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Tess linked me to this, and it's like... the best description of Dollhouse ever, including shirtless Helo. Mm. Shirtless Helo.

I can't believe spring break is almost over. Back when "She's All That" came out, back in... I don't even know, middle school, the movie starts as the students are coming back from Spring Break, and Usher, the school... DJ (run with it) he announces that the student body is now facing the "home stretch": the time between spring break and the end of school. Ever since then, that is how I view this time of the year. This always had particular relevance when I was approaching graduation.

And I am not entering the home stretch. THE ULTIMATE HOME STRETCH.

And I just lost an hour of spring break.

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- So, guess who's sick of the cold weather? Thissss moi. Totally over it.

- I've readjusted my schedule COMPLETELY today. Drop/Add ends at 11:59 PM, and I'm fairly nauseous with the idea of going to brand new classes an entire week late (but, technically, not absent, because it was still drop/add! In order to get the math class I need to graduate I had to drop the history class I really really like and get another one.

- Toying with the idea of taking out a loan to study abroad, an idea that makes me physically ill (the loan, not the studying abroad bit.)

- My Quebec class seems awesome at least.

- I watched Razor again last night, because I am quite possibly the only person who enjoys watching it, and it seemed like an appropriate chaser to 'The Plan.' SO MANY THINKY THOUGHTS OF AWESOMENESS. I don't I need to state again just how much I love Tricia Helfer (who hung the moon, if you didn't know,) but OMG MICHELLE FORBES. Michelle Forbes, how do you do it. That show is full of people who can act without speaking, but the way that the intensity and depth of Gina and AHC's entire relationship is conveyed in a smile, arm grab and cheek kiss? That sound you hear is my mind blowing. I get these stupid flappy hands of shippiness at how cute and sweet they are. WHICH IS UNFORTUNATE, SEEING WHAT GOES DOWN. (Also, as a side bar, Michelle Forbes looks amazingly beautiful without the severe bangs. I love her always [I know. Shut up] but with her hair like that? Gooorge.)

- The person who made my BSG calendar is like, the biggest Kara/Samders shipper ever. The first month has them, and then there are a bunch of little pics of them scattered throughout. Conversely, there is one Gaius/Red, and no Papadama/Lauroslin. There is a depressing lack of Ellen, and a really unnecessary amount of Eight-age.

- I wish I could think of some porn to write for [ profile] bsg_pornbattle BUT I KEEP COMING UP WITH FEELINGS INSTEAD. Not even like, the pseudo porn I wrote last time. The Gina fic I started went straight to feelings. The Gaius/Red fic? Feelings. The Six/Laura fic? PLOT. WHAT THE HELL, I DON'T WANT A PLOT AT ALL. So, yes, I have a few hours to stop failing.

- I haven't worked in six days. I am going bonkers.
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So, in contrast to Tuesday, I'm having a pretty awesome day today. Which is bizarre, considering I already had one exam today (French philosophy, and I think I did okay!) and I have one later tonight (math OH NOES). I finally received a package my mom sent me foreverrrr ago. And I have like four hours to study more for the stats exam. So it's not bad.

And then someone linked the original script for the BSG mini on a comm. I briefly glanced at it, which- I can't anymore. I refuse. I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL TONIGHT'S EXAM. Why does the world tempt me thus? Why?
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So, it's ten o'clock, the night before a French philosophy presentation, and have I started yet? No. Because that would be just too clever, wouldn't it? I'm all, what! How can I start and then have to break for ANTM and SVU (which, while predictable, was pretty damn rad [and I mean that about both. I think Tyra is one of the most quotable women on earth. MODEL THROUGH THE MISHAP is a catchphrase I really want to make happen.]) I am known for making poor scholastic choices.

Also, I went to a career fair with Melissa. The highlights of it being: (1) talking to a few interesting companies, (2) Getting dolled up, (3) Having a damn fun time getting dolled up with Melissa, because we were dancing around to Fiddler on the Roof and reggaeton and She and Him (4) thinking of "business women" quotes from Romy and Michele while surrounded by people in business attire.

And today from Netflix I got a movie with Mary McDonnell that sounds spectacular. In a bad way. WHY MUST I BE TEMPTED THUS?
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My joy at having done my laundry (clean clothes! whee!) is hampered by the fact that I lost my first sock. This is the first sock that I myself have sacrificed to That Which Eats A Sole Sock, and it was a fuzzy blue one that I wore when it was cold. It matched the blue robe my mom bought me when we went to Paris. I will miss that sock.

Today I had the worst headache of my life during my Spanish exam. I think I did decently, but seeing as I bombed every one of the three exams I took last week, who knows! Oh, Academia, you are a constant challenge.

