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So, I'm on my last day of housesitting, and I'm on my computer, minding my own business, when behind me this GODAWFUL TINY MACHINE starts yelling at me. Apparently, the Hoppes have this little machine that picks up warnings issued by NOAA and then repeats it ten thousand times in a robot voice, trying to make you as scared as humanly possible that your death is imminent. For the record: I am terrified enough that I thought, 'huh, I should get dressed in case I get blown away to Oz.' Because, yeah, that's what I should be worried about, not how fast I can get down to the cellar if I see a tornado.

(I have a six page paper due tomorrow by noon. WHY DON'T I EVER DO STUFF IN A TIMELY MANNER?)

Also, so far in my What Red Wore rewatch (say that three times fast,) I only have two conclusions:

1- Red changed a record-setting four times in 'Colonial Day.'
2- Red has a white shimmery nighty of raaaaage, which I find hilarious.
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+ Ollie being a fabulous friend. I had a great time with her this weekend.
+ Seeing my parents/sister/pets/house.
+ Seeing Talisa!
+ Inside jokes.
+ Roadtripping LOUDLY.
+ White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks.
+ The fact that I expected my final check from AE to be between $20-40 and opening the check to see it said $125.

- The fact that we never once heard Celine on the drive. What was with that?
- The traffic coming home
- The rain
- The fact that I am now exhausted
- Above all, the fact that I have a French test tomorrow morning and I have no desire whatsoever to study cause I am beat and only want to watch Frida on DVD.
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I have a ten page paper due on Monday.

I'm going home this weekend. Plus, Easter.

So, an intelligent person might have started this paper, say, last Friday, gotten it done by Sunday night, and then turned it in to their TA by Monday so that they could get it proofed and get a stellar grade.

I'm not that smart. Although the idea did occur to me, so I have to get points there.

It really goes against basically everything I believe in to start a paper a week in advance especially since Sunday is just meant for panic. I finaaaally picked an article to base it on (polygamy FTW), but it's like everytime I entertain the idea of perhaps doing some research I'm all, "la la la, it's not due within 48 hours!" Or the ever popular, "OMG I haven't changed my icons in weeks! Must see to that, then."
Or, "ooh, know what I haven't done in a while? Vacuum. I cannot live with the dust that's been there for weeks any longer. It must get sucked up. NOW." Which is charming in its own clean way, but kind of annoying.

Also annoying? Solitaire. I am so good at that game it freaks me out.

And thanks to the lovely yet horrible [ profile] scarlett7188, I've been singing "I'll Never Tell" for DAYS. DAYS, PEOPLE. And I haven't even seen the damn musical episode. Mostly because I'm stalled on Buffy because I keep thinking I shouldn't put it on and I had to watch Once and Again and I'd really like the damn song out of my head now, please.

ETA:... It's 67 outside. Yesterday it was in the 80s, today it's 67. Gainesville, what is up? It's not cool when I go outside to get my lunch and I'm shivering from lack of protective sweaters.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
212 / 1,000

Come here, Questia.

Go away, Facebook.

Come here, inspiration.

Go away, go fug yourself.

Come here, interational relations text book.

Go away, TV.

Come here, Microsoft Word.

Go away, mail box in the commons area that has NOTHING for five days and today has two letters, one from two weeks ago, from my aunt, and a package on studying abroad sent especially to me from Spain.

Come here, International Relations notes.

GO THE HELL AWAY, ICON MAKERS. Stop calling me with your siren song of pretties! We all know that I am WEAK and I am a complete whore for icons, STOP TORTURING ME.

Come here, iron will!

Go away, stupid assignments that creep up on me.

Come here, writingness.

Go away, procrastination.
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1) Who changed the Fantanas? I know they did (*weeps*) but why do they keep showing commercials? I don't want this new skanky Fantanas, I want my skanky Fantanas!

2) The Gilmore Girls are taking over my brain.

