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So... I think in my dream last night Katee Sackhoff was my sister? She wouldn’t share her muffins with me (which is not a euphemism- they were these delicious muffins that my roommate makes full of bran and fiber,) and we were sitting at a table- me, with a huge stack of BSG DVDs in front of me, and... her, with a huge stack of BSG DVDs in front of her. And I was all, can I have another muffin? And she said no, and then I threatened to take out one of her DVDs with my muffiny fingers and she relented, but she was really into her laptop, and instead of using the keyboard, but instead an on-screen keyboard and used the mouse to click on keys. Very bizarre. Her background was very The Matrix-y, with bright neon green and black.

Very bizarre.
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So, normally I just have crazy dreams. And they're usually fun in a WTF way, and they're really fun to tell people, too, because they're vivid and I remember a lot of details and people are all, "dude, Madi, what is up with your brain?"

But then I had an emotional dream! Which is just unsettling.

Emotional dream is emotional! )

I rewatched Razor this weekend, which I mentioned. I acknowledged that I was probably going to end up loving Admiral Helena Cain more than I should, because I can generally be made to love anyone, given enough reason to, and BSG usually gives me plenty of reason to love. What I did not expect to love was Cain/Gina.

(Although, really, it is me. I should've. What does Madi love, kids? LOVE.)

And it is so messed up. The first thing we learn about relations between the two of them is that Cain ordered the repeated gang rape and torture and psychological destruction of poor Gina. And then Gina shoots her in the head. (However! The tears glistening in AHC's eyes, those are not of fear, THEY ARE OF LOVE GONE WRONG.)

And then Razor goes and shows us how cute they were, and how sweet AHC was around Gina and how giggly and adorable they were (in like, two scenes... talent, yo) and how Gina could not kill her lady love AHC (although she really, really should have) and just how frakked up AHC became after being betrayed and it is all genius and gruesome and horrible and the talent displayed by those two actresses is truly mind-blowing. And then Gina was all frakked up, and I truly think it's not only because of the horrendous things that were done to her, but because they were ordered by the woman she loved and OH MY GOD, BSG, WHY DO YOU DO SUCH THINGS TO ME.

I also learned that Red is this show's Nadia. I will basically ship her with everyone.

ETA: Ronald D. Moore and David Eick initially hesitated to reveal the lesbian affair between Gina and Admiral Cain, feeling that portraying the first high-profile gay relationship in the Galactica universe between two villainous characters might be taken as a homophobic statement. They decided to proceed when they ultimately felt that the relationship would be portrayed in a positive light, with Gina unable to kill Cain at an opportune moment, and Cain's heartbreak leading to her descent into madness.

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I just had a dream that we went to Dragon*Con, and it was some sort of... garden party type deal? And we were in the house next door, and there was some sort of celebrity tragedy, so all the celebs were really ticked that people were looking at them- Lucy Lawless blew smoke in our faces! However, Mary was no where to be found. Tricia Helfer was there, though. And for some reason I wasn't really there with Ollie, but with my mother and sister? Until we were driving home, and then it was Ollie, my sister and I, and we tried to get diner at KFC, and the woman at the counter was really nasty.

My mind is so weird. Also, I never do spontaneous things like this so now I'm all !!! with nerves and stuff.
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Last night I dreamt that Jeffrey Dean Morgan asked me out on a date. I DON'T EVEN LIKE HIM. And that's what I dreamt. Why couldn't I dream about a celebrity I like, or, just find attractive ask me out? Come on! (It was a weird dream. I was getting ice cream, and he just walks up behind me and compliments on my voice. Weirdly, the only reason I agreed to it was his voice. That, and I accepted before I turned. I am a clever girl.)

Nick @ Nite is playing The Nanny now. This makes me feel both incredibly happy and incredibly old. However, I watched two delightful episodes of it tonight, and let me just say: Fran Fine has some of the most amazing hair pretty much ever. Such body! Such height! It's like an architectural marvel.

