May. 20th, 2011

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Item 1: I have no idea how people work full time. Honestly. I worked four days this week, and I am so completely drained it's like I am going to die. I guess it's something you acclimate to, but right now I'm like D: HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE. It's exhausting!

Iteam 1.5: I really love working at a school, and I'm going to be so sad when the school year ends and I have to get a job in retail or something.

Item 2: My computer cord finally gave up and stopped working. Called HP to see if my warranty would cover it, since this computer isn't even a year old, and the guy, who was awesome, said no. He clearly heard the devastation in my voice when I asked how much a replacement would cost, because he put me on hold and returned to say that his supervisor had approved sending me a replacement for free. OH HAPPIEST OF DAYS.

Item 3: Haven't seen the last two episodes of Bones yet, but WTF, SHOW, WHAT RABBIT HOLE DID WE FALL DOWN.

I know I had other things to bring up, but that is all that is coming to mind. I feel like I've hardly done anything online lately, which is weird, but like, I have no tumblr queue and I have to speed through the backlog of 190 posts I missed on my flist so if I missed anything important, please tell me!


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