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Things I Learned This Vacation

- Cillian Murphy has the most beautiful voice ever to grace my ears. WHY HAVE THE WHISPERS OF HIS PSYCHOSITY IN "RED EYE" KEPT ME FROM HIM SO LONG? He is straight up melodious.
- The Edge of Love exceeded my expectations. And considering I've been waiting for that movie for like, a year, I think that's pretty rad.
- I can hold my liquor better than expected.
- Colds + loud and intense karaokeing + lots of booze= hellish morning after (You'd think this would be self-evident. It's not.)
- People actually do just give girls free liquor.
- I cannot, under any circumstances, resist the lure of what I consider a bargain when it comes to BSG DVDs. Now I own the entire series and am as happy as a clam; meanwhile my mother and sister are lamenting how I can put down money for DVDs for a "lame sci-fi series" instead of clothes.

We're going home tomorrow, finally!
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So, yeah, that's where I'm going to be until August. Internet will be completely spotty because we don't even know exactly where we're staying since my effing cousin took over my grandmother's house all stealthily and shadily and under the table-ily. So we'll see.

I am not packed. At all. I'm leaving in less than twelve hours. GOD MADELINE YOU WILL NOT WIN ANY COMPETITIONS HERE BY NOT PACKING TIL THE LAST MINUTE. I am made of fail. Also I can only have a tiny suitcase cause we're going in the car and have limited room in Ilsa, so all kinds of strategy is needed. Oh lawd.
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Heh, most of you guys won't care, but it is a suuuuper huge deal to me.

(Don't feel bad for skipping, though, cause it really is kind of pointless.)

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Sooo, we're leaving for Canada in like, five hours or something, and I am totally staying up to sit at the edge of an arm chair with my feet angled like Barbie feet to keep my laptop at the optimum angle for wireless connection stealage, and, joy of joys, it looks like the weather in Quebec is going to be less than perfect. Namely, IN THE FIFTIES. As in, WINTER AT HOME. This is bad, seeing as I have a load of T-Shirts and tank tops and whatnot and, um, one UF sweatshirt and and a zip-up jacket. C'EST TOUT.

We went to the library today AAAAAND we managed to get the Danielle Steel novel narrated by Victor. We have it at home but we (Mom and I) hadn't started listening to it yet because we suck, but now we will be listening to Victor read Danielle Steel's "Five Days in Paris" on our way to his native country, AND I AM PSYCHED. PSYCHED I SAY!

My photoshop trial ended, and I am depressed. Iconnnnnns.

And I am also kind of giddy at the idea of writing a long-ass post about the insanity that is my family. I have a feeling you will all enjoy it, seeing as it is 100% intense.

In, um, other news, I watched Garden State for the first time in like, three years, and I'm totally bummed because I loved it the first time I saw it and now I'm kind of meh. It had some GREAT moments, and I adoooooore Zach Braff (Scrubs = <3) and Natalie Portman is just precious but sometimes it just... fell flat. And that makes me sad.

And now on to important things:

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So, I'm off to NY for like, a week and half, my internet will be spotty or nonexistant, so try not to miss me too much. I am sure I will return with many tales of drama, especially since there's a wedding going on.


- Packing is evil
- I need to wake up at four AM
- Maroon 5 has some greaaaat songs on their new CD
- House confused me tonight
- I can't wait to watch more Grey's
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1. I went shopping all day yesterday with my mom and sister, it was SO MUCH FUN. Usually one or all of us gets into a snit about something, but aside from a few short periods of problems, everything was fabulous.

1a. Plus, I got some nice things, including two camis, the CUTEST UNDERWEAR IN THE WORLD from AE, and a shirt from Forever 21 (or, according to [ profile] scarlett7188, 21 Forever)

1a1. When we walked into Forever 21, they were playing "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough, and let me just tell you. If you walk into a store you're not so thrilled about and don't usually like, but they're playing that song? Not only do you get this delightful tune high, but you find stuff you like. It's just that easy.

2. We go to NY on Wednesday and I didn't lose weight or get tan. Because I am just that awesome. I do still look rocking in my dress, though, and I love it very much. And I have no idea if I'll have the internet, again, some more.

2a. Jeannie chose a sadly inconsiderate time for her wedding, us-speaking. We're going up there, then there's Jeannie's wedding on the 1st. Then she goes on her honeymoon, and my cousin Katie is still in school, which means... hiiiii, aloneness. My family stuck in gramma's house, sans interwebs, TV or a phone.

3. We're supposed to be going to Boston but we have no reservations or anything. And I don't know what to do in Boston, other than visit the Cheers bar.

4. My mom and I have been watching Grey's on divid and OMG LOVE. LOVE LIKE WHOA. And I hate that I love it because... because I didn't want to! And I don't want to love McDreamy, because.... because it's so me and I'm so predictable. Sigh. But he's charming! And I am easily charmed!

