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I want to make an LJ post! I do! A lot has happened! MAINLY I AM HOME! But I have been up for... almost 24 hours at this point and so words are not the easiest but I couldn't resist posting this again.

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I am pretty sure I want to get an e-reader for Christmas/my birthday, and while I was perfectly content to just say HAND ME MY KINDLE my mother just reminded me that the Nook exists.

So I put it to you guys! Any darts/laurels about any of them? Heard any horror stories? Do you have one or the other that you absolutely adore? Details please!

In other news, I am all packed for my trip to Strasbourg, I'm just waiting until it's time for me to go into Paris to spend the night at Katie's before leaving tomorrow night. So excited! There will be pictures!
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Mystery of the bank solved! Apparently I can only withdraw 300 euros per week. Luckily some dude at the bank could approve me taking out the rest of the money I needed for rent/the money I wanted to take to Strasbourg/buy groceries with.

Also, I just found out a few days ago that I actually needed to go to the Securite Sociale office to, you know, get social security stuff so I can go to the doctor here FO FREE or whatever happens when you have free healthcare from the government. I was planning on going eventually, but today my roommate Romy was like "I'm going, want to come" so I got my stuff together and it was crazy simple to the point where I'm terrified it's not actually going to work and I'm going to need to go back a thousand years away. But for right now I am hopeful!

I am also writing more 'Sam and Sonja are together but now the worlds have ended and oh noes Sonja has to tell Sam the truth' and I don't think I've ever written anything more difficult. HOW DOES SOMEONE REACT TO THIS NEWS? My whole brain is crying.

They had the Christmas lunch at school today, so I ate at the cantine with my roommates, and the food was mostly bizarre except for their exceptional potato things which are like a cross between tater tots and hush puppies, but the dessert, OH THE DESSERTS, they were so delicious! This little chocolatey cake thing that was melty in the middle and a bag of chocolates and a little Clementine!

Today I talked about religion in America with one of my classes. Part of it I spent talking about the Amish (thanks, [ profile] littledivinity!) and the rest of it was spent answering mostly offensive questions. Like, I get that apparently America is either THE COOLEST EVER or PLACE THAT MUST BE RELENTLESSLY LOOKED DOWN UPON but oh my god, do you know what America does not have a lock on? Religion. Also, shut up.

That being said, they did ask me about Scientology, and that was just fun to explain.
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ADVENTURES IN FRANCIA (by which I mean, Madeline gets mildly inconvenienced and/or walks around different areas of this area of France, eating her way from boulangerie to boulangerie)

- On Monday I went into Paris for the afternoon and it was lovely! On the way back, though, it turned out that there was an 'accident passagere' at the station before mine, subtext being: you are so fucked, people trying to get out that way!. (Also, I combed the internet today, and no details on the accident! Fail, metro.) Anyway, a trip that would normally take me around twenty minutes wound up taking an hour and a half.

Best of all, while stuck in Choisy-le-Roi, being blasted by frigid breezes, I was standing near a mother and her preteen daughter who looked like a forty-five year old divorcee from New Jersey. They were going to some meeting at my school and knew now that they were either going to be late or miss it. So clearly the proper response was to curse, loudly and constantly. A NICE-LOOKING OLDER WOMAN AND HER CRAZY LOOKING DAUGHTER, CURSING UP A STORM and I'm timidly like, "Hey, if you're going to the lycee I found a bus route to get out there if the trains don't start running again" and it's like [BLAST OF CURSES] and I was like I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS REQUIRES SUCH FOUL LANGUAGE.

(I did eventually get home! Whew.)

- Realized that there are actually three delicious bakeries within walking distance from where I live. This is so not a good thing. I also still am in the mindset that 'coins aren't real money' which is a problem when one and two euro coins very much are real money.

- Found out that the castle was bombed during the second world war and there were pictures and it was SO COOL, so much history! I love it!

- Learned that banks in France really hate you withdrawing money. In this case, I had to withdraw 350 Euros to pay October and November's rent (yes, sadly the dream of not paying rent has ended. It was nice while it lasted.) One of my roommates told that there's a rule saying you can only withdraw 300 per day, so I dutifully do that, even though I'm mentally thinking IT'S MY MONEY, AND I NEED IT NOW. So, whatever, I take out 300 yesterday, and I thought I'd get the remaining 50 today, plus some more for this weekend.

Nope! Totally cashblocked at three ATMs in two different banks, both telling me I couldn't get anymore because I couldn't. And I checked my account when I got home, definitely have the money there. So IDK, man. I just hope I can get it out tomorrow or Friday.

- I keep losing lipbalms. For those of you who don't know me that well, I rarely lose anything so the fact that I lost one tin of rose salve, one tube of rose salve, and one tube of carmex is really beyond the pale. FRENCH BORROWERS WITH CHAPPED LIPS: BUY YOUR OWN.


This weekend: Trip to Strasbourg with bonus night in Germany!
A week from tomorrow: MELISSA COMES, MELISSA COMES, MELISSA COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 19th: I GO HOME!!!! (And Melissa is on my flight to Miami!!!)

:D :D :D
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... Guys. Which one of you bought me a year of LJ time plus icons? This is seriously one of the top sweetest surprises anyone's ever given me! You really didn't have to do that! ANONYMOUS PERSON COME FORWARD SO THAT I CAN LOVE YOU PROPERLY.
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- So, on tumblr someone ([ profile] radon_?) made this awesome gif set of Stana Katic looking beautiful in black and white. I did a tiny bit of research and lo, it turns out that it's from this little movie she made called For Lovers Only. I look up the trailer on youtube, and oh my god. OH MY GOD. It looks magnificent.

