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Christmas was pretty good this year! We were thwarted going to see Nine, but instead we watched True Blood (sidebar: yeah, I started True Blood. I AM LOVING BILL. I am very chagrined by this) and our family dinner was actually incredibly fun and pleasant. I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!
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Happy Holidays!
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So, kids, it's that time of year!

Everyone who'd like a Christmas card, sing out! This is especially important if you've moved, because I'd hate to mail a card to someone who won't appreciate my little attempt at spreading Christmas joy.

All comments are going to be screened, so you can leave your address in comments if you want.
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So, sometime last month or so I started this cracktastic holiday fic. It's completely done now, but I'm not sure of the protocol regarding the posting holiday fic because... I've never done it. I haven't even really ever seen it, either. And since I have no opinion on it, and I'm sure other people do, I've decided to do a poll!

[Poll #1495055]
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I think my personality is softening in my old age. Suddenly I find myself loving Christmas and wanting to hear it and DEAR GOD WHO AM I?

On that note, [ profile] savvy_elf is doing an awesome Christmas music exchange. Listen, exchange and be merry.
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It's 78° and raining. Honestly, if it's going to be so nasty, it should at least be cold!

I had a very good Christmas morning, aside from my sister waking me up from a deep, deep slumber (so much so that I totally forgot it was Christmas until Melanie capered about exclaiming it.) I got a large number of plates, and, because I am an adult, I was delighted. Plates! How grown-up!
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I hope everyone celebrating has an absolutely wonderful holiday!

And, in the words of my sister: "Dear Jesus, happy two thousandth and forty-second birthday."
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6 hours, 313 songs, 1 scarf and one DELICIOUS CARVEL ICE CREAM CONE later, I AM HOME FOR WINTER BREAK.

I spent most of the day with Melissa, which was delightful. She's such a good friend to me- she kept me from studying, I kept her from studying, and we watched two episodes of Alias. She's awesome.

At home, we have the world's largest Christmas tree. It is taking over our house. It's obscene (yet festive.)
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It is Christmas card time! Or, really, it's past Christmas card time, but the chances of me getting these done on-time is kind of a crap shoot, so, yeah. If you would like a card, drop me a line, and comments will be screened.

ETA: And for some reason 80% of my icons aren't showing up? This is alarming.
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Bullets is the name of the game tonight!

- I have had such a good time hanging out with my sister these past few days. She's spent the night here with me and we've had such fun sleepovers because we have the exact same sense of humor (and Mel is a lot funnier than me) and we laugh all the time. It's awesome. I'm going to miss her. :(

- Black Friday was stupid. I didn't get very much, it was ridiculously early and I don't really like crowds. I don't think I'll do it again next year. I got up at like, 5:15 and came home at noon to take a nap. That was the loveliest part of the day, really. I ♥ naps.

- I have crocheted about twenty things since I started in July. THIS IS OBSCENE, PEOPLE.

- I will be 21 in 22 days. This is mind-blowing.

- The delightful [ profile] dollsome is 21 today, and I wish her a lovely day and an even lovelier year. I know she will totally be hitting up bars and liquor stores constantly now that's she legal. The inner party girl that has been straining to escape for years will escape!

- I guess I can put up Christmas icons now? I'm so weird about my Christmas preferences- I hate the majority of Christmas music that they play in stores, because I am an ornery creature and hate to have my mood "influenced" by the damn music- be cheery, we mean it!- but I have some very lovely Christmas icons. And I guess I'm more into the holiday this year than I have been previously? I helped Esther decorate our apt, after all.


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