Also, I watched my second ever episode of Touched By An Angel last night. The first was the episode with Celine Dion literally ten years ago, and then last night I watched the episode with Mary McDonnell. Here is my issue: aren't the angels supposed to... you know... help? All they did was talk at people to extremely little success! I mean, Sister Mary Lauroslin was already totally awesome and in touch with God, so she didn't need much help (despite her TORRID PAST AS A POLITICAL BOMBER! SISTER MARY LAUROSLIN WAS TOTALLY BALLER), but Irish Angel was practically a detriment to her awesomeness. And Dude Angel was pretty useless too. Valerie Bertinelli as an angel was... bizarre, but I think that was her shtick. The Black Lady Angel though was fantastic. Not only did she know what was going on, she was actually helpful. (Er, in conclusion, no more religious programs for me. Ask Hannah, I was calling angels "creepy motherfuckers." I'm so going to hell.)
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I am having such a successful day it's ridiculous.

Firstly, I got my printer to work. After over a year of having to run elsewhere to print things, I can now print in the comfort of my own home. Because I am just that awesome at watching my computer install things.

Secondly! I applied to a job at Baby Gator here at UF. I saw where it was finally- on the bus route home- and checked it out and there was an open position. I don't know if I'll get it- they would definitely prefer a childcare major or whatever, but I put myself out there with a cover letter and everything! Yay!

I had the weirdest dream ever last night. I have a thing of plastic drawers, and I dreamt that in the middle drawer, I had a pet shark. Like, someone had bought me this tiny shark that I was keeping in this plastic drawer. And the thing really freaked me out but then I remembered I hadn't fed it in a while, so I... went to fill a cup with bathwater to feed it. I was pouring the delicious, nutritious bathwater into the drawer, and the shark wised up to this, coming over to wait with an open, scary mouth for me to gingerly pour water into it. So, I'm going back to my bathroom to refill the cup when something makes me look over my shoulder.

And I see that it is not a shark in my plastic drawer. It is a man wearing a shark suit. Apparently he was there to spy on me and sometimes when I wasn't around he left. He had a wife and daughter (at this he showed me a picture.)

I was so incredibly freaked out. And then I turn away for a second- probably to get my bearings- and when I turn back the little man is gone, leaving only the creepy creepy shark suit.

Weirdest. Dream. Ever.
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So, last night I went to bed early and had a predictably insane dream, as in my wont. At least this time Alias was involved!

First, I was watching the Hoppes' house. I went outside to talk on the phone with my mom and crossed the street for funsies when suddenly an army of cars, including a police vehicle, roared up the street. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK," I said, and my mother was like "OMG CURSING" so I hung up and ran up the hill to the house. As I got to the front door, this snitty woman and a police officer were all, "Are you supposed to be here?" I'm like, er, yes, I'm watching the house, I know the Hoppes. SO THESE PEOPLE PUT ME ON TRIAL. Like, no lie, we're on the front porch and these snitty women are grilling me and I want to say "Hi, call Mrs Hoppe" but I don't want to be rude so I go along and finally I am found innocent. Eventually. It was really long and uncomfortable.

This segues into my mom suddenly being at the Hoppes' house and we're watching some talk show in their kitchen, and we're enjoying it and suddenly Jen comes on. I'm all, Oh man, awesome! I didn't even know she was going to be on! What a great surprise! And I'm happily watching and then Victor comes out and I'm like, you know, squeeing and my mom's telling me to pipe down and then the host is all, "well, Alias fans, we've got quite the treat for you."

And they cut to THE SD-6 OFFICES. And you see Jen getting into a pink wig, and, for some reason, they're making Victor put on his Jack wig (yeah, I have no idea.) "This is how a hirsute Canadian becomes an American badass," he says jovially, and I'm thinking "hirsute? what?" And then Jen and Victor act out this scene as Syd and Jack (with no pink wig, I might add) and it was AWESOME and I was like, dying of fannish glee because it was one final taste of Alias and if I could get anything else I would want it to be between Syd and Jack, and then suddenly I'm in the scene.