5. I also love Izzie. Like whoa. LIKE WHOA LIKE WHOA.

6. It's been a ten years since Diana died? Wow.

7. I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean. A lot. But I don't know when that's going to happen.

8. However, I am dyyyying to see "Evening." For multiple reasons, but I have to say a big one is... Patrick Wilson. He is beautiful and handsome and all things lovely.

9. Today I get to watch 1.02 of Alias, wiiiiiiiiiin.

10. Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" is a song ripe for horror. Example, the X-Files' use of Johnny Mathis's 'Wonderful, Wonderful."
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Today was my last day in NY, and we said goodbye to everyone, and saw Aunt Amy and Uncle David for the first time. This trip was very different in many ways.

I went to see Jeannie's wedding dress, and then we hung out with the babies at Mare Mare's house before Jeannie took me, Katie and Mel to dinner. It's so weird that we won't be with Katie. I say this at the end of every trip.

Tomorrow we're leaving early and driving to Nica's house. Yay!

Stolen shamelessly from [ profile] thepodsquad, [ profile] agent_nica, and [ profile] dollsome.

Ask for my TOP 5 of anything, and I'll list it.


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Hiiiiii, Livejournal.

I always forget what it's like here, seeing people. It's so weird staying here without my grandmother and all her pets- at first it was just my mother, my sister, my dog and me, and it was super weird. The next day we visited Gramma at the home (which is pretty nice, considering) and went to Mare Mare's to see her and Carolyn and the babies. Chloe (6) and Christine (3) are so ridiculously big, and it makes me feel old. I'm eighteen. That's just not right. Then when we went home, Julie and Katie came over, and Katie spent the night.

Today we visited Gramma again, and went to Mary's and saw Care and the babies, and then we went to Julie's house and saw Larry and Caroline. Amy and David are going away this week, so we haven't seen them, and Jeannie is with her fiancé at his lake house in New Hampshire, and I still haven't seen Little Amy or Briana. I am realizing now that I have many relatives.

The one thing I never forget is how much fun I have when Katie's around. She fits in so well with me and Mom and Mel, and we miss her so keenly when we leave.

Ficathon is due in two days (gulp) and I still haven't gotten my room assignment at UF, dammit. Carol did. Ollie? Have you heard anything?
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Today, Mom, Mel and I got manicures and pedicures, which would've been a completely fantastic experience if only my little asian manicure man hadn't been a total jerk when I asked him to fix one of my toes, which had gotten screwed up. But other than that, it was awesome. And we got to go shopping for food and entertainment for tomorrow.

As much as I know (mostly) that I'm going to have fun, I am so, so sad to be leaving. I like home.

The plan is to drive as far as possible tomorrow, then stop in Richmond the next day to stay at Nica's house (because, we must.) And then we keep going until we hit NY.

(Happily, though, my mom got us a DVD player, and I have my laptop, and we have like, a hundred DVDs. One disc of Gilmore Girls, about eleven of Alias, and a bunch of assorted films, and Mom and I got "Learn Spanish!" CDs for the cars, aaaaaand I got an Eva Peron biography. Yaaaay. I told you I'd get one, Tess.)

And then, in NY, we're staying at my grandmother's house. She's living in a nursing home now, but my mom and her sisters haven't sold the house yet, so we can stay there. But there's no cable and there's no phone. Which means I'm going to have hardly any internet time until I get home.

This means that I need to finish the ficathon fic ASAP, and either make it to a Starbucks or something, or send it to Nica or Tess of Hannah to post in my stead. Or something.

So, comments and posts will be few, except for maybe a few desperate voice posts now and then.
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Okay, the fact that Victor Garber did not get an Emmy nod is UNCONSCIOUSABLE. What the FUCK do they watch? They're all thrilled about shows with little to no acting brilliance, and they scorn VICTOR GARBER? He's goddamn brilliant. I mean, yay Jen but GODDAMN EMMY PEOPLE.

So, who wants to tell me what happened in the new Harry Potter book? Inquiring minds want to know! (ETA: Forget it. I knew Nita would come through and tell me who on her LJ. YAY, NITA!)

At Mare Mare's... )

hurting myself and my allergic reaction )

My Cousin Jeannie )

I got some great stuff- black ballet flats, a bright shiny silver bag for school from Gap, and two pairs of rocking white pants from Abercrombie. Sales and beautiful things.

Jess and were trying to plan a meeting tomorrow, but Mom's not here, so  I have to... figure something out when she gets home and email it to Jess and hope that... things work out? I have no idea.

I still can't wait to be home, but it's almost time...

And where is Tess? Nica's here, and Hannah's just not IMing me, but Tess? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND?


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