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Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:Florida, United States of America
I have a fic journal now! [profile] olvidarling. You know you're thrilled.


I am graduate of the University of Florida whose major fandoms are Alias and BSG. I enjoy cake, the Gators, fanfic, wordsmushes, sleeping, making up obscure nicknames for things and warm weather. I dislike cheese, twizzlers, math, people who are never on time, shenanigans, and practical jokes. I write fic occasionally and have no idea what I want to do with my life.


tv, movies, the internet, hanging out, music, reading, writing, song lyrics, accents (on people and letters), Trident spearmint gum, baking, Tricia Helfer, carmex, Gator football, France, history, Europe, Paris, foreign languages, black and white photos, taking care of children, LUSH cosmetics, other cultures, New York City, the wikipedia, Cuba, Posh Spice, antiques, fictional espionage, Democrats, being a fan of Canada, the Acting Outlaws, movies and TV shows that involve explosions and a distinct lack of plausibility, the best president since Jimmy Carter, damask, liquid eyeliner, Cylons, sunscreen, ABBA songs, Argentina, Spanish, planning dream vacations, celebrity gossip, cake, remembering the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande, lounging, inside jokes, brushing my hair, makeup, souvenirs, chocolate, my handwriting, Ms, drinking water, Number Six


Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Gilmore Girls, Bones, 30 Rock, True Blood, Dark Blue, Grey's Anatomy, America's Next Top Model, What Not to Wear, Law & Order: SVU, How I Met Your Mother, Community


Gaius/Caprica Six (and/or Head Six,) Syd/Vaughn, Saul and Ellen Tigh, Kara Thrace/Samuel T. Anders, Admiral Helena Cain/Gina, Jack/Irina, Jack/Nadia, Booth/Brennan, Eric/Sookie, DeWitt/Dominic

Profile codes by: [profile] fading_melody.

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30 rock, adelle dewitt, admiral helena cain, alias, audrey hepburn, babies, baltar/caprica, baltar/six, barbra streisand, battlestar galactica, beauty, bickering couples, bones, booth/brennan, bsg, burn notice, cake, caprica, caprica six, caprica/gaius, captain von trapp, cary grant, celebrity gossip, classic movies, crocheting, cylons, danny hecht, derevkos, ellen tigh, europe, european history, fanfiction, fictional romance, france, french, french history, gaius baltar, gaius/six, gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, growing up cullen, han solo, han/leia, himym, history, hot people in space, ingrid bergman, irina derevko, jack and irina, jack and sydney, jack bristow, jack/irina, jack/nadia, jason/marie, jennifer garner, judy garland, julia thorne, kara thrace, kara thrace/sam anders, katee sackhoff, katharine hepburn, laura roslin, lauren reed, lauroslin, lee adama, leemo, lena olin, liz lemon, lorelai gilmore, love, margaret atwood, marshall/lily, maryann forrester, mia maestro, miami, michael vaughn, musicals, nadia santos, nadia/vaughn, new york city, notorious, number 6, number six, old hollywood, paris, posh spice, princess leia, rambaldi, robin sparkles, robots in space, sam anders, sarcasm, saul tigh, saul/ellen, seeley booth, six/baltar, six/gaius, sleeping beauty, spanish, speaking different languages, spies, spy family, spydaddy, spyfamily, spymommy, spyrents, starbuck, svu, sydney bristow, sydney/vaughn, temperance brennan, the acting outlaws, the bourne series, the derevko sisters, the gators, tina fey, titanic, traveling, tricia helfer, university of florida, ust, victor garber, will tippin, writing
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