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So, years ago, right after I started watching Alias, I watched Mulholland Drive. I watched it because Melissa George was in it, and also Justin Theroux, both of whom I really, really liked.

I didn't get it, but that was okay. No one gets it. There are entire websites trying to analyze it. But while watching it, I was like, LOL, I don't get it, but it's well done!

Well. I'm watching it on TV, and there was just this scene where a bunch of studio dudes, including Cher's father from Clueless, tell Justin Theroux he needs to put Melissa George in his movie. And all I could think of was Kirk's movie in black and white, with the weird editing and intense closeups, because THAT IS WHAT THIS MOVIE IS LIKE. KIRK MADE MULHOLLAND DRIVE.
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TJ: It's like string theory.
Luke: What do you know about string theory?
TJ: Don't underestimate me, Luke. I read. And I watch Battlestar Galactica.
Luke: Look, Lorelai and I just did not work out.
Liz: You were on different planes. It could have worked out if there was a wormhole between your plane and her plane. It was like that movie with, um, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.
TJ: Exactly!
Liz: You're living in the same house, man, but you are a couple years apart in the space-time continuum.
TJ: What house? It was a bus. Oh! I thought you were talking about Speed. It applies, too.
Luke: Lorelai and I didn't break up because we weren't on the same place in a space-time continuum or because there weren't any wormholes. We broke up because we weren't right for each other. It wasn't space. It wasn't time. It was us, okay? We didn't belong together. We never really belonged together. We wanted to, but... we never did. That's it.

Don't get me wrong, I hate Liz and TJ, but this? With the mention of BSG, and then saying Luke and Lor are like Sandra Bullock and Keanu in The Lake House, but then mentioning Speed and saying it still applies? EPIC. I love Gilmore Girls.
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This is my second time doing this, since my first attempt was killed right before I got to Gilmore Girls in a power surge. Arg.

La chère [ profile] charmingnotion challenged me with this!

Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" (or, I would suspect, typing...) and I will give you five words that remind me of you.Then post them to your lj and explain what they mean to you.

Leemo, Alias, Roslin/Adama, The Sound of Music and Gilmore Girls. So, really, me in a nutshell. )
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So, here's the thing about my watching of BSG: didn't plan it. Nope. Saw a Lena Olin doppelganger on Greys, commented to it to Yubs, and all of the sudden I am a Lauroslin fangirl and this extra super fan of Papadama/Lauroslin and that's pretty much my life now.

However, my netflix queue is all HEY WE GOTS SOME PROGRAMS FOR YOU TO WATCH, and they sent me disc one of 'In Treatment.' Which I totally wanted to watch, it's got Lauren Reed and Professor Baer from Little Women and I was like, um, what's not to like?

But dude. I don't know if it's just my mind protecting itself from intaking another entire cast of characters and backstories (because, man, the amount of TV shows I watch is frightening) but damn was it boring. It even started with Lauren's episode and I was still like "nothing... is... happening... WHY" even though the whole point is how it's a therapy session and it's all talk and hence the genius. But I felt tired at the idea of listening to Lauren's problems. Which is so not like me, I'm all PROBLEMS BRING THEM ON PLZ. (No, seriously, think about this. Sydney, troubles. Lauroslin, troubles of an unimaginable variety. HIMYM, Ted's douchebaggery. Buffy, Buffy's issues. Gilmore Girls, everyone having troubles. I LOVE DRAMA. And this I'm like, Lauren, why did you wait outside his office for five hours and not go home and wash your face?)

(Also, BSG makes me cry. Damn you Yubs!)
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To be clear: I absolutely think the Writers' Guild is doing what's necessary. I'm not one to think that the Little Guy is right often, but this time.... fuck yes.


I mean, I may not have the deep, all-encompassing love for TV shows that I watch now as I did for Alias, but I still like them. Thursday is like, my favorite day because of 30 Rock Grey's and Betty. And I love Pushing Daisies and House and Brothers and Sisters. So this kind of alarms me. NEW SHOWS NEW SHOWS.

However, now to bitch about Old TV.

(ETA: This rant was going to be small, and then, omg, I got filled with rage and now it's long and full of caps.)

Eff you, Gilmore Girls. EFF YOU. )
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I promise, just a final "i <3 Emily" post for a while because... well. I love Emily. And I especially loved her in "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out," which will always be The Yale/Harvard Game episode to me. Because when Emily learns that Papa Gilmore has been seeing Pennilyn Lott once a year for almost forty years and then she turns it on Lorelai? Oh man. It was some brilliant acting. And in "PS I Lo..." I hated Rory, but oh man. Emily and Papa Gilmore rocked on. (I hate Digger, for the record.)

And Paris! ... I knew she dated a professor from the episodes I saw at Monica's house, but they never showed the professor. Michael York, y'all! Michael effing York! I love him, and his voice is to die for, but... MICHAEL YORK. The man was in "Cabaret" for God's sake! Paris! Dude!

In other news, my parents bought a new set of sofas for the living room that I won't be able to really enjoy, and that makes me so, so sad. And I went to Publix for the last time (possibly.) And the cream the dermatologist gave me to wash with makes me SO ITCHY. Or something does.

