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"Si tu veux être à moi, je te ferai plus heureux que Dieu lui-même dans son paradis; les anges te jalouseront. [...] Je suis la beauté, je suis la jeunesse, je suis la vie; viens à moi, nous serons l'amour. Que pourrait t'offrir Jéhovah pour compensation? Notre existence coulera comme un rêve et ne sera qu'un baiser éternel."

"'If you will be mine, I shall make you happier than God Himself in His paradise; the angels themselves will be jealous of you. [...] I am Beauty, I am Youth, I am Life. Come to me! Together we shall be Love. What can Jehovah offer you in exchange? Our lives will flow on like a dream, in one eternal kiss.'"

So, I'm going to be honest here: I very rarely read for class. Ever. Unless I have a presentation, or an assignment that I have to turn in.

Today, my professor had asked us to either bring in the book/get the book from the library/photocopy the pages/whatever so that we had the text physically with us. I forgot this until I was on campus this morning, so I went to the library to check it out.

I go to class, completely unprepared for the joy I was about to experience.

For one, La Morte Amoureuse, by Gautier is a story about a priest. A PRIEST WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE. The vampire is described as being the most beautiful, perfect, gorgeous and tall woman ever; I, of course, pictured a Six. Then my prof says, "You know how he compares her to a painting of the Madonna?" and we all nod, "Well... I always picture her as Madonna-Madonna."

So, if we hadn't already been enjoying it, this would've clinched it.

From then, the story just got better and better. He finds out she's a vampire, he is horrified. He tries to escape, she finds him in Italy where... he is a priest by day, vampire-lover by night. And he's totally thinking this is cool! His BFF and mentor, the abbott Sérapion is all, dude, for one, you are a priest, so you shouldn't have a girlfriend at all. SECONDLY SHE IS A VAMPIRE, WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE.

This was so seriously the best story I've ever read for class, and possibly ever. At first when it was revealed that this story involved vampires, I was like, oh, when the semester ends, I'll send my copy to Tess, she'll enjoy it. Then I fell irrevocably in love with the story- she drinks a few drops of his blood tenderly, savoring it "like a gourmet!" and Melissa and I were hysterical reading the various details and complete idiocy of the priest in love- and I was like, hugging it to my chest. I did literally draw hearts in my notebook about this.

So. For those of you who want to read it- and let's face it, you all must!- here is the link to the text in English, for some reason called Clarimonde.

Also, I have no vampire icon, so have a Maenad instead.
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- So, guess who's sick of the cold weather? Thissss moi. Totally over it.

- I've readjusted my schedule COMPLETELY today. Drop/Add ends at 11:59 PM, and I'm fairly nauseous with the idea of going to brand new classes an entire week late (but, technically, not absent, because it was still drop/add! In order to get the math class I need to graduate I had to drop the history class I really really like and get another one.

- Toying with the idea of taking out a loan to study abroad, an idea that makes me physically ill (the loan, not the studying abroad bit.)

- My Quebec class seems awesome at least.

- I watched Razor again last night, because I am quite possibly the only person who enjoys watching it, and it seemed like an appropriate chaser to 'The Plan.' SO MANY THINKY THOUGHTS OF AWESOMENESS. I don't I need to state again just how much I love Tricia Helfer (who hung the moon, if you didn't know,) but OMG MICHELLE FORBES. Michelle Forbes, how do you do it. That show is full of people who can act without speaking, but the way that the intensity and depth of Gina and AHC's entire relationship is conveyed in a smile, arm grab and cheek kiss? That sound you hear is my mind blowing. I get these stupid flappy hands of shippiness at how cute and sweet they are. WHICH IS UNFORTUNATE, SEEING WHAT GOES DOWN. (Also, as a side bar, Michelle Forbes looks amazingly beautiful without the severe bangs. I love her always [I know. Shut up] but with her hair like that? Gooorge.)

- The person who made my BSG calendar is like, the biggest Kara/Samders shipper ever. The first month has them, and then there are a bunch of little pics of them scattered throughout. Conversely, there is one Gaius/Red, and no Papadama/Lauroslin. There is a depressing lack of Ellen, and a really unnecessary amount of Eight-age.

- I wish I could think of some porn to write for [ profile] bsg_pornbattle BUT I KEEP COMING UP WITH FEELINGS INSTEAD. Not even like, the pseudo porn I wrote last time. The Gina fic I started went straight to feelings. The Gaius/Red fic? Feelings. The Six/Laura fic? PLOT. WHAT THE HELL, I DON'T WANT A PLOT AT ALL. So, yes, I have a few hours to stop failing.

