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2. I spent Irene in DC with Monica and Justin and their friends and where we were, it was like a glorified thunderstorm. Hearing about all the destruction it wreaked is kind of stunning compared to our experience- we had Monica's bridal shower, and then we had food delivered to her friend's house, where the power flickered three times but only went out once, and drove home with nary a problem. My flight wasn't delayed or anything!

3. Also it's three and a half weeks until Monica's wedding, which means it's about a month until I have to be in France and it makes me kind of want to throw up and panic and cry about why in God's name would I want to do this to myself and why would I say I wanted to live so far away and who does that, but then I calm down and it's exciting. I had my visa appointment and everything was okay!

4. Started watching and reading Game of Thrones! I have one episode left of the series and I'm about a fourth of the way through the book. Somehow this show grabbed both of my parents' attention, and in an unprecedented move, both of them are watching. It's not so weird for my mom- we watch a lot of the same shows, and she oftentimes watches shows after I recommend them except BSG because she's made of fail but my father has literally never watched a TV series. He watches the news, sporting events, history specials on wars and shows about cars, and suddenly he's watching GoT on demand all on his own. And then coming out to talk to me about it! It's amazing.

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Dear flist,

I've seen a lot of threats going on involving the whole twitter/LJ link thing that go something along the "I WILL KILL YOU WITH FIRE" route if anyone ever links anything ever. I'm not going to go that far- mostly because even if I was to threaten you all very specifically, I wouldn't actually do it because... I'm lazy and all talk. So let's just say that I respectfully ask that if you ever think something I say is so intensely witty that you cannot live without it on your twitter or fbook, just cnp it. I trust you guys to use good judgment. I can't imagine this actually happening, mostly because I am very rarely even a little witty, and also I'm pretty sure I turned the option off, but whatever.


In other news, Open House is as good if not better when watching it the second time, but I'm pretty sure that's because watching things with Tess make them exponentially better (ex: Kalifornia, BSG.) Also, while I'm not attending this year's D*C- sob!- I do get to go to DC as in the nation's capital and see Monica and Justin and hopefully find a bridesmaid dress! So it's going to be a good Labor Day anyway.
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- We found Monica a dress!
- I spent the past five days in a fugue of weddingness; it was amazing.
- Monica and Justin watched the BSG miniseries and liked it!
- Monica: ... Adama kind of looks like your dad.
- I am awesome at karaoke games on the Wii.
- I am not so awesome at dancing for extra points on the Wii.
- Windmilling your arm really hurts.
- Frosting comes in a whipped cream dispenser, it is glorious.
- Singing 'David Duchovny' loudly on in the car never gets old.
- The Best Movie Ever lives up to its name.
- I have a really good sense of direction in Virginia.

I always miss Nica when I come back home. :(
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So, normally I just have crazy dreams. And they're usually fun in a WTF way, and they're really fun to tell people, too, because they're vivid and I remember a lot of details and people are all, "dude, Madi, what is up with your brain?"

But then I had an emotional dream! Which is just unsettling.

Emotional dream is emotional! )

I rewatched Razor this weekend, which I mentioned. I acknowledged that I was probably going to end up loving Admiral Helena Cain more than I should, because I can generally be made to love anyone, given enough reason to, and BSG usually gives me plenty of reason to love. What I did not expect to love was Cain/Gina.

(Although, really, it is me. I should've. What does Madi love, kids? LOVE.)

And it is so messed up. The first thing we learn about relations between the two of them is that Cain ordered the repeated gang rape and torture and psychological destruction of poor Gina. And then Gina shoots her in the head. (However! The tears glistening in AHC's eyes, those are not of fear, THEY ARE OF LOVE GONE WRONG.)

And then Razor goes and shows us how cute they were, and how sweet AHC was around Gina and how giggly and adorable they were (in like, two scenes... talent, yo) and how Gina could not kill her lady love AHC (although she really, really should have) and just how frakked up AHC became after being betrayed and it is all genius and gruesome and horrible and the talent displayed by those two actresses is truly mind-blowing. And then Gina was all frakked up, and I truly think it's not only because of the horrendous things that were done to her, but because they were ordered by the woman she loved and OH MY GOD, BSG, WHY DO YOU DO SUCH THINGS TO ME.

I also learned that Red is this show's Nadia. I will basically ship her with everyone.

ETA: Ronald D. Moore and David Eick initially hesitated to reveal the lesbian affair between Gina and Admiral Cain, feeling that portraying the first high-profile gay relationship in the Galactica universe between two villainous characters might be taken as a homophobic statement. They decided to proceed when they ultimately felt that the relationship would be portrayed in a positive light, with Gina unable to kill Cain at an opportune moment, and Cain's heartbreak leading to her descent into madness.

