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So, normally, writing is an excruciating process for me. Normally, I get an idea, and it flourishes in my brain until it is so gorgeous and vivid in my mind that my efforts to actually explain it are like drunken monkeys trying to interpret Mozart. It just doesn't work. If I actually am able to get it out, it's usually in spurts over a few hours and then I spend another like, twelve hours trying to figure out a title.

Today? Story hits me, I write it down, and the title comes to me like, fifteen minutes after I was done. Bada bing bada boom. I actually IMed Hannah all weirded out because I don't think that process has ever gone through that quickly. Maybe the key is that there were no romantic feelings at all? There was like, angst and that was it, no messy entanglements or reasons for me to be like D: I have to write euphemistic sex now! Instead, give me something light- you know, like Caprica's miscarriage and I'm golden! I am so strange.
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I don't know what about Katy Perry + Timbaland = ABBA for me, but listening to the If We Ever Meet Again chorus just makes me think it's ABBA. It's strange.

I wish I had more interesting things to post about, but my life is pretty dull right now. I'm back in Gainesville to work until my lease runs out, and while my job delights me regularly, I'm pretty sure it bores everyone else (my thoughts on work running something along these lines: I LOVE MY BABIES! KIDS ARE DARLING! HERE ARE SOME OF THEIR ANTICS! THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND PERFECT AND BTW I LOVE CHILDREN.) Other than that, I think I'm going to rewatch the early season of Bones, I'm rewatching BSG for my big "What Red Wore" retrospective- I am finding some interesting patterns!- and I love tumblr.
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Reason you should be on tumblr #67291873: THIS STUFF HAPPENS.

I reblogged this picture of Tricia.

[ profile] leiascully saw it and replied, "OMG, long hair! She looks like a Disney princess."

Which is totally true, so I replied "… She does! Little birds could fly around her and not look out of place!"

She cleverly added, "Now I’m imagining a wing of tiny Vipers and Raiders zipping around. One lands on her upraised hand."

So... this happened.

Shut up, like you don't think Princess Caprica and Prince Gaius are the greatest Disney movie that never was. )
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So, I'm on my last day of housesitting, and I'm on my computer, minding my own business, when behind me this GODAWFUL TINY MACHINE starts yelling at me. Apparently, the Hoppes have this little machine that picks up warnings issued by NOAA and then repeats it ten thousand times in a robot voice, trying to make you as scared as humanly possible that your death is imminent. For the record: I am terrified enough that I thought, 'huh, I should get dressed in case I get blown away to Oz.' Because, yeah, that's what I should be worried about, not how fast I can get down to the cellar if I see a tornado.

(I have a six page paper due tomorrow by noon. WHY DON'T I EVER DO STUFF IN A TIMELY MANNER?)

Also, so far in my What Red Wore rewatch (say that three times fast,) I only have two conclusions:

1- Red changed a record-setting four times in 'Colonial Day.'
2- Red has a white shimmery nighty of raaaaage, which I find hilarious.
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So, I started a BSG rewatch because (1) I have nothing better to do and (2) I am totally going to assess why Red is wearing what she wears when she wears it (Oh you all know you're interested) when suddenly I started paying a lot of attention to Dee. She's been given a lot more important stuff to do in the first two episodes and the mini than I remembered, and she's awesome 100% of the time. Poor girl.

Also, as always, Gaius and Six or Caprica make my heart rise up in joy and song.
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I have read a few pieces of meta BSG meta, and I love love love to read them. I usually stay away from meta-izing myself, because my thoughts are all over the place and generally end with my flailing my hands around and looking at the other person like, 'You know what I mean?' (This even happens in real life, I am bad at talking about things I love.) Today I started thinking about Sixes and Eights.

And so, a tiny piece of half-baked meta, because at a certain point I stop talking and start flailing. )

I participated in [ profile] bsg_remix this year, and the remix of my fic went up and it is TOTALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING. Seriously, I could not have asked for a more wonderful reworking. It's weird to talk about, because I don't want to be all MWAHAHA EVERYTHING GOOD HAD ITS GENESIS IN ME, but it's like it took all the good parts of what I wrote and made it so different and awesome but still part of what I wrote yet wholly independent and I am just over the moon about it. I have my suspicions about who wrote it, but I won't know for sure for a little while.
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So, I've decided that I want to talk about the finale, and by "talk about the finale and its one year anniversary," I mean, "I want to talk about where our little chickadees are one year later." So!

The future is ours! )

What do you all think is going on in the little settlements around the world of Colonials and Cylons?
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Mom: How did I know [Boomer] was an eight?
Me: Because she a Cylon.
Mom: [happily] I like the Sevens.
Me: Um. how?
Mom: [like, 'duh'] Um, she's Tricia Helfer.

Which lead to the singular joy of explaining to my mom about the miscount, and the final five and whatever (her reaction was: YOU HAD A PICTURE TAKEN WITH A CYLON?! ... ... ... Oh wait, you also had pictures taken with Tigh and Mrs Tigh) and about the Caprica/Tigh/Liam debacle (which had my mom all indignant that Caprica had a baby not with Gaius, and all concerned about Tigh, who was married to "the beautiful lady!"
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Things I Am Not Allowed to do Before Bed

- Watch any Gaius/Caprica scene that could conceivably make me too overjoyed with them to actually sleep. Which is basically just the finale but do you know how often I think, about forty-five minutes before bed, 'Oh, I should pop in the finale and just watch the shippy scenes?' ALL THE DAMN TIME. And I've done it before, and it always ends with me getting all verklempt with joy and happiness like Dolly Parton wished it on me or something and it's just awful, especially when I am finally recovering from the cold that lay waste to my vocal cords this weekend.

In other news, my house got broken into today. Apparently some guy kicked in our garage door- not breaking the lock or the steel door, mind you, but actually breaking the door frame, and walked on into my house. Walked right past my father's laptop, which was sitting on the dining room table, and out my front door, because the alarm went off and apparently he got so scared he left without taking anything. It is at once incredibly bizarre (I live in a really safe, low key, family-oriented little suburb,) incredibly funny (he like... walked through my house! without taking anything! also, he kicked in the door, who was it, the Hulk?) and incredibly unsettling (there was a stranger in my house.) Thankfully, no one was home, and nothing was stolen and none of our animals were hurt and all my parents need to do is replace the garage door but it's so weird.
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I find this article with James Callis delightful because, well, James Callis delightful, but also because the interviewer asks this question:

No character in the series, including Apollo, has reinvented himself as much as Baltar. You went from being the odd ball crazy scientist, to the reluctant politician, to the Cylon puppet king, to the self proclaimed messiah who appeared like Hugh Hefner with religious delusions of grandeur, only to end up, probably, as a very monogamous family man and farmer? All the actors we spoke to were always very jealous of enormous diversity in the character you got to play. Which was your personal favorite?

Aaaaah flappy hands of joy. I love so much the use of the adjective "very" in the part I bolded, because it's such an important distinction, and not because Caprica was going to crack skulls. I love them!


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