I went to mass with Paige today to get ashed. For Lent I gave up everything that is delicious that isn't also nutritionally sound. Like raspberry fruit leather. Forty calories for a tangy fruity strip of deliciousness. And if it isn't awesome, don't say anything, or I won't have anything to live for.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH! I hope your day is amazing, darling girl.

Still no roommate, I miss having one. Classes are okay. I took the French SAT, and that was interesting.

Aaaand drop/add ends tomorrow and I still don't know what French I'm in. Arg.

So instead!

Three Things I Used to Hate, but No Longer Do, Because I Have a Brain

- Nadia
Yeah, I don't have an excuse for this other than my knee-jerk !!!!! reaction to Syd getting a sister mid-series. Plus, Sloane + Irina = Gross. However, now I know that, through some bizarre tautology table logic, Sloane + Irina = PERFECTION. And she is wonderful and a delight and I love love love her all thanks to [ profile] non_horation and Mia Maestro, and the writers who wanted to make Nadia the sweetest, bestest character ever.

- marshmallows
Hated these for a long, long time, and now... I love them. I love their soft and squishy goodness. I love their slightly dusty covering. I love their jolly little bag. I love that they have "jet puffed" in the title. Oh, marshmallows.

- the song "Umbrella"
I was proud of never having heard it, remember? Then I went to work and it played all the time, so I learned to love it. LOVE IT HARDCORE. And then Mandy Moore covered it. And now Gerard Way is in on the action. Obviously, this means the song is amazing.

One Thing I Cannot Live Without

- Carmex
When we were in Canada, BOTH of my carmex tubes reached the end of their lives. I got a tin of cute, expensive lip balm from Lush, and it doesn't matter. I need my Carmex.
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This is my life:

- packing to move (and failing miserably)
- being devastated that Cam and Chase Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison breaking up.
- Reading "The Bourne Identity" and enjoying it immensely.
- putting a streak of unnatural red in my hair and immediately regretting it.
- getting a haircut tomorrow.
- swimming with my mom and sister.
- ... yeah, it's mostly Bourne stuff right about now. For example, my user pic is one of three four pictures that are almost the same, but not quite. One was used in the movie, one is on the official site, and the other? I just found it by luck. But I love them allllll because Jason and Marie is my new OTP and I'm so sad no one else is into like I am.
- loving the song "I Will Follow You into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie, despite the fact that it's a semi old song that everyone else in the world has heard but me, and I've never heard a song by DCFC that I've liked. I am entirely into this one.
- worrying about my schedule.
- worrying about my roommate, seeing as there is a real possibility that I won't have the girl I thought I would.
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How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt guilty asking a close LJ friend a question that should be obvious?

Well, here's your chance.

If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.

Studied more with Philly. We actually work well together.

Today in drama we made half-masks out of plaster. I had to do Chang first, and I am absolutely terrified to have it done to me Wednesday morning. Poor Chang was absolutely destroyed by the plaster- all in her hair and her ears and her eyes and it was awful- and I'm such a baby. Ugh.

This morning I watched a guy kick a vending machine for about six minutes. He stood in wonder at first, and then started kicking the cage it was in. Then the little opening for the door. Then he tried to shake it through the cage. This pattern was alternated for over five minutes, and a security guard even walked past him without saying anything.

A month from today, I'll be graduated.
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Today was an extremely lame day. The only reason it was nice is because it was early release, so I got to go home at 11:45. That's nice.

The only other highlight of my day was watching Javier and his desk fall off the bleacher things in the Black Box room during drama. It was like time suspended he was moving so slow.

I'm still pondering last night's Alias. I don't think Irina is clear-cut against Sydney and Jack. As of right now, I'm choosing to believe that the Horizon has something to do with saving Nadia and that's why she was mean.

And Alias Media should be shot for not having the caps up yet. Icons, people. We need icons. Mama can't fly without wings!

French Honor Society Banquet tomorrow. Woo hoo.

I have an entire IB thing to do... and I haven't. Oh well.
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I have sooo much work to do, but earlier my sister was doing an assignment so I had to watch Alias. Of course. So I watched "Search and Rescue," because other than Lena and Mia? I need no others. I only watched Syd's acceptance of the proposal in the final ep, though, because I can't stand to watch Nadia become a zombie. Or watch Vaughn and Syd get crashed into.

Hanover Street is on TV. Oh, 80s Harrison Ford movies. With Georg von Trapp, none the less.

Gah. So much work. But Taylor's giving me her and Carol's work on Hamlet and the poems after her oral tomorrow, so that saves me a lot of work. Hooray!

Also? True confession: I absolutely love John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland." Like, I would kill to have a boy I was enamoured with sing this to me. Because... oh my god. And if that makes me a teeny bopper, so be it. I HAVE NO SHAME.


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