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(1) There are three new clips up for The Plan. Dark-haired Red, who I'm seriously hoping gets a name, though I doubt she will, is rapidly overtaking the other Sixes in my affection. SHE IS SO COOL GUYS. I say this from the one minute clip she's in. I'm extrapolating here. I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

[Um, minor spoilers, I guess?] There's one clip that shows the cylons' reactions to hearing about the colonies blowing up, mainly them being all :-D which, way to be covert, y'all, but the first time I watched it, my flist had just opened in another tab, and one entry on ONTD had this... slideshow or something with images from PostSecret (I think.) So the colonies are getting blown up, the cylons are smiling, and this weirdly happy yet appropriately-lyricked song is playing over it. I was like, this... can't be right. This isn't Bear-like. But... it works... WTF... and then figured it out. Still, weird coincidence.

(2) MY DAD IS LIKE A HALF HOUR AWAY. I haven't seen my family since August, and my dad is visiting me today! Psyched, y'all.

(3) Someone needs to stop me from watching everything every actor I've ever liked has ever done. It leads me to weird, weird things. Right now I have Stealing Time from Netflix, which has Jen and her ex-husband, from 2001, wherein a bunch of students try to rob a bank. I'm sure this is going to end as well as you might expect.
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So, Jen Garner just had her baby. Obviously, I am delighted, because she's my favorite actress and I wish nothing but the best for her and all manner of hearts, but it's kind of embarrassing how much I want her to name that baby Victoria. It's slightly crazy.
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So apparently last night was totally all of UF having trouble with AIM/AOL/etc. So weird. I just got back from Paige and Jacqui's, and Jacqui and I watched the single greatest disaster movie about earthquakes in New York: Aftershock: Earthquake in New York. It is truly, truly amazing. Also, Jen Garner delights me to no end, so seeing her all fresh-faced and young.

My unusual secret is as follows: I remember exactly when I stopped lying about easily-verifible facts. This is reason I will never, ever lie about having a boyfriend, or having had boyfriend. When I in kindergarten, we were learning about space and astronauts, and for some reason, I told my teacher my uncle was an astronaut. This is in no way true. I even could visualize which uncle in space: my godfather, my dad's middle brother. I could picture him in space. This image contented me for the rest of the day, until my mom came to pick me up. My mom was the room mother and so she started chatting with Mrs Grant. As they talked, I realized Mrs Grant could totally ask about my astronaut uncle that didn't exist, and I was paralyzed with horror. So at that tender age I figured that telling the truth was usually the best policy.
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So, I should really post about the NYC trip, but this whole entry is going to be 100% Jen-tastic, so... yeah.

I just saw Juno. It was really, really good. There was a part that totally keeps it from being My New Fave, but that's because I hate drama. ... I know. That's crazy talk. But I want things... no, there's no way to explain how I like things to be, so, yeah, I'm crazy. But Jen.

Today in our newspaper, there was a review for "PS I love you." My mom is reading it in the paper and suddenly starts cracking up. "Ohhh, Madi," she said, "You need to read this."

"Swank turns in a passable performance as Holly. It's hard to watch her and not think about how an actress like Jennifer Garner could have given the performance a little more depth, especially if you saw Garner's Catch and Release, a film with a similar theme." -- Rick Bentley

We all know how I love Jen. This is no secret. But... two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. It just fills me with delight.

Anyway, Jen was absolutely adorable in Juno. She was so poignant and her emotions came across so well and you could see all of Vanessa's motives and just the whole thing was great. I was thoroughly enchanted by her performance.

And I was in Cyrano, too. She may have been better suited in a modern play, but Jen's wit sparkled. And she was beautiful and captivating and... I am a fangirl and teared up when she showed up on stage and could barely take my eyes off of her.

As for my meeting her, I um... I spent about three months formulating what I would say to her when I met her. I wanted to stage door, and I kept thinking, oh, I can say this, or that, or do this.

Then Jen walks out. I was pretty far back, and I almost didn't push to the front, but the same surge of adrenalin-y horror at regretting this moment now and for the rest of my life, I moved to the front, and there she was. "May I please have a picture?" I said, and my voice was... relatively normal and there was no stuttering or anything. "Sure, is your camera ready?" she replied, and what's so funny is that I knew that voice, it was the politely not-entirely-invested voice, but not in a bad way, even though I'm making it sound that way. When other people said stuff to her, she was pleasant and adorable, like, one girl said it was her first broadway show, and Jen was all, "Did you like it? Did it feel like New York?" and it was adorable. I didn't give her too much to work with. Anyway, I nodded dumbly, even though I didn't have my camera and I was entirely not sure where Jess was. But Jess, like a saint, had not only been standing behind me, but also had her camera ready, since she had been paying attention.

So we took the picture and I thanked her and then I left and started squeeing to Jess and then I literally started shaking and my mouth got dry and I called my mom and started to cry.

I wish that I had said more. I keep thinking of other things to say, or that I should've introduced myself, or at least said something, ANYTHING other than what I said. I mean, what I said was passable and not insane or freaky, and I didn't cry or throw up, but still. Wasted opportunity.

Also, I can't say that if I didn't live there, I wouldn't have gone several times. Oh, Jen.

It's my birthday in one hour and eleven minutes. :)
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Life Goal Met.
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In case you were wondering, EVERYTHING is more interesting than political theory. EVERYTHING. In the entire world. And I am not kidding.

But this time tomorrow, God willing, I will be almost home. And then on Sunday I'm going to NY/Connecticut to see Jess. Also... seriously, guys, do any of you know how to stage door or anything? Because I'm going to be in the same building as Jen, is there... a way to figure out how to possibly meet her? Really.
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Tonight's House was AMAZING. I didn't like the last two episodes, but tonight? OMG BRILLIANT. I am totally thrilled.

