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So, as some of you may know, my sister and I are in a competition with one another over who can make the other awesomer birthday cakes. As of right now, I am ahead by two years- here is the castle cake of 2008 and the rainbow cake of 2009.

And this is the rainbow cake 2010! )

Also, I suck at packing, but I need to get good fast so that I can GO VISIT MONICA TOMORROW YAAAAY!
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Moviemaker James Cameron has confirmed he will bring Titanic back to the big screen in 3D in 2012


In related news, yesterday in the car with my mom and sister I heard "My Heart Will Go On" for the first time in... months. When it came on the radio, I was happy, and we all listened to it in contented silence.

Then we got to Target, and this happened while waiting for the elevator.

Me: That was... kind of awful.
Mel: Oh my god, I thought the same thing but I was scared to say it!
Mom: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Me: No, but it was actually horrible. Why was it so popular?!
Mel: Right? It won awards!
Mom: Who are you two?
Me: [getting an unstoppable giggle fit] And the worst thing is, James Cameron did not want a song.
Mel: Oh my god, so-
Me: [near hysterics] THAT CONVINCED HIM. They wrote that song and played it and James Cameron thought, this! This is perfect.

Why don't I have a Titanic icon anymore? Oh, I remember, BSG obliterated all other interests from being represented. Way to dominate, team.
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Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy

This may not be the most attractive picture of my sister or me, but goddamn do I love it. It was our 2008 Christmas photo shoot, and when we were getting ready to do it for some reason Mel and I were sniping at one another about stupid things, and then we went outside to take pictures and my mom got all snitty, and in response, Mel and I got... giddy? EVERYTHING WAS FUNNY. We were in hysterics the whole time and enjoying ourselves and then Mom got happy too and it was just the best. Just looking at it reminds me of that afternoon and it makes me smile.
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So, my sister, who has friends and a boyfriend in Miami, went to a party. I was a bit bitter- which, I know, I shouldn't be, because my sister is social and it's not like I hate the idea of spending New Years with my parents (really. It's not the greatest thing, but I can handle it)- but whatever. She's seventeen, she can handle a new years away from her family.

Mom and I had a fair amount to drink, USA has had a Burn Notice marathon on, so it's been a pretty decent night. Midnight approaches, and my dad joins us, and we're all sitting on the loveseat. We're counting it down, and all of the sudden we hear from the front porch "HAPPY NEW YEARS!"

My sister and her boyfriend ran fifteen minutes- well over a mile- to get home by midnight. It was honestly the closest thing in my life to a movie moment. I was like "THAT'S MELI" and my parents were like, what, she's not here... and I open the door and there she is! It was awesome.

(And then I got all emotional, because I've been drinking and I get emotional before I leave. I was crying watching Little Women earlier today, which is absurd.)


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Hannah said "pics or it didn't happen" about my cakes, so here they are!

These are a few of my favorite things. )
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So, after years of walloping my sister's ass in the birthday cake department, MEL HAS FINALLY STEPPED IT UP.

I woke up to two cakes- one, a Hello Kitty face and cake shaped and frosted like Madeline. Both homemade chocolate cakes that I love so much, both designed to be AWESOME.

22 is shaping up to be pretty good, so far.
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So, today I call my dad like I normally do in the morning, and he says, in this super grave voice "Have you heard? It's all over the news." Naturally, I'm like oh shit, what's happened?! Thinking it was some kind of terrorist attack or something.

Nope! Instead I find out that at my sister's high school, someone was fatally stabbed. As in, in the vicinity of my baby sister, someone stabbed someone to death! Most likely over something incredibly stupid. Now the school is crazy with parents trying to pick up school, police officers and detectives over the campus, which is in lock-down. So yeah. Kind of horrifying. And then by the time I got to campus, it was on the yahoo news page, and then I got texts from Monica and Hannah.

Hannah, she just texted to ask what school I went to, and where Mel went. Monica thanks me for a message on her fbook wall, and then says that there's been a stabbing at CGSH. THANKS FOR BREAKING IT TO ME SO GENTLY, MONICA.

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So, I call Number Six from Battlestar Galactica "Red." I've called her that since the miniseries, because a good percentage of her outfits are red in hue. Also I find it a snappy name and I like to give people nicknames (example: almost every single person in BSG.) Anyway, they're all Red, for the most part. I know there's Caprica and Natalie and Gina and Unusually Pretty Red from season 4.5 with Brown hair.

Hello, beautiful Red!

Anyway, in about hour 90 thousand of our drive home, Mel and I were playing with her new deck of cards. She got it from some art museum in DC and so the cards all have different images of Andy Warhol artworks and so none of the suits have colors. Since I am incredibly rusty when it comes to playing any games with cards, (up to including the game 'Go Fish,') I was asking Mel the rules of some game that was very complicated but involved requesting things. So, because I'm dense, I ask as an example, "Can I ask for red?" meaning hearts or diamonds.

Melanie gave me this look that is at once horrifying and withering. "Do you mean a six? Because that is just pathetic, Madi."

Oh BSG. You take my life and make it better
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So, basically everyone commented on Michael Jackson and his death, so here's what I have to say about this: it is sad that he died. Truly it is. But guys. He was a pop star. He sang pop music. He might've been a very talented pop star, but the man couldn't cure cancer with his dance moves. So I'm finding this funeral hoopla a bit... much. (It also reminds me that when I die, I don't even want a wake. Funerals freak me out, man.)

Mel and I woke up early so we could go to my cousin's house and teach her children how to swim. Because everyone knows that Mel and I are good swimmers, and that I taught children for six summers... the last time being when I was seventeen. (And last summer, but that shouldn't count.) Jaylen is three and a half, Jake just turned two. There are effing limits to what we can teach these kids. And I know this, and I know my cousin doesn't expect us to have them swimming the channel by next week, but even the difference in what you can expect from a five year old and what you can expect from a three year old is vastly different. Also, they're both scared of the water. Aces.

Last night I watched the season two finale of BSG. I think my problem is that the first time I watch a show, I miss almost every single major plot point unless it is in my face. The fact that the cylons were like "hey, no more chasing you, the nuclear holocaust was a mistake!" totally went over my head. What do I remember? Lauroslin losing and Gaius deciding to settle and start the New Capriasco. (The episode has a delightful amount of Thranders, though. Seriously, Kara + Lee = angst and sadfaces. Kara + Samders = GIGGLES and HAPPINESS and LOVE. They are the best, sweetest couple ever. If Lauroslin and Papadama didn't spank them in being awesome constantly they would be my favorite. [Though they kind of battle it out with the Tighs. EPIC ETERNAL LOVE IS EPIC AND ETERNAL.])

Also, I have to call my apartment complex because apparently my rent was late. WTF.
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My sister, at 17, is playing with Play Doh.

Me: Hey, Mel, whatcha doing?
Mel: [as if this is normal] Making a wolf.

[some time passes and the 'wolf' looks like a cat with a pig's head.]

Mel: What would you call this, a cig?
Me: That works for me.
Mel: Think I should add a tail?
Me: Please add a giraffe neck.

[some more time later, Mel has added a giraffe's neck, spots, and wings.]

Mel: This is awesome.
Me: It so is.
Mel: What do you think will happen if I microwave him?
Me: Please, please find out.
Mel: It'll be like a kiln, right?
Me: I beg of you, let's find out.

[Mel puts him in the microwave. Accidentally leaving it on high.]
Me: This is my favorite night of all nights.
Me: [laughing too hard to talk]
Mel: His ear melted off. He feels like a melted crayon. STOP LAUGHING! Sympathize!

I love my sister.


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