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So, today I had to go to the dentist to get a filling. I should've known there'd be trouble when I made my appointment and they told me it was for 11 AM, and when they called to confirm they said 11:15.

Things You Never Want to Hear Discussed by your Dentist: Sex Dolls )

Other things that are awesome: MELISSA'S VISIT. We had the greatest time. We went to the beach two days in a row, and we went out for drinks and SNUGGLED and talked and Melissa even wound up going over to my uncle's house for his birthday so she met my entire family and it turned out to be one of the most excellent parties my family has even thrown and this all boils down to everything is better when my buddyroo is with me and I miss her 80% of the time. I say only 80% because I have to sleep sometimes.
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The good thing about my bedroom at home is when I finally unpack and actual clear my floor of the thousands of bags I have crammed with my stuff, it's actually pretty large.

The downside is that I have SO MUCH STUFF that I can't actually unpack properly, and, when I approach my mother all, "hey, let's put some stuff in bags for goodwill!" she like, panics. HOW DARE I WANT TO GET RID OF SOMETHING I WILL NEVER USE/WEAR/WANT AGAIN. WHAT IF I SOMEDAY NEED IT, THEN WHERE WILL I BE? And like, okay, if we were in... IDK, some dystopian society, or in the Colonial fleet on the run for our lives with dwindling resources, then I'd understand. Cling tight to what you have. But that is not our life!

In our life that we are actually living, we keep effing accumulating more stuff, or, in my case, accumulating things in one place while keeping pretty steady in another, and then combining, and my poor closet is already like, "bitch, please" because my closet houses (a) my stuff (b) stuff my sister and I share (c) some of my mom's stuff (d) some of my grandmother's clothes my mom took from her house when my cousin stole it and (e) my dad's stuff. I wish I was joking. Or that my closet was bigger.

And Melissa is coming tomorrow, which is 95% PURE JOY, 5% JESUS CHRIST SHEPHERD OF JUDEA, WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT EVERYTHING?! (I realize people have far worse problems, but damn does this seem aggravating.)
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I made the mistake of complaining to Melissa (who has the same assignment due) that I didn't want to write my paper; she smacked me with this reality.

Melissa: ok well
Melissa: at least you're not natalie getting raped a thousand times
Melissa: (i think it's natalie)
Me: Gina
Melissa: writing a paper IS preferable
Melissa: LOL whatever. a 6
Me: but you're right
Melissa: indeed

I kind of love that I flail about my Sixes enough that she can name them, even if she has trouble remembering which is which. Considering she's seen like, 1/16th of the whole show, it's pretty impressive.
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"Si tu veux être à moi, je te ferai plus heureux que Dieu lui-même dans son paradis; les anges te jalouseront. [...] Je suis la beauté, je suis la jeunesse, je suis la vie; viens à moi, nous serons l'amour. Que pourrait t'offrir Jéhovah pour compensation? Notre existence coulera comme un rêve et ne sera qu'un baiser éternel."

"'If you will be mine, I shall make you happier than God Himself in His paradise; the angels themselves will be jealous of you. [...] I am Beauty, I am Youth, I am Life. Come to me! Together we shall be Love. What can Jehovah offer you in exchange? Our lives will flow on like a dream, in one eternal kiss.'"

So, I'm going to be honest here: I very rarely read for class. Ever. Unless I have a presentation, or an assignment that I have to turn in.

Today, my professor had asked us to either bring in the book/get the book from the library/photocopy the pages/whatever so that we had the text physically with us. I forgot this until I was on campus this morning, so I went to the library to check it out.

I go to class, completely unprepared for the joy I was about to experience.

For one, La Morte Amoureuse, by Gautier is a story about a priest. A PRIEST WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE. The vampire is described as being the most beautiful, perfect, gorgeous and tall woman ever; I, of course, pictured a Six. Then my prof says, "You know how he compares her to a painting of the Madonna?" and we all nod, "Well... I always picture her as Madonna-Madonna."

So, if we hadn't already been enjoying it, this would've clinched it.

From then, the story just got better and better. He finds out she's a vampire, he is horrified. He tries to escape, she finds him in Italy where... he is a priest by day, vampire-lover by night. And he's totally thinking this is cool! His BFF and mentor, the abbott Sérapion is all, dude, for one, you are a priest, so you shouldn't have a girlfriend at all. SECONDLY SHE IS A VAMPIRE, WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE.