Not with them, but at the SD-6 offices. I have a fake gun. And I am chasing Miley Cyrus. Oh yes.

So I'm chasing Miley Cyrus around and whatever and then the scene is called, and I'm supposed to get on the elevator with Miley. I toss her the gun as I walk towards the elevator, and for some reason I throw it really short and it somehow falls down the elevator shaft (this was in no small way influenced by Bones, I'm sure.) So I'm like CRAP I'm going to get in trouble for that, and I get into the elevator.

The elevator goes up and then lets me off, and there is Billy Ray Cyrus. He wants Miley to join him, but the doors SLAM SHUT really fast. Billy Ray, alarmed, goes over to try to free his daughter; I go "huh" and continue on to the third part of my dream.

Which has me walking outside and meeting my family. There is this really big glass building ahead of us and apparently my dad's family is in there. We crash their dinner and we're all getting along when I look over and see my mother's family. I totally thought, "oh, that's realistic" because we live in Florida and my mom's family is from NY. And then I was at a table with my cousins Amy and Carolyn and Carolyn's daughter Chloe when Chloe asks me what my birthday is. I reply "December 22nd" as Amy replies "December 3rd" and I'm all :( That isn't my birthday!

And then I woke up.

First Alias dream pretty much ever and it's that weird.
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So, I am now broken with sleeping late and can sleep no later than ten o'clock- which is kind of good, cause it puts me roughly on the same clock as the rest of the Eastern seabord, and bad, because I WANT TO SLEEP LATE, DAMMIT. Disregard the fact that I've gotten the recommended amount of sleep the past week, and that I got it last night as well- I want to see noon on the clock!

Also, I am very aware that this is like, five months old, but I just found it last night and literally cannot contain my squee to it. I watched it like, seventeen times last and then went to bed singing it and woke up singing and it and, oh, Discovery Channel, you are so made of win.

... No, seriously, you watch that and see if a giant smile doesn't cover your face from ear to ear.

I had a dream last night that in spite the fact that I am a high school graduate and a college student that I was going to spend a year at Carrollton, the high school where my friend Becca graduated, aka the most expensive private girls' school in South Florida. I was going down to the grove, and I saw my Tia Mabel and Tio Stan- the weird thing about this being that they were a couple, and my Tia Mabel is married to my godfather, Jorge, and Tio Stan is married to Marti, who is Mabel's sister. So I went up to their fabulous apt- which was really fabulous- and I told them about school, which they totally took in stride, and then gave me a ride to school. I didn't have a uniform, which was bad, but then it turned out that today was Labor Day, and therefore I didn't need a uniform, cause technically there wasn't school, even though there was dozens of kids there. Boys and girls, which I didn't realize was weird until I woke up. We all hung out on beds in a common room, which wound up having the two couples on my bed getting, er, fresh, so whilst they were hot and heavy into their activities, I cleared my throat and said "Hi, my name is Madeline, and even though I've already graduated high school and actually am a junior at the University of Florida, for some reason I'm spending a year here! How are you guys?"

This an extremely random post.
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Of course, when I really should do a ton of homework, TV is actually really good. Damn you, erratic Sunday scheduling.

I have no interest in the Super Bowl. My thing about football is that my interest begins and ends with the Gators, so no Super Bowl parties for me. (And I felt bad for Paige. She appeared to really want to come, and I was all, not only do I not like any of the food you're preparing, but... I hate football. Also, it's at her boyfriend's house, which would mean be stuck there sans escape, and, also, Paige started dating this kid two weeks ago and she's going at warp speed. They're talking about getting a dog. A DOG.)

