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Today I got the Gardasil shot. It wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe, but it did hurt. Worse was that afterwards I got a bit light-headed, and my mom and sister were convinced I'd pass out. But I didn't, and my arm stopped hurting a bit after that, so yay.

Then! I got to see Becky for dinner! And that was lovely. I'm going to lunch with her tomorrow.

And then I made this, because... well, it's true. And it's the first thing other than an amateur icon that I've ever made!

I ship Nadia with... )
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So, Ma and Mel and I just tried to watch "Because I Said So" and oh. my. god. It was so alarmingly bad we actually fastforwarded through the whole movie so we could see which guy Mandy Moore ended up with without actually suffering through it. (The sisters were named Maggie, Milly and Mae. Diane Keaton hated them.) Lorelai was good, though.

I am going to one day die of salmonella poisoning because I love eating batter so much.

I saw Hairspray yesterday morning because my mom is obsessed with going to the matinée because then it's only $5 a ticket. The movie was AMAZING. I spent the whole time smiling and literally dancing in my seat. At one point my sister leaned over and said, "You're enjoying yourself waaay too much." And I really was. Then we bought the soundtrack, and it's wonderful. John Travolta is so delightful as Edna Turnblad.

I talked to my friend Becca for hours today, and we discussed perhaps going to Europe by ourselves without a tour, just meticulously planned. This could be a good idea. I want to go so bad. See how this is an obsession?

(And I can't wait to go back up to Gainesville.)
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Can someone please explain the appeal of making icon posts or stories only available for a certain amount of time? Because I'm completely bewildered by this practice. What, will those icons become collectable? Will having read the story make you a member of a special society?

I went to Dadeland today and I FINALLY got a pair of black pumps. I've seriously been looking for a pair of black pumps for about a year, and I found them in the extra super secret sales room at Macy's, and they're Steve Madden. $29 instead of the original asking price of $82. And they're black patent leather and not too high and relatively comfortable and I am thrilled. I also got two bras and some underwear from Victoria's Secret, because they were having a 5-for-$25 sale and I had a gift card. AND it turned out that I didn't lose the $20+ giftcard from there like I thought I did, I put it on the other card. So I am completely ahead of the game.

(Except for the part where I am completely not ready to leave.)

It's the first day of school for my sister and the rest of Dade county and... wow. It's so weird that I don't have to go.

And now Becca is home and I'm going to go see her!
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Okay, I am feeling much better. After we all cooled down, we drove down the mountain and went on the Ben and Jerry factory tour, which was fun, and then drove around Stowe which is so like every other little town here, which, to me, is like Stars Hollow.

We had dinner at this nice place called the Partridge Inn, but oh man. I love this hotel so much. It's enormous and sprawling and it has all this memorabilia of the Trapp Family, and pictures, and cute little picturesque decor and there are mountains all over that are so insanely gorgeous. I'm trying to think of a way to talk about it, but I really don't know how to say anything more than "it's insanely gorgeous." We're taking hard copy pictures, so, um, I'll do my best to show you some photographic evidence. I'm totally not used to being so close to all this natural beauty- I'm so used to the ocean and stuff that I amm really hard to impress that way, and most mountains I've seen are completely boring and unimpressive, but these

I spent last night in Hanover with Becca, and we had a lot of fun. I got to meet some of her friends and I got to see what she does for work and where she's going to be living, and the town is just absolutely darling. It was so sad leaving her in the morning, especially since I slept through most of it and wasted valuable Beccatime. But I had a really nice time.

I got my room assignment, and I got my first choice building, but I have two roommates, and I don't yet know how I feel about that. I want to say I'm psyched- twice the chance to make lifelong friends!- but I'm... so... terrified. Oh lord.

Anyway, now I'm trying to make as little noise as possible so my parents won't force me to bed. The room is big, but not that big.
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I am so so so so so excited.

If I didn't see her tomorrow I wouldn't be able to see her until, like, Thanksgiving break, because after I go up to UF she comes home, and then she goes back up before I come back for Shakira, (aieeeeeee!) but it doesn't matter because we're driving to Hanover and I get to stay with her!

