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Dear June Litvak,

Your appearance on House tonight was the highlight of the episode, because you rule like very few others.

Please guest star more often. On this show and others.

♥ ,

I've done so much bonding with my roommates lately it's been crazy. We spent all weekend together, we fondued Sunday night, we've been putting a puzzle together, we all watch TV together, and then today we went to Michael and got some wooden initials and other little things to paint to decorate the apt.

It's really fun. :)
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Dear Cutthroat Bitch,

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It's official: hates House. Hates it. There's no other explanation why I've never been able to successful watch an episode within a week of its airing. I already watched this week's Bones, why won't they put up House?

In other news, at this time tomorrow school will be TOTALLY OVER OMG. I finished my essay, all I have is my final at 12:30. Wooooooo!

I'm like... 60% packed, and since my DVDs were among the easiest, they were the first to go. That also means I have a burning desire to watch the DVDs that are at the bottom of the first box: Alias and Gilmore Girls. Dammit.
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Best episode of House ever. EVER. Also? Hannah and I have decided to call 13 'Agnes.' Very, very awesome. And considering my day wasn't too great, this was absolutely just what I needed.
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House playing Cuddy earned my TV set a slow clap. Well played, sir. Well played.

I really want my people back, though. We ever see the other Cottages. We never see freaking Wilson either. It's not fair. Houseeee come back.
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So, there is this girl in my Spanish class. She's the one who piqued my interest in becoming a French major, because she is one. She's also in my math class. I'd seen her in my math class before, but only from a distance. Last week, however, fate took a hand and ordained that I go sit in her row, only to wind up sitting with her and chatting. She is a perfectly nice girl.

The only problem is that I have no idea what her name is. Not the slightest clue.

In spanish class I asked my friend Paige if she knew, and of course, she didn't. And I mean, I guess I could ask her, but how awful is that? Also, the other day I was trying to get her attention and actually had to resort to "hey, you!" I then, you know, made a joke of it, but the situation is getting dire. It was actually part of my dream the other night, I dreamt that she wrote down her name on a sign-in sheet and I victoriously knew her name was Gwen something, spelled very Arthurianly. Gywinneh or something insane like that, but I was like, aha, her name is Gwen. I don't think that really is her name, though. Curse my poor memory.

Also, Fox on demand sucks. I've been trying to watch last week's House all week without actually downloading it, and nope. Just the one before. It's super obnoxious, especially compared to ABC and NBC, who each have their shows up the next day because they rule.
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Tonight's House was AMAZING. I didn't like the last two episodes, but tonight? OMG BRILLIANT. I am totally thrilled.

Yeah, there was a time in my life where... I didn't like Ben Affleck? Cause of the whole Garfleck/Gartan thing? And... it wasn't so much me not liking Ben as me liking Vartan more, because during the whole Josh Hartnett vs Ben Affleck ordeal around Pearl Harbor I was firmly in the Ben camp, because I find him handsome and charming and far more compelling than Mr Hartnett, and now he's married to my favorite person and he produced an adorable baby with said favorite person so basically, Ben is reaaally high on my list of Actors That I Find Delightful.

But this interview? HELL YES. My love is confirmed.

I really need to study for my European Ethnicities midterm, which is tomorrow. Happily, though, my classes are over at 12:30.
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Damn fine episode of House!

Squee! )
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So, my spanish oral tomorrow, and I really shouldn't be freaking out as much as I am. (... which is not too much, FYI.) It's ten minutes of talking with another girl from my class and our professor, and it's on topics we know, and I know I can speak in the simple phrases we need... when my brain works. Today when we were practicing, I'd forget the word in spanish and substitute it with French, and my brain thought this was totally cool. It was all, it's not english, man! It's all good! When really, I can't say "mais" all the time. Or "avant" or "dernier." Jesus. Jess, if you're around before 5:20 tomorrow, I'd love if you would call me so I can... get your help.

Tonight's House was pretty fantastic. I went to Ollie's room with Katie and Chloe and we watched with those mentioned, Chelsea, Amanda, Laura and... Ollie's neighbor whose name escapes me. Jen? We had fun. Me and Ollie were on the top bunk of dooooooom.

Finding Judas )
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Oh, I do hope House is good next week.

... Patrick Fugit? )

That said, I have watched the first two episodes of "Once and Again" with the criminally underused Sela Ward and... love. Looooove. So much love.


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