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I should be cleaning, because Melissa is ACTUALLY DRIVING TO MY HOUSE AS I TYPE THIS, AIEEEEEE, but before I got into BFF-visiting lockdown I wanted to rec [ profile] nicole_anell's fic Give You All. It won't surprise you to hear that all of my favorite BSG fics involve Sixes, but it might surprise you hear that two of my absolute favorites involve Lee.

I don't often rec fics, because I usually don't feel comfortable being all THIS IS THE MOST MAGICAL OF ALL FICS because, well, there are jillions of fics that I adore and don't rec, and also your mileage may vary, and also I like some pretty crazy stuff and I don't want everyone judgin' my business, but this? Frak that, man. If you judge me harshly because of this work of art, you have the problem. I already knew Nicole was a stupidly good writer, because she is the lifeblood of the Gaius/Six ship, but dude. Any fic that can make me feel physical pangs of emotion is a-okay in my book. This fic makes you feel for everyone, and not just with your brain. It's painful and beautiful and brilliant and also it has Lida, one of my bb Sixes that I love so dearly. (Also I refrain from reccing because I'm not too good at explaining why it's good other than flailing.)

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Me and Melissa were just discussing the Babysitters' Club, and different characters, and Melissa went to the wikipedia, and was reading off characters, including Mary Anne's boyfriend, Logan Bruno, to which she commented, "Logan Bruno," siiiiigh, "he's like Captain Apollo."

Best. Description. Ever.
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My favorite thing about Lady Gaga videos is that no matter how crazy you expect them to be, they always outstrip your wildest expectations because she's just a genius of some kind. It's insane.

(I just watched the Telephone vid. IT IS AMAZING. Also, I kept thinking of ways for it to be a Lee/Kara vid, because even though they're not my ship, I'm always thinking of things for them. You know, they need the support, being the underdog pairing of the show and all.)
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So, I've decided that I want to talk about the finale, and by "talk about the finale and its one year anniversary," I mean, "I want to talk about where our little chickadees are one year later." So!

The future is ours! )

What do you all think is going on in the little settlements around the world of Colonials and Cylons?
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Me: all i can think is "get in, loser, we're going shopping"
Hannah: ahhahaha
Me: lauroslin is totally the queen bee, don't even
Hannah: dude, i am aware
Hannah: (Gaius is Gretchen)

Hannah and I love making it Mean Girls: BSG )

Real conversations with my mom:

Ma: "humans have to eat. but cylons don't. do they?"
Me: "yeah, they do, ma."
Ma: "oh, i guess they do. can they have babies?"
Me: "... dude, you really have never seen this show, have you?"

Ma: "the guy who loses an eye, he was a cylon, right?"
Me: "you mean the badass colonel tigh? yeah, he's a cylon."
Ma: "there are alcoholic cylons too!"
Me: "cylons come in all shapes and colors."
Ma: [accusingly] "you said they only came in certain flavors!"

Ma: "if i could be a cylon, i'd want to be red."
Me: "me too, ma."
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Let’s analyze this:

1) Baltar has a bitching entourage. Two smoking hot chicks, and an army of metallic bitches that can and will destroy you and your loved ones.

2) He is about to push his way through the crowd of the “morally-upright” leaders. I say that in quotations because Roslin occasionally does things like “baby-stealing” or “election-stealing.” But you know.

3) IDK, both Lauroslin and Kara seem not too horrified.

4) The Admiral seems piiiiiiiiiissed, oh man. It’s because now Gaius is his boss.

5) Lee Adama’s face of utter emo. He is like why? WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

6) Check the bitch-face Caprica is giving Laura. OH SNAP Y’ALL. Boomer’s just like HEY STARBUCK WHAT’S UP WANT TO CATCH DINNER SOMETIME? whereas Caprica’s all, if you so much as smudge Gaius’s cufflinks with your angry breath I will end you and your people for making my beloved frown, NO THIS IS NOT AN IDLE THREAT.

More succinctly: BSG is awesome.
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There is no excuse.

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When Hannah and I are together in person, it's like this, ONLY IN REAL LIFE. I can't wait for her to get here!

Me: scale of one to ten, how wrong do you think it is that my first thought is: "Merry Christmas! Love, Bill, Laura, Lee, Gaius, Caprica, and our adopted asian daughter Sharon"
Hannah: I dare you to write that.
Hannah: Their blended family.

Oh, you know we brought the lulz. )
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So I just rewatched Daybreak. And apparently I have a lot of feelings about it.

Well I’m not doing it for them, I’m doing it for you. I don’t care how they feel. How would it make you feel? )


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