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I want to make an LJ post! I do! A lot has happened! MAINLY I AM HOME! But I have been up for... almost 24 hours at this point and so words are not the easiest but I couldn't resist posting this again.


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IT IS AWESOME! I'm glad the box got to you safely!

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It was so sweet of you to send me something! I'm especially loving the lip balm- it is so nice and moisturizing! <3

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Hee! You're home! I didn't get the graphic at first, but giggled when I did.

Welcome back home!

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And thank you! I'm glad to be here.

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LOL, it took me a few seconds to get it.

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But once you did it was magic!

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Welcome back to home soil!
Happy holidays!

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Thank you! Happy holidays to you!

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yay for being home!

and hee, that's funny.

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Yay indeed!

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I'm SO GLAD you are home safe! You are fabulous, hon, and I wish you all the joy with your family and friends. *HUGS FROM D AND THE BOYOTES AND ME* Karin :D

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(I want an icon that's like, "fangirling Karin's life since 2010.")

Thank you! I'm so excited to be home, K, I can't even tell you. I hope your holiday season is amazing as well! *hugs to D and the boyotes and you*

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... you aren't home permanently are you? Or is it just for the holidays?

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No ma'am, just home for the holidays!

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Welcome home! I'm glad you made home safely. *hugs*

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Thanks boo! *hugs*
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*twirls you* Most magical number!

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Welcome back, darling!