- I haven't worked in six days. I am going bonkers.
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I am literally getting through this "omg what are souls made of you guys!!!" nonsense by putting it into a BSG context. Namely: Cylons. The best example being, "look, you can't say that (the) God(s) can't put a soul in matter, BECAUSE (T)HE(Y) IS (ARE) GOD(S), and therefore can do anything, duh."

Any little bit helps, man. I'm not even halfway done.
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So, I have a decent-sized, semi-intimidating assignment due tomorrow. I have to read... a lot of French philosophy and then... write about it? For two pages. Double spaced, so not that bad, but the whole reading it aspect is. And it's totally my fault that I'm freaking out about it now, because I've known about it for days and it's due tomorrow.

However, America's Next Top Model is on. And the only reason I'd miss that is if a better show is on at the same time.

(I'm aware that this perhaps not the greatest decision ever.)
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Someday, surely, someone is going to say, "Zut! Madeline, why is your French so good? Years of French? Majoring in it in university?"

And I will reply, "None of the above! Hours of reading a blog in French about BSG!"

And it will be awesome.
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Me: come this weekend i can curse again!
Me: :-D
Melissa: you can!
Melissa: you should read all kinds of inflammatory articles
Melissa: so you can get riled up

She is seven different kinds of awesome. In addition to reminding me to do the take-home portion of our exam (because I brilliantly spaced on it,) she's also studying with me tomorrow for the test for the French Commerce board. You know. In case I ever get a brain transplant and am capable of working in the business sector in France. The good news is, you need 55% to pass. The bad news is, I am really, really bad at business. So, we'll see how this goes. (Big exam, and, of course, I am getting sick. First my computer, now me. I will resist making cylon jokes, if only because they horrify me.)

I wrote fic for the first time in nine jillion years! Exquisitely Crafted, a Lauroslin/Papadama angstfest, because what else am I good for? Nada.
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Today I get to wear green without feeling lame because! I am a full one-fourth Irish. (Well. Technically I am one fourth Scotch-Irish- which, how the heck am I supposed to divvy that up? No one ever says "we're scottish, irish and italian," on my mom's say, they say "We're Italian and Scotch-Irish." So At least a part of 1/4th of my heritage is Irish.) I'm just delighted that I'm not at home because it means I don't have to suffer through a dinner of corned beef and cabbage, of which I only eat cooked carrots.

The no-cursing for Lent thing has been hard, but it had the unexpected side effect of many me feel weird when other people curse. Or reading curses. Like, "well, that's unnecessary!" This is coming from someone who has cursed a streak as blue as any sailor's, and suddenly I am wincing like no other. I don't get it and I don't like it! I do, however, like that I am cursing far less.

I have a big test tomorrow with over... I don't know, I'd say well over a hundred vocabulary words and what am I doing? Messing around on LJ and watching Gilmore Girls. My priorities are clearly in line.
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So, today I was in a used bookstore with the Hoppes. Mrs Hoppe was looking for a book for a teenager in Italian, because apparently that's her comprehension level, which I kind understand. She found a Harlequin Romance in Italian, which pretty much made her life.

I was perusing the French section, and on one of the lower rows was a book with a charming blue and pink cover. "Nos plus belles histoires de coeur," it read, so I picked up. And then I realized the author was Ann M. Martin.

And it was part of the series "Le Club des Baby-Sitters."

(I, of course, bought it.)

The characters are!

Kristy Parker, known in America as Kristy Thomas
Mary Anne Cook, aka Mary Anne Spier
Lucy MacDouglas, known as Stacy McGill
Carla Schafer, named Dawn Schafer here
Claudia Koshi, known as Claudia Kishi
and Jessica Ramsey and Mallory Pike, whose names are the same.

And best of all? It's three books in one! The first is Mary Anne et les garçons, which I can kind of remember, but not the exact American title, then it's Kristy, je t'aime! which, again, kind of remember, and then Carla perd la tête. I can't remember Dawn ever losing her head!

(But I am so excited about this omg.)

ETA: Shannon Kilbourne is Louisa Kilbourne in this book, and? Logan? Logan-from-Kentucky whose last name I can't remember but it was Southern, I'm sure? His last name is Rinaldi here. Sacre bleu.

And now Watson Brewer is Jim Lelland! And they live in Stonebrook, not Stoneybrook! My mind is reeling.

(Oh, Friday nights, you are so wild.)


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