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I was going to do this entry about my day, cause I actually did all sorts of things, but on a whim, I went to see if my scores were up. Because of the whole confusion about the time and date thing.

So I went.

And I passed.

I got my diploma.


Anyway, because of the confusion, my mom woke me up early (which was around eleven, but, you know. less than ten hours of sleep is... not so good for summer) to check the scores, and I said no, but my sister had this thing about trying the funnel cakes at IHOP (...?) so they were going, and I went along.

So we had pancakes and funnel cakes at IHOP, and then we tried out couches at Ethan Allen, and then some other store, and then we went to Sunset Place to see The Devil Wears Prada, and while we were waiting for the showing, we tried out couches at Pottery Barn and Z Gallery, and had shakes at Johnny Rockets.

The movie was good.

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Jul. 6th, 2006 02:05 am
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Your results will be published on 06/07/2006 14:30:00 GMT. Please try again then.

The time is currently 06:05 GMT on 06-Jul-2006.

... but... but the paper says July 6th! You can't go against the official IB candidate pin paper, official IB website! You cruel, cruel Europeans!
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I would like to start this entry by saying I miss those days where I actually did things. Even if those things were only going to school. At least they were things. Yesterday I watched the Germany/Italy game and today I watched the Portugal/France one. And all I can say is, yaaaay Italy and France! I am going to have problems tomorrow watching it, because while I love France with all my heart, the only hot player on the team is Zidane, who I could never marry because he would ruin my objective of moving up in the alphabet.

Today I went with my dad to the dry cleaners and to lunch. That is seriously it. Other than that, the notable events in my day have consisted of watching the Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. It's the beginning of Season Three, but it's fine, because zingers need no background, and it's not too hard. My main problem seems to be that I can find no redeeming qualities to Jess. I'm looking for them, I swear! But today he was mean to Luke! And I like Luke! Not as much as I like Lorelai, but still!

Um, ficathon is due in about two weeks, and I haven't written anything in about that length of time, and while I'm over the word limit, I am no where near done. Anywhere. Not in the vicinity.

Also, IB exam scores are out tomorrow, and it kind of makes me sick to think about. Those numbers are my entire high school career in a nutshell. A very small nutshell that decides whether or not those numbers add up to give me my diploma. Sweet heavenly god.

ETA: Um, apparently IB scores come out at all different times! How exciting. I've heard about four people receiving it, which makes me feel better, but oh man. It's so much more real.
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I don't really know where to begin.

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So, we have this literary magazine at school called Elysium. One of the ways Mrs. Scott, who is in charge, gets submissions is to let her students pick a picture and to write something in response to it. I liked what I wrote, but I never heard anything back, so I assumed I wasn't chosen.

But it turns out I was, and I got a free copy of Elysium to boot!

My only problem is they changed my layout.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] kerlin! Hope it's fabulous!

Her french-brilliance must've rubbed off on me because I feel the exam went pretty well. And better than that?



I've been working ALL OF HIGH SCHOOL for TWO WEEKS' worth of exams, and now they're DONE! Forever!



This is a very excited post, if you can't tell.
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I was going to study my french verbs, because... verbs kick my ass and my exam is tomorrow and then I'm done and I did dismal today but... I joined facebook. And that just... oh, distracting. It's so distracting. Lord have mercy.
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I'm really seriously going to fail tomorrow's exam. I don't know anything about the history of the americas. That was last year. And it's 35%. And I've been studying for two hours and nothing.



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I should probably be a lot more concerned about tomorrow's exam, but I'm not. I know history enough to bullshit, I can study all day tomorrow, and whatever happens, happens. It's weird not to be nervous, and unnerving.

I got my prom ticket finally- it's a "passport" and it's super cute and I'm real excited. And now Tommy's my "date" and it's exciting that I'm not going stag. I still need a hairstyle and earrings.

I got my new phone today, and I hate it with a passion. It's a nokia, and it's got some features my curren phone doesn't have- but hate. Haaaaate. So I'm just going to keep using my phone.

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will tell you my top 3 moments or scenes (or at least 3 of my favorites) of them.

Time seems to be going by very slowly tonight.
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Today I finished my English exams, which means I am half-done with all my IB exams. I have history on Wednesday and Thursday, and then French on Friday, and then NO MORE! Yaaaaay!

I wrote about social classes and gender in Hedda Gabler and A Streetcar Named Desire. It was a very easy question, so I was lucky.

I signed up for 1character, and I hope they get back to be soon. Because I'm writing for Nadia with or without their blessing, so there! Nyah!

Lordy do I need to study history. I did, however, make Adriana brownies for her birthday tomorrow.

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including a explanation of what the word means to you and why.

[ profile] xaara gave me the letter P because she's evil.

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