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[ profile] dollsome did this meme, and kindly asked me questions.

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

One of the questions is about which BSG man I would take to prom. I LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH. )
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me: so, this is the fic idea i had in the shower:
me: VAUGHN: Syd, I have something to tell you.
SYD: Whatever it is, I'm cool. Just don't say you're a bad guy.
VAUGHN: ... I'm a prince.
nica: omg
nica: that's terrible
me: i know
nica: i'm sure you could really run with it, though
me: but wonderful at the same time, yes?
nica: hahahaha, yesssssssss
nica: "i have a sister named mia."
me: LOL, no, his cousin, see
nica: ohhhh, my mistake!

This idea is both great and terrible.
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From the insistent [ profile] dollsome

Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a view of their desktops as well...

It's a shocker, guys. )
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Happy SyVa day! I was going to do a post about the glory that is Syd/Vaughn, but we're actually watching Alias and I thought I should post this before the date changed.

Yay OTP!
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I beat the interwebs and succeeded in finding the fics I wanted, therefore, I am a winner. I'm in this whole huge SyVa kick right now. (Well, it never really stopped, but it's intensified.) And I can't bring myself to watch Buffy because Tara just died and it depressed me. Plus the whole Spike rape thing. Meh.

But la la la. SyVa, take me away!

(Monica is leaving tomorrow for weeks and weeks and it makes me sooo sad and I will miss her ever so. Who am I going to watch TV with constantly? Whooo will watch TLC and Discovery Health and Will and Grace with me? No one, that's who!)

Also, [ profile] yahtzee63, your WWBH fic is coming. Honest.
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I missed the Golden Globes because I'm dumb, and I saw pics of Jen (whose dress I wasn't too thrilled with, but she looked real cute and aieeee I <3 Ben Affleck) and like when Jen, Mia's dress- well, Jen's dress wasn't thrilling, but Mia's dress kind of made me want to cry (though thanks, Hanny, for finding it for me!) but her face was lovely and her hair! Yay hair!

ETA: Dude, it's like... an epidemic of bad dresses this year. What is with everyone? God. Even Salma Hayek made a bad choice and I didn't think she knew how to do that at all. Good Lord, people. Can we step it up for the Oscars? Please?

Katie: I have a really hard time believing that the CIA really operates like that.
Me: Oh, honey. Don't try. Just smile.

Rewatching Alias makes me realize the writers weren't quite as dumb as I thought.

Squeeage and thinkiness )
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"Reunion" is on TV, and it has one of my favorite early Season Three SyVa moments, so I went over and watched, and the names for when Syd and Vaughn crash that party are Tomas and Sabina. Which never meant much to be before, but now I remember that they're the names of two of the leads in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." And that makes my heart sing. That and the whole longing looks of love that are so wonderful. It was so meaningful. Just like the the triangular formations of love triangle. Thanks for the visual, JJ!
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I feel much better today, which rocks, and am actually eating food! Hard food! It's awesome!

Alright, Nica's giving me a hard time about getting this done, even though I did it in order of people requesting it for me- whatever.

Request #6 for [ profile] agent_nica

The Places She Had Never Been )
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Let me start by saying that the nail on my left ring finger has broken off at the quick. I am essentially useless without my nails, and now that one finger feels useless and strange. AND it makes my entire hand look stupid because all my other nails are the same length. Woe is me.

I took a practice IB math test today with Campi. I don't think it was so bad, but that usually means I bombed it. She's grading it according to the IB markscheme, which gives you credit for everything, and I'm just hoping I pass. Passing would be good. Philly already promised we'd get together next week so we can study, because I need to learn math and... my exam is a month from yesterday and the 3rd. Seriously.

Today Mederos and Carol and Javier and the Briffany part of Mabriffany went to States; instead of watching "Never Been Kissed" like we were supposed to, Sam broke the tape. So I chatted with Chang, Galvez and Venessa Figueroa. In French I stayed awake, but I was reading the latest "Gossip Girl" book, so I wasn't paying attention. I really only have tomorrow of school before Spring Break- Friday morning is full of Cold War speakers and the field trip to the Everglades to see where they kept missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Do It, Already! article

Sometimes it takes a cockamamie plot device to keep a lovelorn couple apart. On Alias, for example, as soon as double agent Sydney fell into bed with her CIA handler Vaughn, kidnappers abducted her and faked her death. And in the 1998 X-Files movie, Mulder and Scully's long-anticipated initial hookup was thwarted when Scully was—of all things—stung by a bee. Anaphylactic shock is a mood-killer, to be sure. In the seasons of the television show that followed, the couple shared a few measly kisses. Wherever they are now, I hope they're compensating for their chastity. (In the world of fan fiction, they certainly are.)

