Oct. 21st, 2011

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I feel like Rory Gilmore when she was all excited about getting the house to herself for the weekend- the German assistant went home yesterday, the French polytechnic boy assistant went home today, and my Mexican roommate (who has been nicer lately, yay!) has gone to Paris for the evening, and here are my thoughts, in this order:

- I can stay online and no one will judge me!
- I can watch Dr Quinn!
- I can take a shower and wash my hair!
- I can make hot dogs for dinner!

Like, aside from the staying online forever, having people around wouldn't prevent me from doing most of this list, but just being alone in this way- with internet!- is kind of magical. (I would go into Paris but (1) I don't have plans with anyone, (2) I hate going out late and it's also cold! and (3) I should not spend the 7,90 to go into Paris without a good reason, at least not until I get paid.)

I'm realizing that my internet situation might be very precarious over the break. I emailed the guy in charge (you know, the one who said I'd have wifi this week) and he said that the internet would work during the break but I still don't have wifi so I'm a bit concerned. I'm hoping at the very least the internet in the teacher's lounge will work so I can sit outside and check stuff at least a little, but we'll see! At least I'm going to see Missa on Tuesday!

I really enjoyed my last class today! I had one class with Chantal that was kind of awkward, and then a class with a teacher I just met, and people had warned me she was kind of crazy and I saw it, and the kids were like 15 so they were already kind of resistant to being in class in general and the teacher totally mishandled them, but then my last class, which was the same teacher and the other half of the same group of 15/16 year olds as before, showed up and they were AMAZING. They listened and had questions and understood what I was saying and talked to me and it was such a nice way to end classes for until November 3rd!


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