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So, kids, it's that time of year!

Everyone who'd like a Christmas card, sing out! This is especially important if you've moved, because I'd hate to mail a card to someone who won't appreciate my little attempt at spreading Christmas joy.

All comments are going to be screened, so you can leave your address in comments if you want.
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This morning, while Marisa and I were still snug in our beds, there was a loud knock on the door, and lo, it was the mover man. He got rid of the old, stacked drawers and lugged in my dresser, and then he debunked the bunk beds and pulled out my bed and instead of doing homework like I'd intended on my day off (my poli sci teacher had to fly to Quebec for a family emergency, so we have no class until next Wednesday) I moved in.

Now all my stuff is here and my bed is made and I have clothes hanging in a closet and I set up my printer and life is so good. My own room! Yay!

In other news, I've hung out two days straight with Marisa, and she is so much fun and I'm very glad she's my roommate. Also, I talked to Heather on the phone on her birthday, and I've been emailing Philly in France, and I finally saw Carol for dinner... I like keeping in contact with my friends.

(Ollie doesn't like me anymore, though. She has no time in her busy schedule for moiiiii.)
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Today was good and bad. It was bad in the sense that I had a nine o'clock appointment at the orthodontist to have them fix the retainer I haven't been able to fit in my mouth since I got my wisdom teeth out. Now that it's been about a month, the damn retainer is super painful, and now I have to wear it all the time. I haven't had to wear that damn thing all day since I got my braces off a year ago. So, :-(.

However, I got to go back to sleep and then tonight I went to Chang and Corinne's joint party at Opa on the beach, and it was fun. It was so nice to see everyone, especially Chang, because she's going to FSU and I won't see her like I will Carol and most of the other people that came. But we had a good time and Opa has weird greek food (I suck at life, I know) but amazing pita bread that like, made my life. And then we were the only group to dance on the table because we own and wow is that place empty on Tuesdays.

But here's a funny quote to brighten your day! Night. Whatever.

Hanny: I forgot to tell you how dumb I was yesterday :-P
me: oooh
me: do tell
Hanny: I told Rachel "That was"
Hanny: I could NOT think of the real word
Hanny: I was like "Poetical is NOT a word"
Hanny: and rachel almost died :-P
me: sounds good though
Hanny: Well, yes
Hanny: it sounded like a word in my head
me: hee, poetical
Hanny: It's like on Waiting for Guffman when the womoan was like "I knew his dramatical work was amazing..."
me: the womoan!
me: excellent word!
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Today, when I got to Jessica's house, Titanic was on TV. Which is never what you want to have on TV when I'm around, especially when I'm supposed to, you know. Actually be productive. And not just watching one of my favorite movies of all time. It's just not good politics.

That said, when Taylor and Corinne finally got there, we decided to get lunch, so we went to Subway, where the girls gave me and Taylor really dirty looks. We assume that they were haters because we're hotter. Then we went back and ate and watched more of Titanic- the bad part, the sinking part- and analyzed it within an inch of its life, because we're nerds. Mind you, we're supposed to be working.

Titanic finally ends, and we go upstairs, presumably to work, but we have to chat about Jess's bedroom and stuff first. And then we worked... and we kept going off on semi-relevant and highly interesting topics that just derailed us some more. We got about 5% of what we needed to get done done.

Which means we have to all work our asses off before Wednesday.

I looked at the portfolio thing, and it looks to be mostly tedious and not really difficult. Tedious and long. So we'll see how that works out.

We got Rent from Netflix and I watched it with my mom. She shares the same sentiments as I do about them not paying their rent. Shut. Up. I also developed this new love for Angel, and had a love/hate relationship with Roger/Mimi. Because I love Mimi like whoa. I'm glad I watched it, but I'm no great fan of the movie.

I think I should go to bed.

Expo Sed.

Dec. 26th, 2005 06:49 pm
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me: Expo Sed? Expo... Sed. Expo... sed. Oh, jesus. Exposed.

While I was in the shower, Heather called. My mom answered and told me to call her back. When I did, she was inviting me to go to Starbucks with her and Philly.

We had a good time... they saw the boobs, and we talked about Christmas and school, and then I went to Philly's house to see some of her Christmas loot (good, good stuff) and saw her dog and brother and dad. And then Heather drove me home and we chatted some. It was nice.

They probably just invited me to see the boobs, but whatever. I actually merited an invitation, so yay. I guess.

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I just got home from Rent. )

And I have been up since six this morning and am exhausted. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans (or to those of you who aren't American and decided to pick up the holiday for your own purposes; whatever makes you happy.)




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