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Dear flist,

I've seen a lot of threats going on involving the whole twitter/LJ link thing that go something along the "I WILL KILL YOU WITH FIRE" route if anyone ever links anything ever. I'm not going to go that far- mostly because even if I was to threaten you all very specifically, I wouldn't actually do it because... I'm lazy and all talk. So let's just say that I respectfully ask that if you ever think something I say is so intensely witty that you cannot live without it on your twitter or fbook, just cnp it. I trust you guys to use good judgment. I can't imagine this actually happening, mostly because I am very rarely even a little witty, and also I'm pretty sure I turned the option off, but whatever.


In other news, Open House is as good if not better when watching it the second time, but I'm pretty sure that's because watching things with Tess make them exponentially better (ex: Kalifornia, BSG.) Also, while I'm not attending this year's D*C- sob!- I do get to go to DC as in the nation's capital and see Monica and Justin and hopefully find a bridesmaid dress! So it's going to be a good Labor Day anyway.
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Dear Photobucket,

Please reset my monthly bandwidth allowance, or whatever, because fear of shutting down all my images is keeping from using any gifs in any replies, AND THAT SEVERELY CRAMPS MY STYLE. Do you know how many gifs I use weekly? APPARENTLY A WHOLE LOT, BECAUSE IT'S LIKE A REFLEX RESPONSE.

So please stop being a douche. Or whatever, I don't know whose fault it is but if it's mine, I'm sorry, baby, it'll never happen again.

With great hope and affection,
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So... Epitaph One happened. Consequently, I'm writing an angry letter to a defunct TV show. )
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Dear Today,

I love you.

You are an island in a week of papers, phonetics recordings, and exams.

You are a bright, shining day wherein I only need to go to the job I love to hang out with people I love and take care of babies I love.

You are only here for my enjoyment, as I don't need to start studying for my Italian history exam.

You mark the final week in which I will be twenty-one (deaaaaar god.)

Also, you are my last Tuesday as a winter-semester senior.

In conclusion, cher Mardi le 15, je t'aime.

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Chances of me starting my final paper due on Monday before four pm tonight: one in about a zillion.
Chances of me doing something stupid, like starting a new show on Netflix (The Office) or seeing if I like Dollhouse now that the end is frakking nigh: one in ten.
Chances of me watching episodes of BSG I've already seen more than once: one in five- and from there, the chance that I'll only watch Six/Gaius parts: one in one.
Chances I'll waste my evening on the internet doing nothing of any importance: one two.
Chances I'll spend the whole evening hacking my lungs out: no chance, because it is a definite.

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Dear Michelle Forbes,

Please stop being adorable, and a wonderful actress. You make it very hard for me not to watch things you're in. Especially when youtube has many clips of you being fun.


(But you look so fantastically loony! And wicked! AND AWESOME. WHY SO AWESOME?)

In conclusion, please do something awesome elsewhere. Preferably in another BSG movie about Admiral Helena Cain, wherein she stays amazing.

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Dear youtube gods,

Thank you so much for having Canada's Next Top Model Cycle One. Through you, I can enjoy not only a modeling show, not only the awesomeness that is Mr Jay, BUT I CAN ALSO HAVE MORE TRICIA IN MY LIFE.

In short, you are my favorite.

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Dear People Who Created E/R in 1984,

DROP DEAD. That kind of a finale? Really? That kind? THAT WAS JUST CRUEL. No kiss! No nothing! Just EMPTY PROMISES.

Yes, I realize I am one of maybe three people that actually cares. Whatever. I CARE DEEPLY AND TRULY.

Immensely saddened,

Tonight I finished E/R (*weeps*) and watched Sneakers, which, hi. If someone had said before, "hey, there's a movie about espionage and general sneakiness (heh) including both Mary and Robert Redford that is actually incredibly good" I would've been like, whoa, I'm going to get right on that. Instead I waited until now. My life is barren, I say!

Also, Happy 4th of July, my fellow Americans.

AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THIS, BUT GUESS WHO IS ON HER NEWLY-FIXED LAPTOP? THIS MOI. I am so excited. I have a new keyboard! It has letters, and the keys aren't all grooved and worn smooth! It's insane! Also my computer looks super new due to the minor cosmetic difference in the keys. A+, Best Buy.
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Dear Summer,


You keep making us have power surges, and I cannot stand for it anymore. Mostly because I keep losing shit that I'm working on when you randomly decide it's time to attack my power. IT IS UNTOWARD, SIR. This weather is untoward!

In conclusion: get over yourself.

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Dear Florida DMV,

You make so that when you're under 21, your license goes up and down, instead of side-to-side. As my 21st birthday is nigh, I went to your website to see if there was any information on how to get this changed once I am actually 21. And lo, there is nothing. NOTHING. It's like I'm making it up that anything changes on your 21st birthday. HELLO. I get rid of the bar that's all UNDER 21 UNTIL 12-22-2008. I get a real license that goes the correct way and not up and down! Lots of awesome things happen! So way to fail, DMV. I can't believe I have to go to the office.

(Possibly in Gainesville, even! My mom wants me to change my address to my apt at school. Who is going to take me to the DMV, woman? No one, that's who!)

No love,

PS: I hate Balzac, but I suppose that's none of your concern.


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