And then (and then and then, oh my god,) we're going to stay at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, where I have wanted to go for about four years.

I am so amazingly excited! Yaaaaaay!
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I had a whole long entry earlier today, but the computer had to be restarted, so it got lost. It was mostly about how children run amok without maternal supervision (as in, I slept 'til three because my dad didn't think maybe three o'clock was a wee bit late.) Aaand... something else, but I don't remember.

Today I read about the Heat in the paper, and changed some icons, and watched most of "The White Countess," but then Becca called. She was (and as of right now, is) stranded at an airport in New Hampshire, and so I talked to her on the phone for a long time. Now she's getting an ice cream, so she's shlepping around and is going to call me later.

My mother lost her wallet. Much strife ensued. And will continue, until it is located.
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I'm going to watch the Heat game with Becca!

*crosses fingers*


*dances wildly*
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DD wordcount: 1484. (I am so proud, guys. I haven't written that much since two summers ago when I wrote "Perdition" and oh boy, if I can only keep it up)

Today I went to a consultation with an oral surgeon so I can get my wisdom teeth out. Turns out that in the grand tradition of my mouth, it's not only going to be a very, very painful surgery, due to the location and condition of my teeth, it's going to be very dangerous! Yaaaay teeth. And they have to come out, or else they will (A) screw up four years and several thousand dollars' worth of orthodontia and/or (B) Fester or something in my mouth and cause great, gaping, festering holes in my mouth that will give me diseases and rotting and I Will Die Some Horrible Death. So, yeah, surgery it is. And the surgeon was like, extra cocky and like a jerk, but he told me the kinds of drugs I would be receiving, which is a lot, so that gave him extra points.

I also found out Becky is leaving on WEDNESDAY, and will be gone for the rest of the summer, and comes back like, right after I leave, and leaves right before I come back for Shakira, so I won't see her until Thanksgiving. So I went to her house and she made me spicy stir-fry and we ate cake and watched Evita and oh man, I'm going to miss her so much! We're getting together tomorrow, too, because... omg. No more Becca!

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Britney Spears has hired a former lacrosse coach to look after her eight-month-old son Sean Preston. The star fired her former nanny after Sean fell from his high chair and hit his head earlier this year. Spears has recruited 28-year-old Perry Taylor to help her with her son and some members of the US media have started referring to him as her "manny" (male nanny). Her new employee hasn't left her side for the past few weeks and has frequently been photographed helping the 24-year-old with her young son. Taylor is a former lacrosse player for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. His mother Caroline tells website Taylor wanted to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan but "the women in his life talked him out of it." Instead, Taylor moved to California and began working for a security company and coaching lacrosse at Beverly Hills High School. A source close to Taylor clarified his position to American publication Us Weekly saying, "He's more Sean's bodyguard than a nanny." Taylor's mother confirms that her son is more suited to security duty rather than nappy changing: "He's just beginning to learn about babies."

So... she has a nanny that she has to fire because the kid gets DROPPED ON HIS HEAD and... the next nanny-man she hires is "just beginning to learn about babies."

... How is that a good idea? Jesus.

[Poll #744400]

Last night was Becca's graduation, and it was such a pretty, interesting event. And I say interesting because it was 80 or so girls in white dresses carrying bouquets of roses coming in according to height, and there were no robes and all these prayers and an entire mass and it's so different from... every other graduation I've ever been to. Abby and I were isolated from the rest of her family and I stood with Fiji and Laura.

Before I went to her house and hung out with her dad's mom, who is super cool, and after the ceremony thing we went to the 1200 Club at the Biltmore for dinner with her parents and her sister and her grandma and her other grandma and her grandma's boyfriend, Arnold. I really like Becca's family, so I had a good time. Her family really loves me, and Abby's going into IB, which thrills me. Someone who'll understand!
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Final count of the mosquito bites, now that they're just ugly red welts and not itchy bumps from hell: twenty-seven.

I barely did anything at all today, and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow is Becca's graduation and I'm attending, yaaaay!

Also, can someone on my wonderful flist YSI me the song "Rinse"? I think it's by Vanessa Carlton. I'll love you forever...


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