Katie, Becky, Becca and Ashley and somehow we were out until 5 am. I know this because we kept closing bars, and then the last bar closed and we had to wait in line until the McDonald’s opened, and then we all got food and waited for the metro to open. I was going to sleep at my friend Katie’s place, but she had to leave at 9 am to get her family (poor lamb) so I just came home, making it back to the castle at 7:30 (where the lady at the gate, waiting for students and teachers because there are actually classes on Saturday morning, totally judged me and I was like I AM TWENTY-THREE AND I DON'T HAVE CLASSES, QUIT GLARING), and went to sleep about an hour later. Despite taking five shots, four of which were bought for me, I didn't have a hangover at all the next day, but oh man, did it ever make for a good drunk story. I gave myself a fake identity! I gave my friends fake identities! We made up fake lives! It was amazing. (My fakee name was Trish, but not for the obvious reason- whenever I would go out with my cousin Jeannie, she would always give a fake name, and these fake names always sounded like they came off of shows from the late 80s/early 90s- Trish, Kelly, Brenda, that sort of thing. So when a guy asked me my name, I immediately said 'Trish' and then I was like LOLOLOL TRISH LIKE TRICIA GO SELF. Katie named herself Rhianna [yep like the singer] and Becca and Ashley couldn't come up with anything so I called them Caroline and Annabelle... and Becky was off with a guy so she didn't get a name.) It was an epic night.

The appointment was at 8:30 AM in a town pretty far away, but I got there with almost no problems (almost missed my bus and had to run in front of traffic to catch it but whatever, I made it!) When I arrived there was a huge group of people there who all had 8:30 appointments, but it was surprisingly efficient, in that they kept sending me from one place to another but seemed to expect me each time.

The first doctor was a guy from Africa, and he was really overly familiar and asked me what I was doing there and how much I made. I answered because I couldn't figure out how to get out of it, and he was like WELL YOU SHOULD TRANSLATE A BOOK WHILE YOU'RE HERE. To which I was like ... ... ... I'll look into it because what the what? Then he tested my vision by asking me to stand against a wall and read like, size 12 font on the opposite wall. OF COURSE I COULDN'T SEE IT. So I was down to like, epically giant letters so I felt terrible but upon reflection normal people couldn't have possibly read most of that.

Then I got to go topless for my lung X-ray! That was exciting. Less traumatic than expected, but ugh, not cool.

Then I was sent back upstairs, and I got this dude doctor where I had a completely surreal conversation.

First he checks the scan of my lungs and announces that they look normal.

Me: Yay!
Him: [Sharply] Were you expecting something else?
Me: No? I just like getting good results?

Then he feels up my throat and looks in my mouth.

Him: Everything looks normal.
Me: [having clearly not learnt my lesson] Yay!
Him: Are you a hypochondriac or something?

Then he asks me to take off my "pull" because he thought my shirt was a sweater, but I had a cami on so it was okay, and asks me to lay down on the table thing so that he can feel my organs or whatever. Knowing myself, I warn him that I'm going to be giggling the whole time because I'm super ticklish. So he's feeling my organs and I'm cracking up and he's clearly unamused and so he asks "Are you like this when you're intimate?" and for the second time I'm like WHOA DUDE.

Then I put my shirt back on and he starts asking me if I'm into politics, and I make the mistake of saying "not really, but I like to keep up with what's going on in the world" WHICH IS A LIE, and then he asked me what I knew about what was going on in the world and I was like... turbulence in the middle east? And then this went into a conversation about American politics and BTW what did I think about American interventionism? (Me: "Um... we do it too much?" THE MAN HAD TO SIGN SOMETHING SO I COULD STAY IN THE COUNTRY WHAT ELSE COULD I SAY?) and then he's like, showing me this show on french tv that discusses current events with these creepy puppets and I'm thinking, there are people outside waiting for a turn with the doctor and he's chatting with me about politics. Whyyyy.

Then, apropos of nothing, he tells me that if he could marry anyone it'd be Jodie Foster, because she's really intelligent and pretty, even with wrinkles, he still thinks she's pretty! I was thinking, well, barking up the wrong tree there, bro, AND THEN. And then he says that he thinks I'm an attractive and from what he can tell intelligent young woman, but at his age (48) he really relates to women who are around 30/35.

So I'm sitting there like I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH WHAT YOU'RE SAYING TO ME, because oh my god, thank you jesus for not being interested in me D: D: D: and uuuuugh I don't want to think about him patting himself on the back for being interested in women closer to his age bracket because that's totally what he was doing. It was a really weird trip.

Then he signs something and sends me off... and it turns out that the office was supposed to put a sticker on my visa but they totally didn't. Awesome! So I'm going back when my roommate goes there so I can be like SO WHAT GIVES YO because I'm pretty sure calling is going to get me absolutely no where.
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