I have so many errands to run. And my life to pack up. Gom.
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Best Balls-Out Decimation of a Show's Canon with Little or No Regard for the Long-Suffering Loyal Fans

Look. Irina Derevko was never what we'd call...nurturing. Nor would she ever come even remotely close to winning Mother of the Year. But the character assassination that took place at the end of the final season of Alias was not only uncalled for, it was totally unsupportable by the previous four seasons. Sadly, it appeared that the writers couldn't be bothered to go back and watch the previous four seasons because, if they had, they would have learned that Irina, while being duplicitous, untrustworthy, murderous, and very often a total bitch, was still Sydney's mother; a role she took seriously even while she was planning world domination. Which made her eleventh-hour decent into a daughter-killing rampage all the weirder. Yeah, she wasn't about to start baby-sitting the Spy Baby or anything, but that didn't mean she'd be willing to fight Sydney to the death over a little immortality juice. Poor Lena Olin seemed to agree, because the expression on her face during the final ten minutes of the show reeked of "I'm just doing this for the paycheck and, by the way, where's my damn vodka?" When Irina finally fell to her death in her white circa-1982 pantsuit with the Sphere of Life Horizon Rambaldi Juice leaking out onto the floor next to her, the collective core audience turned to each other and said, "What? The? Fuck?" Way to ruin the ending of a perfectly enjoyable show, Abrams. -- Erin


In the end, the creators brought back Irina long enough to completely negate everything we knew about her character, making her the evil bad guy behind every last Rambaldi plot since the beginning of time, which...looked like it pissed off Lena Olin just as much as it did the audience.

Amen, Regina. Amen. I actually have stricken that entire ordeal from my memory because... shit.

Long live Irina!

Today my sister had her idea of a dream day in that she went to the beach, shopped, and then we all went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I stayed home during the day and watched Gilmore Girls and I just have to say... I love Emily. So much. Because the way she gets upset, like, when Rory shows her the little shack she and Lorelai lived in? And then Emily has to back out and put on her sunglasses because she's going to cry? It was gorgeous. Or when Trix said she was going to give Rory her trust fund (!) early and then Emily got really upset because she knew once Lorelai was no longer beholden to them that she would never go see Emily and Papa Gilmore? It broke my heart. Who knew Kelly Bishop was such a good actress?

Also, Papa Gilmore was the dad in "The Face on the Milk Carton." That makes me love him even more.

(Okay, I admit, this is the first time since I started watching Alias that any show has excited me this much. Not that I didn't love the X-Files, but there are very few characters to get attached to, as in, three. All of which I am very attached too. Above all, Dana. And then Skinner. And then Mulder. Although the last two change. But Dana always wins.)
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(1) I am all about TV shows having their own music. I definitely loved Michael Giacchino for Alias's original music; it added something special.

However, the strummy la las on Gilmore Girls drives me crazy. Crazy! All they do is act like they forgot the words! And strum! The guitar! It was cute at first, but I am so sick of it. As sick as I am of "Where You Lead." Arg.

(2) They keep showing ads for "Step Up" or whatever that new dance movie is, and now I actually want to see it. It seems all Dirty Dancingish! I was about to say something like "I love dance movies!" but I really don't. I was the girl who always fastforwarded through lengthy dance sequences in old musicals, such as Oklahoma or Singin' in the Rain. And I love the ad and the posters and even the damn font they're using for the posters. I probably won't see it anyway, just because... it probably isn't worth $7 student admission.

(3) I am fiiinally getting my haircut tomorrow. And it's kind of freaking me out because I knew that was one of the main things I knew I had to do before going away and... I'm going to do it. Oh man.

(4) I got a letter from UF telling me about the rooming situation and what's going on with my temporary triple and stuff. I still haven't heard from the second roommate.
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Okay, so, I've watched twelve hours of the Gilmore girls in the past two days. This is impressive, although no where near as impressive as my consumption of the first two seasons of Alias in three days.

Today Papa Gilmore cemented his position as my favorite person because he almost beat up Christopher's asshole of a father (named Straub for god's sake) in order to defend Lorelai. I love him. I'm not too thrilled with Christopher, forever. And the name Lorelai has grown on me like you would not believe. I am such a sucker. I used to hate the name Sydney, too. It's absolutely not fair.

I also started packing and stuff. And by "started packing" I mean, we got a general idea of what clothes I'm bringing (a lot) and books (a lot less than I expected) and shoes and belts. We washed my new sheets and my mom got me a rug and it's so weird to think that I won't be living here anymore. I won't even be close anymore.

To veer from that potentially depressing idea, and into another one, I want to go this a join birthday party Chang and Corinne are having on the beach, but I have no way of getting there and no way to get home. And even if I get a ride, I am a party pooper and will want to leave. I suck at life and don't know what to do!

So here's a poll.

[Poll #787845]
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My parents are now in some fabulous suite on Miami Beach because, get this, the room they paid for wasn't ready when they got there. They show up before check-in and their room isn't ready, and they get a suite. WITH TWO BATHROOMS. There are only two of them! And a 30-inch plasma screen TV! They get to have all the fun.

I am almost entirely caught up with the Gilmore Girls! Season Three is finished, I watched the third one from Season Four yesterday, and I watched four episodes of season one today. Comparatively, everyone looks better in the later years. Emily especially, but Sookie improves a lot with the honey hair. Also, Lorelai stops wearing pants that do weird things to her legs and ass. And Rory looks like such a baby! Oh man! That said, the episode where Papa Gilmore got sick and had to go to the hospital made me cry. They were playing the daddy card, which always works with me anyway, but oh man. When Emily was saying that Richard was not allowed to die, and that she insisted on going first, all the while fighting tears? Slayed me. As in, o, I am slain. It was wonderful.

Only four more episodes to watch!


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