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Item 1: I have no idea how people work full time. Honestly. I worked four days this week, and I am so completely drained it's like I am going to die. I guess it's something you acclimate to, but right now I'm like D: HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE. It's exhausting!

Iteam 1.5: I really love working at a school, and I'm going to be so sad when the school year ends and I have to get a job in retail or something.

Item 2: My computer cord finally gave up and stopped working. Called HP to see if my warranty would cover it, since this computer isn't even a year old, and the guy, who was awesome, said no. He clearly heard the devastation in my voice when I asked how much a replacement would cost, because he put me on hold and returned to say that his supervisor had approved sending me a replacement for free. OH HAPPIEST OF DAYS.

Item 3: Haven't seen the last two episodes of Bones yet, but WTF, SHOW, WHAT RABBIT HOLE DID WE FALL DOWN.

I know I had other things to bring up, but that is all that is coming to mind. I feel like I've hardly done anything online lately, which is weird, but like, I have no tumblr queue and I have to speed through the backlog of 190 posts I missed on my flist so if I missed anything important, please tell me!
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I start work on Monday!

Also, I always know that my flist is awesome, but the comments/suggestions/good wishes/encouragement I've gotten these past few days has been really extraordinary, and I want you all to know that I was really touched. ♥ ♥ ♥
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So there's this place at my school called McKnight Brain Institute and it's the stop before where I work on my bus route. So, while waiting for the bus this afternoon, my coworker Cristina got her phone out to check its location, and this happened.

Cristina: So... whenever I see the McKnight Brain Institute...
Me: ... You substitute the Brian McKnight Institute?
Cristina: YES.
[We high five]
[Time progresses, the bus dawdles]
Me: Maybe he knows we'll be right here waiting for it. [LOL]
Cristina: [gamely chuckles along, not understanding]
Me: I can't think of anymore songs. This is sad.
Cristina: Oh, that two becomes one song.
Me: Um, that's not that Canadian crooner dude.
Cristina: Um, neither is Brian McKnight.
Me: Shut up, yes it is.
Cristina: No. Totally not.
[more time passes, we get on the bus.]
Me: [eventually and sheepishly]: Maybe I'm thinking of Brian McAdams.
Cristina: Bryan Adams.
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One of my favorite things about having a phone that lets me put different ringtones for different people is that whenever work calls, I have the song "Money" from Cabaret play. I probably should've picked something child-related, but... I find this so delightful.
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I don't know what about Katy Perry + Timbaland = ABBA for me, but listening to the If We Ever Meet Again chorus just makes me think it's ABBA. It's strange.

I wish I had more interesting things to post about, but my life is pretty dull right now. I'm back in Gainesville to work until my lease runs out, and while my job delights me regularly, I'm pretty sure it bores everyone else (my thoughts on work running something along these lines: I LOVE MY BABIES! KIDS ARE DARLING! HERE ARE SOME OF THEIR ANTICS! THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND PERFECT AND BTW I LOVE CHILDREN.) Other than that, I think I'm going to rewatch the early season of Bones, I'm rewatching BSG for my big "What Red Wore" retrospective- I am finding some interesting patterns!- and I love tumblr.
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Is it wrong that I see James van der Beek and automatically think "LOL SIMON," as in, Robin's ex from HIMYM instead of Dawson?

I somehow managed to hurt my back. This is actually a lie, I didn't "somehow manage," I just never lower the side of the cribs when I put sleeping babies in them, so I have to lean over all funny and now this one particular place in my back is all "I AM SORE BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID" and I'm all "/CONSIDERATE" because the cribs are loud! but my back totally doesn't care. Also, today was my last day of work until the middle of June, and I'm not yet sad, because I'm going to go visit tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon my heart will hurt worse than my back. HOW CAN I NOT SEE MY KIDS FOR FOUR WEEKS?! (How am I ever actually going to leave for good? I will die.)
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So, while I normally delight in working with small children, for it seems to be my calling in life, it sometimes sucks. Like today, when I had to call out sick for a second day because I'm still to sick to be around little children whose immune systems aren't up to dealing with the robust, never-ending, motherfrakking cough I've seemed to catch. I need to work! I need to make money! BE GONE, COUGH.