Yeah, there was a time in my life where... I didn't like Ben Affleck? Cause of the whole Garfleck/Gartan thing? And... it wasn't so much me not liking Ben as me liking Vartan more, because during the whole Josh Hartnett vs Ben Affleck ordeal around Pearl Harbor I was firmly in the Ben camp, because I find him handsome and charming and far more compelling than Mr Hartnett, and now he's married to my favorite person and he produced an adorable baby with said favorite person so basically, Ben is reaaally high on my list of Actors That I Find Delightful.

But this interview? HELL YES. My love is confirmed.

I really need to study for my European Ethnicities midterm, which is tomorrow. Happily, though, my classes are over at 12:30.
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The Trouble With Ankles

My trouble with ankles is that, um, they're not supposed to be sat on. Really. That is my problem. My position of choice is my foot under my ass, putting all of my weight on my ankle. My left one. Always my left one. And I sit that way for hours at a time. I spend about 90% of my time on the computer- which, as we all know, is a frightening amount of time- sitting on my left ankle. I know this is bad, because sometimes my ankle hurts. So I try not to sit on my ankle. And I wind up doing it anyway. So, my ankle hurts. Yay.

The Trouble with Me and Alias

... I know, right? So, I was supposed to watch "Q & A" last week and "Masquerade" this week for [ profile] the_retelling. My problem is... I'm a bit burned out. Not of Alias, good lord, no, but of like... those episodes. I'm watching Alias with my roommate, and we go through them like candy, so we're on 4.07 right now (DETENTE, BITCHES, DETENTE) but... now I don't want to go back so much. Especially not to Noah. Like, I know I'm going to absolutely want to watch "Rendezvous" and "Almost Thirty Years" and... every single episode of season two... but I juuuust watched No!Augh! so the idea of watching him again... makes me sick. But I don't want to let down the comm! So I'm going to do my best.

The Trouble with Hell, who Am I Kidding? NYC BABY

I am going to NYC this winter! Well, technically, I'm going to Connecticut to visit my lovely friend Jess, but. But. We are going into the city, which makes my life because...



My Life is Made

Oh yes, it is. I am going to see Jen ON BROADWAY. As in, I WILL BE IN HER SAME LOCATION. It won't be like the time we almost went to Boston and therefore would have been in the same town as Jen, Rifkin and VICTOR. No no. This will be me (and Jess) there expressly to see Jen. And able to see her in person. I don't quite know what this will involve, but I think there may be tears. May. I don't know.

Broadway People

I've always read/heard about people like... hovering around stage doors to see stars and the like, but... how does that work? Can anyone help me out with this? [ profile] yahtzee63?

The Trouble With My Muse

I am trying to write. My muse is a half-ass who gives me an idea and leaves. Just ask poor [ profile] non_horation, who is waiting on like, two years' worth of birthday fics that I just... haven't... finished. I feel awful about it. Right now I have an Emily Sloane fic that is cracktastic, but I feel has potential and I... I just suck. Honestly.


I have an interview at the church at 3:30 for that nursery job. I haven't done too many interviews. Also, I have this mickey mouse resume that's all, and I volunteered heeere, and heeeere, and I worked for a month. Yey. But I'm hoping the volunteering, since it was in the field of childcare, will give me the edge. Also the fact that I don't think too many people are up for the job. And the fact that I have all my sacraments or whatever.

30 Rock FTW

'Nough said.

ETA: Tasering at UF

So, I don't know why I didn't think this would make headline news, but... yeah. First screen on AOL is how a student got tasered at the John Kerry speech here at UF. AND I HATE THAT I HAD TO MISS IT. Stupid class. Anyway, some kid wanted to ask more questions than time allowed, I guess? But Kerry was going to allow it. But then the police got all agitated? By what he was saying? And they were like, you need to shut up now, so the kid started talking louder and... he got tasered for resisting arrest or something crazy. Oh, UF.
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It is the morning of the Oscars and I don't want to be doing my portfolio. At all. Please, someone save me.

It's not that the Oscars are very important to me this year. Although I just found out that Jen is going, so I'll have to keep the pre-show on TV. And she's on Ellen on March 14th, which is when I'm staying home. And Coop's on Regis and Kelly the 9th! Oh, the Alias stars.

3000 words isn't that bad, especially when some of it is work I've already done. I can do this.

I've been singing Rent songs all morning. God help me.
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Okay, seriously, the most unloved movie genre ever is the disaster film. Well, most unloved overall. I happen to adore this genre. Earthquakes and tornadoes and floods- not so much hurricanes, but everything else is fair game. Bring it on. For two hours, or a mini-series length, I am totally there.

So, right now, the best disaster flick ever is on- Aftershock: Earthquake in New York. It's improbable and ridiculous, but, hello? It's got Jen Garner hanging out with this hot Russian cab driver. And... and I love it! There are people in the subways wandering around, waiting for it to flood! A girl trapped in a collapsed high school! The mom from "the face on the milk carton" searching for her son, who is stuck on the top of his school, and who has something that no one can define wrong with him! The dad of the same kid having to get into the city by kayak! The chief of police and fire department had just resigned, but is now back on duty, and it's his daughter in the school! And the mayor, his daughter is in the subways! And Jen... well, she's with the hot Russian guy, and her mommy and daddy are missing, but if she was on Alias, she wouldn't have had to worry, because SpyDaddy would have found her in a couple of minutes and then? He would have used the Sydney voice. You know. "Sydney!"

Yes, I would much rather do this than do my community service essay, a practice SAT, citations for the EE, or the essays for UF, why do you ask?

ETA: I already knew, but I completely spaced on it...

Happy 18th birthday, Kara!!

(and, ha, happy 37th, Michael Vartan.)


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