Last night I had a dream with my grandfather in it. I never dream about my grandparents. Occasionally Gramma's in it, but she's my mom's mother, and the only one I really know, since my dad's mother died when I was about six and both my grandfathers died before I was born. Anyway, I was at home, doing laundry (no doubt a nod to my inability to do laundry yesterday and today) and I realized I had some jeans in my room that needed to be washed, so I went to get them. I then decided I needed to fold them before I brought them out. I'm sitting on my bed, folding them when an old man walked into my room. "Who's this?" I thought, and then realized, oh, it's Abuelo.

He looked kind of like the pictures we have of him, but older, and he started talking to me pleasantly (and in English) about various things, and I indulged him. He then said he was going to the Cigar store, and the drugstore, and did I need anything. "No, I'm good," I replied, and then he said, totally serious, "Can I buy you a notebook?" ... Out of the blue. "No, I'm okay, really," I said, and then paused, before saying "Can you buy me some pens?"

"No," he said, shaking his head, "I can't buy you pens."

"Oh. Okay. See you later."

The dream continued to involve Paris and Nicky Hilton and Briony from Atonement (... I know.) But if you believe in symbolism in dreams, what the hell does that exchange with my grandfather mean?
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So, last night, out of no where, I had a dream that James McAvoy and his wife spent the night at my house. See, my mother had entered me in this contest called "Make McAvoy Your Boy" (yeah, I don't know) to be funny, and lo and behold, I won. However, they didn't tell me I'd won until late late late the night he was there. So there I am, all showered and makeupless, and my mom tells me JAMES MCAVOY IS IN YOUR ROOM! (Yes, my room.)

I immediately spaz. For some reason both Monica and my cousin Katie were there in addition to the normal occupants of my house. I have to go reapply makeup because... that's how I roll. Meanwhile, poor McAvoy and his wife are like, chilling in my room. Also? My uncle Oscar was there, and he came out as like, their envoy, because they were bored and going to sleep.

So, I go into my room, and McAvoy is like, come on in! And I get into bed with them. To effing snuggle. That is what the McAvoy wants to do, snuggle! Mel and Katie were hanging out in my room with us, but Monica was in my parents' room on her laptop cause she was embarrassed. She was also wearing this weird pinkie nightie thing from like, a 50s movie. Anyway. So McAvoy's wife, who wasn't his the wife he has in real life but this nice American girl, loves me and they're being so nice and I'm cuddling with James McAvoy and I think I slept somewhere else, but I'm not sure, cause he was an awfully good cuddler. At one point he said, all earnestly, "You know I can't be your boyfriend, right? Because I'm, um, married." It was so adorable.

In the morning my mom served strawberries for breakfast. Strawberries that were THE SIZE OF MY HAND. They were huge. The McAvoys thought nothing of it, and the dream ended with me and Mrs McAvoy (whose name was Tina or something with a T) going to Kinkos because she wanted to have pictures printed. For some reason this involved me drawing hundreds of hearts on a photocopy screen (?!) because she wasn't a good heart drawer and the screen had to be covered in order for it to work.

Such a totally bizarre dream, man.
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So, there is this girl in my Spanish class. She's the one who piqued my interest in becoming a French major, because she is one. She's also in my math class. I'd seen her in my math class before, but only from a distance. Last week, however, fate took a hand and ordained that I go sit in her row, only to wind up sitting with her and chatting. She is a perfectly nice girl.

The only problem is that I have no idea what her name is. Not the slightest clue.

In spanish class I asked my friend Paige if she knew, and of course, she didn't. And I mean, I guess I could ask her, but how awful is that? Also, the other day I was trying to get her attention and actually had to resort to "hey, you!" I then, you know, made a joke of it, but the situation is getting dire. It was actually part of my dream the other night, I dreamt that she wrote down her name on a sign-in sheet and I victoriously knew her name was Gwen something, spelled very Arthurianly. Gywinneh or something insane like that, but I was like, aha, her name is Gwen. I don't think that really is her name, though. Curse my poor memory.

Also, Fox on demand sucks. I've been trying to watch last week's House all week without actually downloading it, and nope. Just the one before. It's super obnoxious, especially compared to ABC and NBC, who each have their shows up the next day because they rule.


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