Today, as slow-motion courtships proliferate onscreen—see the Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle on Lost, Jim and Pam on The Office, Grissom and Sara on CSI—it's important to remember that we're living in the Moonlighting era. Almost 20 years after the Bruce Willis-Cybill Shepherd detective series ended, it is Moonlighting's post-coital flameout that keeps the Joshes and Donnas of the world fully clothed. The show had been on for less than two years when US Magazine—not a weekly yet, if you can remember such a world—screamed "Do It, Already!" in a February 1987 cover story. A month later, David and Maddie obliged, before an astonishingly large audience of 60 million viewers. (The Friends series finale drew 52.5 million.) From there, Moonlighting seemed almost cursed. Shepherd's pregnancy absented Maddie from the story for months the following season, and then a 1988 writers' strike caused all television production to shut down. When Moonlighting came back after a nine-month absence, it had a terrible 13-episode fifth season, crawled into the forest, and died.

And on that note, I might want to start doing my history homework. Probably won't do it, but I should... start.
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In the spirit of Valentine's day, I'm going to share Zap2it's Top Ten TV kisses. I thought I had scored with the top five, but honestly, look at all that are in here that pertain to my flist.

1. Veronica and Logan on "Veronica Mars" in "M.A.D.": [don't care]

2. Sydney and Vaughn on "Alias" in "Phase One": After SD-6 had been destroyed and their reason for remaining apart obliterated, Sydney and Vaughn, in full S.W.A.T. team regalia, rushed toward each other, kissed, and the world around them disappeared. [I CARE OH SO MUCH. SECOND PLACE, BITCHES!]

3. Buffy and Spike in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in "Tabula Rasa": As the camera panned away from Michelle Branch singing the apropos "Goodbye to You," and snuck around the corner, viewers saw Spike and Buffy hungrily kissing. The lustful duo had their share of fiery moments (and sweet ones like in "Once More With Feeling"), but this kiss demonstrated their mutual attraction at its most base level. [I care. Deeply. I will even more when I start watching. Hannah cares, too.]

4. Kate and Sawyer on "Lost" in "Confidence Man": For being stuck on an island, Kate is not without options (and obviously, with those perfectly arched eyebrows, not without access to a spa, but that's a topic for  another time). When Sawyer and Freckles locked lips it became clear that Sawyer was one sexy bad boy. [Everyone cares but me.]

5. Mulder and Scully on "The X-Files" in "Existence": We knew they had to be in love and this was the proof we had all been waiting for. Scully gives birth to her son, William. "From the moment I became pregnant, I feared the truth about how and why. And I know that you feared it, too," Scully told Mulder. He replied, "I think what we feared were the possibilities. The truth we both know." "Which is what?" Scully asked. To answer her question, Mulder leaned down and kissed her over their love child. This is so why we deserve an "X-Files" movie. [OMG DANA AND MULDER!]

6. Hannah and Bright on "Everwood" in "Where The Heart Is": [don't care.]

7. Pacey and Joey on "Dawson's Creek" in "Stolen Kisses": [please. if you care, do you belong on my flist?]

8. Ross and Rachel on "Friends" in "The One Where Ross Finds Out": [Nica cares!]

9. Sam and Diane on "Cheers" in "Showdown, Part 2": [care not.]

10. Doug and Carol on "ER" in "Such Sweet Sorrow": [NICA CARES.]

11. David and Maddie on "Moonlighting" in "I am curious ... Maddie": Known as the "Big Bang" episode among fans, David and Maddie finally sleep together in a scene that literally takes down the house. The show went downhill after this, but we at least got to see the pair happy for a night.  [I care, Nita cares, kerlin cares]

And, best kisses- NOTORIOUS, people. It's there. That's right.

Today I got candies from my Daddy, little heart earrings from my mommy, and a cute picture text message from my Valentine, Nica. 

Also- new rich text layout on LJ is making sure LJ Cuts isn't working. Or LJ peoples. So... deal.


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