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So, I'm watching Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 1, and Kara is leading a mission back to Caprica to go get her man Samders, and they're talking about how it's going to be like, a jillion jumps and they're probably going to die or whatever, but there's something new and cool that will make their lives easier, and that is! INSTALLING CYLON TECHNOLOGY ONTO THEIR RAPTORS, ENABLING THEM TO MAKE BIGGER JUMPS OR SOME SHIT SO THEY CAN GET BACK TO CAPRICA FASTER.

Wait wait wait. What's that you say? Installing Cylon technology? That thing everyone freaks out about in season four? They were doing it in season two? And everyone, including Mr Cylon Hater himself, Señor Felix Gaeta, accepted it? WHY YES. IN FACT, HE IS ACTUALLY THE ONE INFORMING EVERYONE OF THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT IN THE READY ROOM. And everyone deals with it just fine! Goddamn. Like, if they showed even just Gaeta making faces, I'd be better with it, but nooo.

I know this show isn't super great at consistency- and really, what show is?- but come on, guys! You act like adding Cylon FTLs is some fresh hell for the fleet to get their panties in a bunch about, but no! They already implemented Cylon technology without everyone dying gruesome deaths or anything.

Cue anger and rage at fleet and the mutineers, as per usual.
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The lovely [ profile] dollsome gave me both these memes; I love few things more than I love memes, and so, here we are.

Respond to this and i'll pick seven of your lj interests for you to explain in a new post.

Interests! )

I pick six of your icons for you to explain, you offer the same for your commenters.

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My favorite thing about Lady Gaga videos is that no matter how crazy you expect them to be, they always outstrip your wildest expectations because she's just a genius of some kind. It's insane.

(I just watched the Telephone vid. IT IS AMAZING. Also, I kept thinking of ways for it to be a Lee/Kara vid, because even though they're not my ship, I'm always thinking of things for them. You know, they need the support, being the underdog pairing of the show and all.)
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Um, so, apparently this is me reacting as I watch BSG again. Consider yourself lucky, I didn't do this the first time, except to Yubs.

Now, I'm noticing how many damn scenes there are between Tigh and Kara. IT'S LIKE THE SHOW WANTS ME TO SHIP THEM OR SOMETHING, AND I NEED NO ENCOURAGEMENT. This has happened before- I love Gaius/Caprica, I love Tigh/Ellen, so, natch, I love Caprica/Tigh. So now I guess this math might work with Sam/Kara and Tigh/Ellen -> Kara/Tigh? WHY DOES MY BRAIN DO THIS?

(I don't mean this seriously. Yet. IDK, if I can ship them when they're actively in hate can you imagine when they actually start getting along? HOPEFULLY ELLEN'S ARRIVAL WILL QUASH THIS.)
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Dear Katee Sackhoff,


Eric Spitznagel: 24 has some of the best unintentionally funny dialogue on television. If there’s just one reason to watch the show, it’s because Kiefer Sutherland might start screaming, "I will kill you, and you will stay dead this time!" Do you have a favorite line from the upcoming season, something that made you think, "Jesus, I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth?"

Katee Sackhoff: There are so many of them. I got good at saying cheesy lines on Battlestar and making them sound (in a breathy, dramatic voice) really intense. There was an episode on Battlestar where I actually had to say, "Out of the box is where I live." In all seriousness. To this day, my ex-boyfriend still teases me about it. He constantly asks me, "How are you living today? Are you out of the box? Are you to the left of it? In the corner?" So I’ve gotten very good at this shit by now. If I had to say a line like, "I will kill you, and you will stay dead this time," I’d probably win an Emmy for it.

This interview is fantastic.

Tumblr also got me this beauty!

I love me some Kara/Sam )
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So... I think in my dream last night Katee Sackhoff was my sister? She wouldn’t share her muffins with me (which is not a euphemism- they were these delicious muffins that my roommate makes full of bran and fiber,) and we were sitting at a table- me, with a huge stack of BSG DVDs in front of me, and... her, with a huge stack of BSG DVDs in front of her. And I was all, can I have another muffin? And she said no, and then I threatened to take out one of her DVDs with my muffiny fingers and she relented, but she was really into her laptop, and instead of using the keyboard, but instead an on-screen keyboard and used the mouse to click on keys. Very bizarre. Her background was very The Matrix-y, with bright neon green and black.

Very bizarre.
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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

So, here is the dealio. I had a really hard time thinking of an image that made me angry or sad that didn't veer into weird places. Like, I could post the picture of Ellen and Saul Tigh right before he tragically kills her and she gracefully accepts it and it's the saddest thing ever, but that's not... taking the meme seriously! On the other hand, the picture that legitimately makes me sad is at my parent's house, and it's of the sister my dad had who died before he was born of leukemia, and she's two and looks so precious, and on the back my grandmother had written about Mercy sending besitos and it's just devastating. So nether of these are things I want on my LJ, despite the instructions from the meme (and I really don't want to google search pictures of things that make me mad). So I'm taking this in an entirely different direction.

I want to preface this by saying that I really do love Katee Sackhoff (and Kara!) and I think she's a great actress and quite lovely to boot, but KATHRYN ANN SACKHOFF, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. This is her attending a legit event IN 2009 but for some reason it looks like she thought it was happening in 1995? That dress. The choker. Those shoes. (Those... stockings? Is she wearing frakking stockings? Katee, honey, no.) The hair and the lipstick and, god bless her, the whole ensemble is a lot of look and she is a sweet girl but no. No. She looks like a Russian prostitute in the mid-90s and that is a look that is suited to no one. This picture makes me sad, sad, sad.
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Day 03 → Your favorite television program

So, the way I felt as this day of this meme approached is best explained in a quote from Jessie Spano: "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... so... scaaaaared." Because it meant I had to choose my TV show, and that would've always been an easy answer before, but NOW IT IS NOT. So I've been thinking about this since before I even started the meme and now... now I'm ready.

You think I'm kidding, but it was an effing battle royale in my heart about this. )

So that's embarrassingly long winded.


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