3) How did Rory become valedictorian (or the valid victorian) over Paris? It seems just so ridiculous.

4) Talladega Nights was hysterical. Really. It seemed really, really long, but when it was funny, man was it funny.

5) Finally got a meal plan, which means that school-wise, aside from books, I am ready to go. My god.

6) Books. Are. So. Expensive.

7) I am probably not going to get my spanish class ever.
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Why am I posting now? Because it's almost 4:30 and I don't want to go to sleep because that means I have to wake up and get my wisdom teeth out and I am scared to teeth and I hate my mouth for being retarded and I'm making a much bigger deal about this than it needs to be, (probably, most likely, I hope,) but I really, really don't want this. At all. And not so soon. I found out on Monday this was happening. I'm not prepared.

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I just downloaded new updates from Windows and quite frankly, I am terrified. As in, "if I never come back, it's been fun" scared. Because I've been burned by iTunes (and am continually burned by it. Damn thing.) and once by a windows update and now I'm just scared. So if I don't come back... at least you know the truth.

I think my mom thinks it's Thanksgiving. There's a turkey in the oven and all.

[Poll #710906]
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I have sooo much work to do, but earlier my sister was doing an assignment so I had to watch Alias. Of course. So I watched "Search and Rescue," because other than Lena and Mia? I need no others. I only watched Syd's acceptance of the proposal in the final ep, though, because I can't stand to watch Nadia become a zombie. Or watch Vaughn and Syd get crashed into.

Hanover Street is on TV. Oh, 80s Harrison Ford movies. With Georg von Trapp, none the less.

Gah. So much work. But Taylor's giving me her and Carol's work on Hamlet and the poems after her oral tomorrow, so that saves me a lot of work. Hooray!

Also? True confession: I absolutely love John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland." Like, I would kill to have a boy I was enamoured with sing this to me. Because... oh my god. And if that makes me a teeny bopper, so be it. I HAVE NO SHAME.
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Shocking news in the papers this morning. Apparently, the band are splitting up. Nobody was more shocked than the band themselves. Imagine how foolish they felt when none of them read the papers and they all came into work like normal. You'd have thought someone would have shown them the common courtesy of letting them know...

Fucking tabloids man. How rude. Coldplay broke up and no one thought to call them up and say, Hey, guys, you can sleep in, you guys broke up!

My language has just degenerated like one would not believe. I am constantly amazed by... how often I curse. I didn't use to. At least, not like this. I used to only use "damn." And then it grew. And grew. Like the grinch's heart. It's appalling.

Early release was incredibly lame. I guess it wouldn't have been if I had decided to hang out with some school friends or something but... I didn't want to. I never want to. There's a reason I don't hang out with them, and it's because I don't have fun. So Gabby's dad brought us home and we had chocolate croissants.

Tomorrow is a C day schedule, and that's insanely lame. Also, I found out that I have about a hundred things due in the next few weeks. Behold:

February 22: English Oral at 10:30
February 24: History project on old people due.
February 28: TOK paper due.
March 1: History Internal Assessment due.
March 7: Drama Portfolio due.
March 8: TOK Oral.

Oh, Madeline, you may cry, wherefore did you procrastinate! Now you are screwed by your own folly!

Bah non!

I knew about the oral, that's no surprise. But the old people project's due date was announced today, as was the TOK paper and the TOK oral. The drama portfolio was announced Monday. And the history internal assessment is just the cherry on the sundae of my life, because Mahoney staggered grading all the internal assessments so my class was the last to get theirs back, and now we're bogged down. BOGGED DOWN. Doom.

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Carol just IMed me to say she got into UF. Then she said that Taylor and Janessy got deferred. I'm not quite sure about Janessy, but I know for a fact that Taylor has both a higher class rank than me and a better SAT score.

Which means I'm screwed.

And I won't know for another month and a half.

I mean, I don't mind doing the summer term if it means getting into UF. I don't care. I'll do anything. I just want to go.


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