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Dear flist,

I've seen a lot of threats going on involving the whole twitter/LJ link thing that go something along the "I WILL KILL YOU WITH FIRE" route if anyone ever links anything ever. I'm not going to go that far- mostly because even if I was to threaten you all very specifically, I wouldn't actually do it because... I'm lazy and all talk. So let's just say that I respectfully ask that if you ever think something I say is so intensely witty that you cannot live without it on your twitter or fbook, just cnp it. I trust you guys to use good judgment. I can't imagine this actually happening, mostly because I am very rarely even a little witty, and also I'm pretty sure I turned the option off, but whatever.


In other news, Open House is as good if not better when watching it the second time, but I'm pretty sure that's because watching things with Tess make them exponentially better (ex: Kalifornia, BSG.) Also, while I'm not attending this year's D*C- sob!- I do get to go to DC as in the nation's capital and see Monica and Justin and hopefully find a bridesmaid dress! So it's going to be a good Labor Day anyway.
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So I took it upon myself to enlighten Tess as to how wonderful Maryann is on True Blood, mostly because I am a Michelle Forbes fangirl and Tess is pretty good at fangirling with me.

Me: [ profile] nicole_anell once said she wished Maryann had been the admiral of the Pegasus
Tess: LOL!
Me: and it would've been a different voyage for sure
Tess: they'd have been out of snacks way before they met Lee, though :-P
Me: absolutely
Me: more orgies.
Tess: LOL
Tess: and they thought Galactica was a party ship :-P
Me: ain't no party like a maryann party cause a maryann party is mandatory
Tess: LOL!
Me: although, LOL
Me: she would've bitchslapped Belzen
Tess: LOL!
Tess: nobody needed vipers

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This is legit one of the greatest things the internet has given me. Trust.

(Tess wins Queen of the Internet, again, some more.)

Sidebar: I really need to find an icon of Helo. I love him and want him to be my hypothetical past prom date.
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Me: i'd say i'm getting so crotchety in my old age but i'm just getting crotchetier
Tess: LOL!
Tess: it's okay, so am I :-P
Me: well, yeah. I'd say we're the Queen and Princess of Crotchetsylvania
Tess: LOL!
Tess: we moved here from Grumplandia
Me: LOL!
Me: By Royal Decree: GET OFF OUR LAWN.
Tess: LOL!

I know, I know, right?

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Me: also, i amuse myself way too much
Me: i just pictured BSG being made like... thirty years from now, and instead of using "all along the watchtower" they use something by Lady Gaga
Me: like Bad Romance
Tess: LOL!
Me: can you imagine everyone saying lines from that song as they can't get it out of their head and are constantly humming?
Tess: LOl
Tess: I was thinking of Poker Face :-P
Me: LOL!!!
Tess: they'd all be like, po-po-po-po-po
Me: ooh, or, love game
Tess: LOL
Me: because tigh saying "disco stick" would be amazing
Tess: LOL!
Me: and tory could say she got her ass squeezed by a sexy cupid
Me: but i won't lie, i prefer the idea of bad romance. Ra ra, ah ah ah, roma romama, gaga ooh la la
Tess: LOL
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Tess (9:20:11 PM): heh
Tess (9:20:17 PM): Lee <3s rules
Me (9:20:29 PM): um, Lee + Rules = OTP.
Tess (9:20:30 PM): he wants to take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant
Me(9:20:34 PM): LOL!!!
Tess (9:20:36 PM): and THEN ABANDON THEM I GUESS
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Me: Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be wearing a UF hat. My 12 year old heart just melted into a fluttery heap.
Tess: LOL
Tess: did he go there?
Me: not at all
Me: the only famous people that have gone to UF is Bob Vila and Faye Dunaway. I use the term 'famous' loosely.
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One of my favourite Canadians [ profile] non_horation showed me this video, since I LOVE CANADA. I thought some of my flist might enjoy it as well.

What are your favourite things aboot Canada, eh?
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So, Tess is magical. I've always known this, what with her amazing media fairy capabilities, but tonight she proved herself. Literally within minutes of hearing of my plight, she found this. The instructions were scary, and also I suck at reading, so I was like, eh, whatever.

But then I was going to bed. And I figured, you know what? Screw it. The computer's all jacked up as it is, might as well futz around.

Look for explorer.exe and delete the key. It should not be there. If you have doubts, then just look at another computer where explorer starts. You'll waste your time if you do however and besides, explorer isn't starting anyway - what are you going to break.

SO I DID WHAT IT SAID SLOWLY AND HESITANTLY AND IT WORKED. IT WORKED, SWEET BABY JESUS. So now I'm a bit freaked out that the virus is still lurking- I'm pretty damn sure it is, but I'll worry about that tomorrow. Because damn is it late.
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And to this, of course she says "LOL"

tess: if you were in a book I'd never let you go outside :-P
me: LOL!
me: me?
me: cause i'm wee and hispanic?
tess: well, which one of us would end up being the pretty sad hispanic rape victim? :-P
me: it's cause you're white!
me: racism!
tess: LOL


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