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Tonight, I am at a party. One of Monica's friends comes in from the kitchen and sits down next to me and says "There are a bunch of Woo Girls in the kitchen." So I'm like, this is obviously a HIMYM reference, so I hesitantly referenced, like "Who would woo? Would you woo?" and he TOTALLY GOT IT so we talked about tiny cowboy hats only being worn by tiny cowboys without Woo Girls and then we tried taking a swig of what we were drinking every time they wooed but then when we took like, four in a row we realized this way alcohol poisoning lay so we stopped.

Today was a good day. :)
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In DC, waiting for Monica to get here. Another long day in the car has left everyone slightly crazy and bitchy. It is not at all fun. Seeing Monica soon will be, though!

But this will probably be the last time I'm around for a while FOR REAL THIS TIME.

(Also: I saw a tornado today.)
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So, last night at 1:30 I check my school email, and there's a package notification. This was totally bewildering, seeing as I haven't ordered anything yet and my mom is actually assembling a care package, so I made Sasha shlep down to the commons with me.

It was a package from Monica! She is totally made of win. She sent me:

- A Madeline T-shirt, the yellow one from Delia's I didn't have.
- A little tote bag from Harrod's
- Virginia peanuts
- A present for my mom from Ireland I wasn't supposed to open but I did by accident.
- A ~*~homemade~*~ foam frame around a picture of us.
- An AWESOME mixed CD with a cover and everything, and painstakingly colored-in letters. It has the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Cher, Gunther, Rihanna, JT, Hugh Grant... it is a mix of CHAMPIONS. The last song on the CD is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, and just that alone was enough to get a HUGE smile on my face.

The heat is on now, though, to match this for my Christmas/birthday package to her. So.

I had a pretty awesome day. My French class with the American teacher was very, very tolerable, so I now have a bit of hope. After Spanish I went to Taco Bell with Paige, and then we hung out for the rest of the night, including watching "A Very Long Engagement," which... was not my favorite. Paige likes it more than Atonement and said I would too, and I was all, um, probably not? And I think my main problem was that there was so much going on that I couldn't focus on anything in particular, and I hated the war stuff, and some of it was really sad. The ending was adorable though. So if I am so inclined to see it a second time, I'd probably really like it.

(Speaking of Atonement, I get to see it again this weekend. BECAUSE I OWN ALL.)

When I was going up to my room, Paige called up the stairs (as she graciously agreed to walk me back to my dorm) "I'm really glad we're Biffles!" By Biffles she means BFFLs, which is Best Friend For Life (I believe) and it was just so cute. I like friends!
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William Shakespeare

It is the east, and Juliet is the sunshine_queen.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Heh, win.

So, there's no school today but while having last Friday off made me feel free and liberated, having today off just makes me feel like I'm skipping class.

(Also, at this time of day, the sun's angle makes the reflection of my fingers typing show up on the computer screen, right where I'm typing, so I kind of am watching my fingers and it's weirding me out a bit. Dance, fingers, Dance!)

My left knee is messed up somehow, and the only reason I can figure is sympathy pains for Monica's left knee. We have the same damn symptoms, only I never fell off my bike.

(Best. icon. ever.)
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I know it's been said like a jillion times, but Britney's VMA performance just made the sad. The rest of the show made me want to gouge out my eyes, but Brit's performance depressed me. I looooved her.

Britney made a bizarre appearance in my dream, which involved Monica, my grandmother's house, a pool, and, for some reason, Becca's parents. It all made sense in the dream. Oh, also, [ profile] orci505. Britney showed up at my grandmother's house? And me and Monica had to act normal? Yeah, it was bizarre as all hell, but at least I didn't get woken up by the fire alarm, which I did the night before. And then I slept through the next four occurrences. Which means that I can get eaten by a fire without ever waking up! Yay, sleep!

I finished the first season of Arrested Development, and it just makes me super excited for when 'Juno' comes out, cause Jen is going to be married to Michael Bluth, who I am entirely in love with.

Me: Know what I need more of in my life?
Myself: What?
Me: Icons.
Myself: Oh, no. Oh no, you don't.
Me: I do. See, I need Arrested Development icons.
Myself: Aha. Point taken. So, you can look...
Me: I'll check [ profile] _ladydisdain.
Myself: Sounds like a plan...
Myself: I'm sure you have those already.
Me: Nooo. I see more. Prettttttty icons.
Myself: You have too many as it is!

I need help.
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You heard it here first:

me: i'm going to make a bad wife
nica: aw
nica: well at least you'll get married
me: yeah right
nica: yeah you wills
me: to who?
nica: a boy
me: oh, thanks
nica: what! am i supposed to make up a name? eric straton. there.
me: LOL!


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