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Okay, so... going to Dragon*Con was seriously one of the better decisions I've ever made in my life. If you had told me a year ago I would go to a fan convention Labor Day 2009, I would've punched you in your lying mouth. Today, I must say that it was one of the awesomer experiences of my life, and it was worth every penny of the small fortune I paid to be there.

(Also, this is really... long. Sorry. I HAVE A LOT TO SAY BEST DAY EVER.)

It's so awesome that we can say, 'That day we met Mary McDonnell...'  )
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I just had a dream that we went to Dragon*Con, and it was some sort of... garden party type deal? And we were in the house next door, and there was some sort of celebrity tragedy, so all the celebs were really ticked that people were looking at them- Lucy Lawless blew smoke in our faces! However, Mary was no where to be found. Tricia Helfer was there, though. And for some reason I wasn't really there with Ollie, but with my mother and sister? Until we were driving home, and then it was Ollie, my sister and I, and we tried to get diner at KFC, and the woman at the counter was really nasty.

My mind is so weird. Also, I never do spontaneous things like this so now I'm all !!! with nerves and stuff.
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I propose we change the word “Sunday” to “Maryday” because I AM GOING TO DRAGON*CON TO SEE MARY MCDONNELL AND MY LIFE IS ESSENTIALLY AWESOME.

(I am also unoriginal; I posted this exact message on tumblr. TOO EXCITED.)
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I am ridiculously tired now, even though I got a good night's sleep and hardly did anything today. And what I mean by "hardly anything" is that when I got to work most of the kids were napping, so when I was hanging out in that room I had to monitor that the kids didn't wake up/the kids that were awake laid quietly and stayed in bed/straighten up the room, and then I did a ridiculous amount of dishes, and that was it.

Then the lovely Olivia picked me up and we had an awesome Marython. We watched most of High Society after watching Mary in the play 'O Pioneers,' which, while depressing, was awesome. I actually want to read the book now, which is... extremely unusual. Well, that's not true. I usually want to read the book, especially if I already know the story, but I just am too lazy to actually do it. I'm notoriously bad about reading things that aren't scroll-able. TECHNOLOGY RUINED ME, OKAY? But Mary, she helps, with her awesomeness.

The Marython continues tomorrow with BSG, because we've never watched any of it together, which is just sad. Ollie had already given herself a pilot callsign and I have been desperate for one for weeks, and Ollie came up with Damsel for me and I kind of adore it. In real life- which, you know, LOL, "real life," as I talk about Viper and Raptor pilots, laugh it up, fuzzball- I'd totally get the first/last name combo that everyone gives me, because it sounds like an intergalactic bad guy, but I'm sticking with Damsel. (Ollie is Scuttlebutt, btw. I swear, this is what she chose of her own volition. Then again she suggested things like 'Blinds' and 'Lamp' and 'Curtains' for me.)

Damsel out.
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TODAY. It was a good day!

For one thing, I worked for six hours. "Madi!" You may exclaim, "How does that constitute a good day?" Well, I will tell you. It means I made some money. And that, my friends, is quite good. And then I puttered around for a bit, and I got to have dinner with Ollie, which means I got to SQUEE ABOUT BSG. And Lauroslin. I think it was split about 40/60, because we both love us some Lauroslin. After our awesome dinner of awesomeness, we went to Target, where I purchased BSG season 4.0, because I clearly cannot buy these seasons in any semblance of numerical order. And then Ollie came over and we watched the clips of High Society on youtube, because it is a travesty that is not on DVD. It is Mary McDonnell and Jean Smart being hilarious! There is no downside to releasing it on DVD other than the backlash that it did not continue beyond thirteen episodes!

Also, I have a new profile layout and a crap ton of new, beautemous icons.

So, good day. How was everyone else's day? I hope it was lovely.
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It's cold, y'all! It was down in the thirties this morning. And it's supposed to be even colder tomorrow. And who has hardly any cold weather clothes? This moi.

Covertly snatched from the delightful [ profile] dollsome, as it is an icon meme and I AM ALL ABOUT THE ICONS.

Reply to this post telling me which icon of mine is your favorite, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

(This was pretty much impossible for me to decide. This is just one of my favorites.

This weekend I watched [ profile] snapplesons's cat Jazz. While he is a very sweet cat and I really enjoyed having him around, it really was a like an episode of The Baby Borrowers. I've been claiming to want a cat for, oh, months now. MONTHS. But I realized after being the sole caretaker of a cat that I am totally too selfish for a cat. More than being too selfish for a cat, I am entirely too in love with sleep to get a cat anytime soon. Me/Sleep = OTP. Plus, it was super nerve-wracking, cause he's so little, what if he gets smushed by something while I'm gone? What if he finds and eats something dangerous? What if I didn't leave the bathroom door open? What if he doesn't have enough food/water? What if he manages to grow opposable thumbs between now and the time I get home and figures out how to not only open the window but remove the screen so that he can escape and begin his legendary odyssey back to his mama? I am far too high strung for this sort of thing just now, in what will heretofore be known as 'the clearly insane portion of my life.' Cause I really can't continue on like this.

I have a presentation tomorrow in Spanish on la dictadura militar Chilena y Argentina which means I get to talk about dictators and systemized killings, tortures and disappearances for five or so minutes WITH ONLY AN OUTLINE TO HELP. NO NOTECARDS. And all I wanna do is watch SVU because... that's all I do now. Although in my defense I just received, viewed and put back out in the mail the first disc of season three of 'How I Met Your Mother.' It's a damn good thing that Robin has a Canadian pop star past or I would have no reason to like her.
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Biggest fear, holy hell.

Today we had the first game of the season and I got completely drenched from head to toe going from the bus stop with Ollie and Chelsea. It was a good game, though, we beat Hawaii hardcore, and afterwards I went with Chels and Ollie to their apt and met Ollie's kitty Jazz, who... I want. He like, chirps at you and he was all snuggly and delightful and he hardly shed and I WANT A CAT SO BAD OMG.

And my mom sent me a package, mostly of things I forgot at home, like sunscreen, but also she sent me my Conversations With Other Women DVD which finally got there and I am SO EXCITED and watching the extras and I love this movie with an overwhelming passion, y'all. It is so good. And not even good the way "Head in the Clouds" was good (... that movie wasn't good, mind you, but Penelope's performance almost made it.) This is straight up GENIUS.
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I should be studying Spanish! But instead I returned my german printer, bought Atonement on DVD, and found out I got a 34.5/35 on a test. AND THAT MEANS I OWN. Soooo, a meme!

From the lovely Snappy Mc[ profile] snappleson

LJ meme )
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+ Ollie being a fabulous friend. I had a great time with her this weekend.
+ Seeing my parents/sister/pets/house.
+ Seeing Talisa!
+ Inside jokes.
+ Roadtripping LOUDLY.
+ White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks.
+ The fact that I expected my final check from AE to be between $20-40 and opening the check to see it said $125.

- The fact that we never once heard Celine on the drive. What was with that?
- The traffic coming home
- The rain
- The fact that I am now exhausted
- Above all, the fact that I have a French test tomorrow morning and I have no desire whatsoever to study cause I am beat and only want to watch Frida on DVD.


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