No, seriously, watch this trailer. I'll wait.

Legit. All I want to do for the rest of my life is watch this trailer, because the music is gorgeous and the filming is gorgeous and Stana looks radiant and the couple being shown looks adorable and they're in France and it's beautiful and OH MY GOD I NEED THIS MOVIE IN MY LIFE.

Turned out that the trailer is legitimately better than the film. The movie is... not great. It's beautiful to watch! The music is great! Stana Katic is actually radiant! But the dialogue is pretty bad, the story makes me want to eat a knife (cheaters! WHY ARE AFFAIRS SEEN AS ROMANTIC, THEY ARE TERRIBLE.)

So, anyway, that was a big disappointment in my life.


- Dr Quinn and I are on a break while I watch Castle. Apparently I OD'd on her judginess. This isn't a lemon curd situation, though, so I will return to it!

- Went into Paris yesterday with the sole intention of getting pancakes at this American-style diner place, but the wait would've been forever and we were right by this little coffee shop/bakery we like, so Katie and I went there instead. We then walked across the river and Katie got a really expensive coat and then she came back here with me and spent the night and I'm always so delighted when people are equally dorky as me. I don't mean dorky in a 'I love BSG way' (which, :( that would be awesome) but like, we sat around last night listening to Christmas music, and Katie riverdanced in the middle of my room because SHE ACTUALLY CAN DO THAT and it was a lot of lame fun.

- I write stories about couples that are never going to exist outside fic because they're not canon and it makes me sad sometimes but usually is makes me happy. (The latest trend in my fic-life is writing Sam and a Six. That is just... the way of it. I was about to say 'IDEK' but I absolutely K- it's Sam and a Six. Win-win!) Also, [ profile] kag523 is sweet enough to let me take her characters and run off with them, so there's that.

- FIFTEEN DAYS TIL I GO HOME. ELEVEN DAYS TIL MELISSA GETS HERE. These are exciting things! I'm also delighted with how comfortable I am here now.

- I know I say this almost every post I make on my LJ but seriously, I have such nice friends here. Sometimes my roommates can be whatever (and sometimes they can be awesome, like when Vasti made sure I had a good Thanksgiving dinner) but the friends I've made here are awesome. And one of them works in an American-style bakery that serves chocolate cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE, GUYS. Legit, real cake. It's glorious.

- I had a dream two nights ago that this popular British store called New Look had a store in my mall at home, and I went there... with EJO and Mary McDonnell. Like, of course. So I'm walking around the store with them looking for the shoes I want, and the Ed and McD start talking to one of the salesgirls. Eventually they mention (?) that they're famous, and the girl doesn't believe them, so both EJO and Mary start saying, 'Madi, get on the internet on your phone and show her. You can work the internet." It was entirely bizarre. Last night the end part of my dream involved me watching an old fashion show and Tricia showed up, both in person to talk to me and on the catwalk in the fashion show (that was possibly recorded? dream what even) and then Physically Present!Tricia was talking to me about the gold dress Catwalk!Tricia was wearing, and how it was her favorite and she kept it and actually it had a quote on it about how God has a plan and I was thinking, of course she'd like that one, because, you know, Tricia is Red, natch.

- My paid LJ account got extended a few weeks after all the DDoS attacks, but unfortunately my icons did not (D:) and I saw no reason to pay for one and not the other (D:) so now I'm only able to use a random selection and it is KILLING ME. I really shouldn't buy another year of paid LJ because it's really not financially sound, but this icon thing is slaying me. DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND?!
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So a few weekends ago I got to visit with the epic [ profile] sci_fi_shipper and I failed to LJ about that experience because I forgot to while I was down in the teacher's lounge (because our internet wasn't working in our common room.) Little did I know that I would be without LJ FOR WEEKS because when we finally did get internet back in our common room, everything fun was blocked because it was the school's internet.

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And this is what I say to everyone that would judge me for being near tears over Ingrid's death on Dr Quinn: SHUT UP DR QUINN'S MAKING YOU CRY. I just! And feelings! Heartbreaking feelings of pain! Goddammit, Brian's dog! (Also, Ingrid's poor siblings. They used to have this bigass family and now it's the two little girls and the brother. THIS IS LIKE READING THE FIRST KIRSTEN BOOK ALL OVER AGAIN AND I COULDN'T HANDLE IT THEN SO I REALLY CAN'T HANDLE IT NOW.) As a sidebar, I think that if this show had gone on long enough, Michaela would've created the internet out of nothing but moxie and sass.

Today's classes were pretty good- everyone talked, at least, at varying degrees of proficiency, which is bizarre because they've all had four plus years of English but some of them can actually speak and some of them can't, and then some can speak English but don't understand 85% of what I say. The low point of my day was when I got trapped in my bathroom- my bathroom is down the hall from my room, and it's in the little living space we have (an inner hall with the toilet-room and the shower room with sinks, the kitchen, then a dining room/living room) and the door to the hall and the door to the toiler open on the same side, so that you have to have one closed to open the other. The bad news is that the hallway door rarely closes 100%, and sometimes jars open, and then you're trapped in the bathroom because you can't close either. The first time it happened to me my roommate was in the next room, so she saved me; today I had to holler and bang for a couple minutes. It was awesome!

But whatever, now I'm off until Tuesday and guess what? [ profile] scifishipper IS IN PARIS AND TOMORROW I GET TO HANG OUT WITH HER.


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