This was so seriously the best story I've ever read for class, and possibly ever. At first when it was revealed that this story involved vampires, I was like, oh, when the semester ends, I'll send my copy to Tess, she'll enjoy it. Then I fell irrevocably in love with the story- she drinks a few drops of his blood tenderly, savoring it "like a gourmet!" and Melissa and I were hysterical reading the various details and complete idiocy of the priest in love- and I was like, hugging it to my chest. I did literally draw hearts in my notebook about this.

So. For those of you who want to read it- and let's face it, you all must!- here is the link to the text in English, for some reason called Clarimonde.

Also, I have no vampire icon, so have a Maenad instead.
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Text from Melissa:

"So when I'm sad about being a lib arts major and that I'm never going to make any money, I see the looks on kids' faces as they walk out of chem and feel better."

So true! I will be poor and unemployed, however, my life is not consumed by numbers and chemistry. Score!

I thought I was done with work before spring break, and then I found out I have an assignment due on Friday that has to be done tomorrow so I can turn it in before going home. It was cruel, harsh reality. :(
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I know. This is no where near as exciting as it could be, seeing as... I own the DVD. But still! On TV! THE PLAN YOU GUYS.

And, also, I think I'm the only person watching Burn Notice, but I shouldn't be. It is excellent. And I'm not just saying that because my TV girlfriend Tricia Helfer has a minor arc (which should be much, much larger, because her sexual tension with Michael is amazing. AMAZING.) It's a fun spy show that's informative and witty and fun. Plus, Bruce Campbell is delightful, always. And Fiona is the awesomest crazy girl to love since Kara Thrace.

The only other thing I have to note is that two nights ago, Melissa and I went to dinner, and we were talking in french, as is our wont. This time, we were talking about- and I am not kidding- Cylons and their ability to reproduce- among other things, of course. But mainly Cylon babies, and why resurrection was necessary if they could have babies (this, of course, from Melissa.) So we're chatting about babies and Cylons (and Cylonnes) and wondering how to pronounce Helo in french, when suddenly the woman next to us, who is paying her bill, looks at us and says "it's so nice to hear French."

Like, of course. We sometimes have relatively intelligent conversation, and of course we get overheard speaking french by someone who speaks it. Offf course.
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Me: all i can think is "get in, loser, we're going shopping"
Hannah: ahhahaha
Me: lauroslin is totally the queen bee, don't even
Hannah: dude, i am aware
Hannah: (Gaius is Gretchen)

Hannah and I love making it Mean Girls: BSG )

Real conversations with my mom:

Ma: "humans have to eat. but cylons don't. do they?"
Me: "yeah, they do, ma."
Ma: "oh, i guess they do. can they have babies?"
Me: "... dude, you really have never seen this show, have you?"

Ma: "the guy who loses an eye, he was a cylon, right?"
Me: "you mean the badass colonel tigh? yeah, he's a cylon."
Ma: "there are alcoholic cylons too!"
Me: "cylons come in all shapes and colors."
Ma: [accusingly] "you said they only came in certain flavors!"

Ma: "if i could be a cylon, i'd want to be red."
Me: "me too, ma."
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Missa: oh farmgirl
Missa: i wonder if she plays farmville and is like, "this is so unrealistic"
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So, it's ten o'clock, the night before a French philosophy presentation, and have I started yet? No. Because that would be just too clever, wouldn't it? I'm all, what! How can I start and then have to break for ANTM and SVU (which, while predictable, was pretty damn rad [and I mean that about both. I think Tyra is one of the most quotable women on earth. MODEL THROUGH THE MISHAP is a catchphrase I really want to make happen.]) I am known for making poor scholastic choices.

Also, I went to a career fair with Melissa. The highlights of it being: (1) talking to a few interesting companies, (2) Getting dolled up, (3) Having a damn fun time getting dolled up with Melissa, because we were dancing around to Fiddler on the Roof and reggaeton and She and Him (4) thinking of "business women" quotes from Romy and Michele while surrounded by people in business attire.

And today from Netflix I got a movie with Mary McDonnell that sounds spectacular. In a bad way. WHY MUST I BE TEMPTED THUS?


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