Epic fail, immune system. Epic.
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So, school starts tomorrow, which I find unsettling for several reasons. One, summer is over. Two, senior year is starting. Three, I will be expected to have a real direction in my life in one year's time. Holy frak. And I have an 8:30 class tomorrow, which is so unfortunate I don't even know what to do with it.

Also, I was offered me a permanent position. Like, I was for real hired and all, but since I was a substitute I kind of went whenever someone called out, but now I have a steady position from 3:30-6 every weekday. THIS IS AWESOME.

I spent my weekend reading Six fics, with or without Gaius, because suddenly my love for her is strong and fierce and really out of no where. There is no denying she is epic and epically beautiful, but I don't really know what spurred me to be suddenly all RED RED RED RED RED. There are not enough fics about her around.
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So, now that I'm back in Gainesville, I wanted to start working as soon as possible. This was made more difficult by the fact that technically my employment was terminated at the beginning of the summer, because that's what they do when people are going to be gone for almost three months. Anyway, yesterday I went to visit my place of soon-to-be-resumed employment because I wanted to see if there was anything I needed to do to get rehired. The lady who does the scheduling was literally overjoyed to see me. Came around, gave me a big hug, was gushing about how excited she was that I was back, announcing it happily to everyone that came in- I knew they liked me there, but this really made me feel valued.

Anyway, it was determined that Leslie had to email some other guy to see about getting me re-instated, and we didn't know how long that would take, but Leslie was like "we want you as soon as you can!" and I was like, okay! Will do!

This morning I get an email, and apparently the guy in charge of this stuff reapproved me, and Leslie sends me an email that says, and I quote, "WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!" It is very nice to get warm fuzzies about work.

Also! I have been alone since my mom left me Monday morning, because Jessie was elsewhere and Esther was in Nicaragua, but I got an email from Jessie and she is coming home WITH A KITTY. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A KITTY! I am very, very excited about both my roommate's return and the cat aspect of it, because I miss having a pet so much when I'm here and now I will kind of have one!

And, because an entry without BSG is like a day without sunshine, I realized that whenever I watch something that is intense, it takes me several viewings to understand everything, because I am dense, and usually the first viewing is reserved for shipping fiercely and thinking 'oh, doesn't her hair look nice' and things like that. And seconding viewings are usually seen with firmly-affixed shippy glasses. So now that I'm more or less on my third viewing of BSG (except for most of 4.5) I am realizing that I not only did I never pay attention to what the Cylons were doing, I have no idea what happens to Red. It's like every episode I watch has several surprises solely because I have no recollection of what she is going to do. For the record: she is usually awesome. It is, however, upsetting that she loves Gaius so much, because he is a douchebag to her. She deserves someone far better.
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Oh hai you guys. This is me doing everything possible not to start packing.

I'm lucky because this is the first year I don't have to move or anything, since I stayed in the same apartment, and I just need to bring back what I brought home in June (which is, you know. Clothes and DVDs, basically) but still omg. I leave on Saturday cause I'm hoping to work next week before school starts, but then I get an email from work saying before I can start, I need to complete a sexual harassment training thing.

Mom: Why do you you have to complete sexual harassment training?
Me: Er, I'm assuming everyone has to, not just me.
Mom: Is it sexual harassment against you or against other people?
Me: Um... both?
Mom: I don't understand.
Me: I think it's like, where it's not okay to touch other people, and what not to say?
Mom: For or for other people?!
Me: I need to end this conversation, Ma.

Also, as of right now, I have an 8:30 AM class four days a week. Hands up if you think I'll be making it.


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