Apr. 23rd, 2011

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So today my mother and I ran errands to prepare for the Easter festivities tomorrow, and as all good Catholics should, we listened to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack in the car because, really, what better way is there to prepare for Jesus coming back from the dead like a boss? NOTHING.

So, there I am, listening to 'Everything's Alright' and I start thinking about how poor Judas was just really misunderstood- he wanted to do good, and he was worried that the whole Jesus mania thing was going to bring down everything they'd worked so hard to do re: helping people because they were bringing the Romans down on them and the Romans weren't too wild about the whole situation and THEN I REALIZED THAT MY MOST HATED CHARACTER GAETA WAS KIND OF LIKE JUDAS.

I'm not totally comfortable with this analogy- for one thing, thinking the Adama-Roslin administration was Jesus is an insult because no, and also I feel so much for Judas and I hate everything about Gaeta- but it is at least making me reconsider Gaeta a bit, which, as everyone who reads my LJ should know, is nothing short of an Easter miracle.

In other news in my life, because I never update anymore due to the sheer boringness of my life:

- I started watching Miranda! It is the most delightful program of all time.
- I am the substitute teacher that everyone hated because I am a drill sergeant, and I am kind of proud of that fact.
- BSG remix was fabulous this year!
- Sometimes I get so excited about D*C I can't breathe, and then I remember the rest of the stress September will bring- Monica's wedding is the last weekend of that month, and I need to be in France by October 1st. D:
- The West Wing continues to be awesome.
- The last episode of Community was so spectacular I cannot even and


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