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Hannah loves me and made me a Nadia picspam!

It's so beautiful.

So, because my sister is still sick and my family doesn't want to get people ill, my extended family isn't coming over.

On the plus side, I'm... you know. Twenty-one and legal and I ordered a drink at lunch (this delicious pink lemonade thing) and then I went to an honest-to-God liquor store and purchased some liquor. Someone sold me liquor! There I got carded, not at the restaurant, sadly. But yeah.
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Today I got the Gardasil shot. It wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe, but it did hurt. Worse was that afterwards I got a bit light-headed, and my mom and sister were convinced I'd pass out. But I didn't, and my arm stopped hurting a bit after that, so yay.

Then! I got to see Becky for dinner! And that was lovely. I'm going to lunch with her tomorrow.

And then I made this, because... well, it's true. And it's the first thing other than an amateur icon that I've ever made!

I ship Nadia with... )
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I got a 60 on my math test. And while to some of you that might seem like a failure, because it is still a failing grade, to me it is a VICTORY. It means that while I can get 35s and 40s without studying, when I study, I can actually get grades that will allow me to get a C in the class. WHICH IS ALL I ASK FOR.

Today was my last day in Spanish, and we had a little party for the end of the year/Paige's birthday, and when it was over Paige, Melissa and I walked with Belkis and wound up talking for like, a half hour. I reaaaally want to get Belkis again next semester, so I'm desperate for these other people to drop the class so Paige and I can get in. :( Melissa is going to Paris.

(My computer's keyboard sticks like a mofo and it makes me so sad, because then it looks like I'm making typos when I'm not, it's just the damn keys. Dammit.)

Last night to celebrate my victory, I read this Nadia fic because I need more Nadia in my life, como siempre. My life can finally return to lazy normalcy, at least until this weekend, when it once again becomes cram-time.

Also, I can now start actually hosting "Salvation" at [ profile] the_retelling
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Yay fic!

Here you go, [ profile] yahtzee63!

The Infanta
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So, if I started to write an answer to this week's prompt from [ profile] alias500 and it's um, 500 x 2... what do I do? Can I still post it on [ profile] alias500? Or do I just post it on my fic journal and have done with it?

Oh, Jack and Nadia. You inspirers you.
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Last night to get out of my funk, I wrote for [ profile] alias500's challenge of "shoes" and giggled the whole way through. It's Syd, Nadia, and a pair of high heels and... hee.


I'm almost done with my math homework- two sections left!- and if I don't finish tonight I can definitely finish tomorrow, which is fabulous since I need all the bonus points I can get with homework and it's due Thursday. The test is tonight and while I'm doing pretty decently with the work now, I have no illusions about my ability come test time. I would prefer not to flat-out fail, but it wouldn't surprise me. Especially since my professor, in a misguided attempt to bolster our courage, told us that the average grade for the first test was a 70. A SEVENTY.

So, yeah. Spanish, dinner, test, and then HOUSE.


Sep. 10th, 2006 02:22 pm
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So, I go to write my ficathon fic... and find this instead. And realize it needs to be finished. So I did it!

Title: Guilt.
Fandom: Alias
Character: Nadia Santos
Theme set: gamma
Disclaimer: I don't own Alias or any of its characters, they belong to JJ and those lovely people at ABC.
Rating: PG-13

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No polls today. Yet. The night is still young.

Today at school we talked a little about Heidi, in TOK we watched Frida, and in History we watched this movie called "To Live," which was in Chinese, and about this guy who had the worst life ever of all time.

I really liked Frida. It was just artsy enough without being too weird and I really like Salma Hayek. Best of all? Mia was the sister. It was very fun.

Tomorrow is my dermatologist appointment, and the day after tomorrow is Alias. I could die of excitement.
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... I wrote a Cesar/Nadia fic?


I don't know why, 'cept for I love me some Cesar.

(Perdition pt. 4'll come later.)

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C'est mon entry for the Nackathon. God help us.

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