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Day 03 → Your favorite television program

So, the way I felt as this day of this meme approached is best explained in a quote from Jessie Spano: "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... so... scaaaaared." Because it meant I had to choose my TV show, and that would've always been an easy answer before, but NOW IT IS NOT. So I've been thinking about this since before I even started the meme and now... now I'm ready.

You think I'm kidding, but it was an effing battle royale in my heart about this. )

So that's embarrassingly long winded.
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So, this morning, after work called and woke me up to ask if I could work later (the answer is always yes!) I went back to sleep and dreamt that the fleet of Galactica made it to earth with a near-death Lauroslin, and somehow found the dollhouse.

There, the fabulous but evil Adelle DeWitt was like, as a sign of friendship from our people, the Rossum corporation is willing to scan your president's brain so that she can rule FOREVER (because, well, why should Rossum/DeWitt care about the word 'president' if no one on the show does?) and they're all like OMG OKAY and then they get a Six who is done with the whole trying to make humans like them deal and figures that this is the best gift she can give her siblings, and agrees to become President Lauroslin.

(Also, somehow they had Ellen's scans too, and Papadama was kind of like, hey. Hey, bro. Do you want Ellen back? Cause we can do that. And Tigh was like D: about it, because he wanted his Ellen, but then he realized when he talked/slept with Caprica he saw his Ellen anyway, and in my dream I was like NO DREAM SAUL NO because it was like watching an episde.)

So, yeah, Lauroslin was going to get that whole new blonde body thing she talked about in Resurrection Ship. And now I kind of want to write this? I have issues.

... ALSO LOL I am now realizing that there would be TWO HELOS, both tall and morally judgmental, as Topher said, tall-ing around and being all THIS ISN'T RIGHT, THEY'RE PEOPLE TOO and Adelle DeWitt preaching about how that Six was being more selfless than any of them could ever dream and freeing her people- all her people- and everyone's all touched and skeeved out at the same time and Helo's like, BUT THEIR SOULS and they're like, can it, Ballard, and he's like STOP CALLING ME THAT and then Papadama has to send him back to Galactica because he can't handle the excitement and Kara laughs at him.
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Me: all i can think is "get in, loser, we're going shopping"
Hannah: ahhahaha
Me: lauroslin is totally the queen bee, don't even
Hannah: dude, i am aware
Hannah: (Gaius is Gretchen)

Hannah and I love making it Mean Girls: BSG )

Real conversations with my mom:

Ma: "humans have to eat. but cylons don't. do they?"
Me: "yeah, they do, ma."
Ma: "oh, i guess they do. can they have babies?"
Me: "... dude, you really have never seen this show, have you?"

Ma: "the guy who loses an eye, he was a cylon, right?"
Me: "you mean the badass colonel tigh? yeah, he's a cylon."
Ma: "there are alcoholic cylons too!"
Me: "cylons come in all shapes and colors."
Ma: [accusingly] "you said they only came in certain flavors!"

Ma: "if i could be a cylon, i'd want to be red."
Me: "me too, ma."
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Let’s analyze this:

1) Baltar has a bitching entourage. Two smoking hot chicks, and an army of metallic bitches that can and will destroy you and your loved ones.

2) He is about to push his way through the crowd of the “morally-upright” leaders. I say that in quotations because Roslin occasionally does things like “baby-stealing” or “election-stealing.” But you know.

3) IDK, both Lauroslin and Kara seem not too horrified.

4) The Admiral seems piiiiiiiiiissed, oh man. It’s because now Gaius is his boss.

5) Lee Adama’s face of utter emo. He is like why? WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

6) Check the bitch-face Caprica is giving Laura. OH SNAP Y’ALL. Boomer’s just like HEY STARBUCK WHAT’S UP WANT TO CATCH DINNER SOMETIME? whereas Caprica’s all, if you so much as smudge Gaius’s cufflinks with your angry breath I will end you and your people for making my beloved frown, NO THIS IS NOT AN IDLE THREAT.

More succinctly: BSG is awesome.
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There is no excuse.

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When Hannah and I are together in person, it's like this, ONLY IN REAL LIFE. I can't wait for her to get here!

Me: scale of one to ten, how wrong do you think it is that my first thought is: "Merry Christmas! Love, Bill, Laura, Lee, Gaius, Caprica, and our adopted asian daughter Sharon"
Hannah: I dare you to write that.
Hannah: Their blended family.

Oh, you know we brought the lulz. )
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So I just rewatched Daybreak. And apparently I have a lot of feelings about it.

Well I’m not doing it for them, I’m doing it for you. I don’t care how they feel. How would it make you feel? )
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Me: i feel like there is somehow a six fic lurking that is called "that's why her hair is so big"
Hannah: hahahaha
Me: OR
Me: a gaius fic
Me: you can guess what it is called
Hannah: I told Alex one time that Joe Jonas was a life ruiner, that he ruined people's lives (when we were discussing the Joe Taylor Swift shit)
Hannah: and just yesterday he goes " go that from Mean Girls?"
Hannah: and I just wanted to headdesk everywhere.
Me: dude, for real.
Me: get on it, kid
Hannah: Look, Boomer knew that Six had been hooking up with Colonel Tigh in the projection room above the auditorium
Hannah: but she never told anyone
Hannah: because she is such. a good. friend.
Me: man you know Ellen Tigh would Regina George that bitch
Hannah: hahahaha.
Hannah: "Ellen Tigh is a fugly...old ass...skank."
Me: "Lee Adama, too gay to function?"
Hannah: "Kat made out with a hot dog."
Hannah: "Kat made out with Hot Dog?"
Hannah: "No, a hot dog, you motherfrakking idiot."
Me: "Laura Roslin is a pusher- probably a drug-dealer."


Me: you know
Me: in the cylon plastics
Me: (which is almost redundant)
Me: Six is totally not Regina.
Me: Xena is Regina.
Me: Rexena, if you will.
Hannah: ...that is totally true
Me: absolutely. boomer would be karen.
Hannah: Omg, Boomer, you can't just ask humans why they die.
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This is my second time doing this, since my first attempt was killed right before I got to Gilmore Girls in a power surge. Arg.

La chère [ profile] charmingnotion challenged me with this!

Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" (or, I would suspect, typing...) and I will give you five words that remind me of you.Then post them to your lj and explain what they mean to you.

Leemo, Alias, Roslin/Adama, The Sound of Music and Gilmore Girls. So, really, me in a nutshell. )
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So, I'm rewatching season three of BSG and I get to "A Day in the Life," where there is Papadama/Lauroslin flirting. So I'm squeeing and generally being fangirly, as is my way. So my mother says, totally seriously, "Do they have a real romance, or is it all in your head?" See, what she means is, do I ship them the way I shipped Jack/Nadia, or the like, because I'm a nutball. I told her that no, they really love each other like burning, and she pauses and says, "Is theirs a tragic romance, or do they make the best of a bad situation?" I find my mother delightful.


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