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I think they should've made an entire episode- if not series- where Gaius interacted with Head Gaius. They are hilarious together.
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So, normally speaking, I think James Callis is an attractive guy, but he's not my archetype of male perfection physically. He's handsome enough, and his charisma certainly makes him incredibly attractive, but I've never seen him and been like, swoon, James Callis.

Until right now, oh my god. )
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Reason you should be on tumblr #67291873: THIS STUFF HAPPENS.

I reblogged this picture of Tricia.

[ profile] leiascully saw it and replied, "OMG, long hair! She looks like a Disney princess."

Which is totally true, so I replied "… She does! Little birds could fly around her and not look out of place!"

She cleverly added, "Now I’m imagining a wing of tiny Vipers and Raiders zipping around. One lands on her upraised hand."

So... this happened.

Shut up, like you don't think Princess Caprica and Prince Gaius are the greatest Disney movie that never was. )
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[ profile] dollsome did this meme, and kindly asked me questions.

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

One of the questions is about which BSG man I would take to prom. I LOVE THIS QUESTION SO MUCH. )
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So, I started a BSG rewatch because (1) I have nothing better to do and (2) I am totally going to assess why Red is wearing what she wears when she wears it (Oh you all know you're interested) when suddenly I started paying a lot of attention to Dee. She's been given a lot more important stuff to do in the first two episodes and the mini than I remembered, and she's awesome 100% of the time. Poor girl.

Also, as always, Gaius and Six or Caprica make my heart rise up in joy and song.
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Heh, so this is what went down:

1) [ profile] nicole_anell made a fanmix, only as Gaeta making a mix tape for Gaius Baltar.

2) It is, of course, genius, right down to cover art.

3) The cover art, which is all OMG GAIUS I HATE YOU... (but I really don't baby come back!) made me think of that episode of HIMYM when Barney pretends to be Ted and then breaks some girl's heart and she writes a song and makes a website.

4) How much is that girl Gaeta? Think about this.

5) This is actually making me feel... bad for Gaeta? What is this feeling?

6) PS, Nita, I just listened to all twenty minutes where is the frakking cylon part! It's like a cruel joke.
ETA: Found it, it's at 13:20. Oh lord.
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So, I've decided that I want to talk about the finale, and by "talk about the finale and its one year anniversary," I mean, "I want to talk about where our little chickadees are one year later." So!

The future is ours! )

What do you all think is going on in the little settlements around the world of Colonials and Cylons?
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Mom: How did I know [Boomer] was an eight?
Me: Because she a Cylon.
Mom: [happily] I like the Sevens.
Me: Um. how?
Mom: [like, 'duh'] Um, she's Tricia Helfer.

Which lead to the singular joy of explaining to my mom about the miscount, and the final five and whatever (her reaction was: YOU HAD A PICTURE TAKEN WITH A CYLON?! ... ... ... Oh wait, you also had pictures taken with Tigh and Mrs Tigh) and about the Caprica/Tigh/Liam debacle (which had my mom all indignant that Caprica had a baby not with Gaius, and all concerned about Tigh, who was married to "the beautiful lady!"
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Things I Am Not Allowed to do Before Bed

- Watch any Gaius/Caprica scene that could conceivably make me too overjoyed with them to actually sleep. Which is basically just the finale but do you know how often I think, about forty-five minutes before bed, 'Oh, I should pop in the finale and just watch the shippy scenes?' ALL THE DAMN TIME. And I've done it before, and it always ends with me getting all verklempt with joy and happiness like Dolly Parton wished it on me or something and it's just awful, especially when I am finally recovering from the cold that lay waste to my vocal cords this weekend.

In other news, my house got broken into today. Apparently some guy kicked in our garage door- not breaking the lock or the steel door, mind you, but actually breaking the door frame, and walked on into my house. Walked right past my father's laptop, which was sitting on the dining room table, and out my front door, because the alarm went off and apparently he got so scared he left without taking anything. It is at once incredibly bizarre (I live in a really safe, low key, family-oriented little suburb,) incredibly funny (he like... walked through my house! without taking anything! also, he kicked in the door, who was it, the Hulk?) and incredibly unsettling (there was a stranger in my house.) Thankfully, no one was home, and nothing was stolen and none of our animals were hurt and all my parents need to do is replace the garage door but it's so weird.
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I find this article with James Callis delightful because, well, James Callis delightful, but also because the interviewer asks this question:

No character in the series, including Apollo, has reinvented himself as much as Baltar. You went from being the odd ball crazy scientist, to the reluctant politician, to the Cylon puppet king, to the self proclaimed messiah who appeared like Hugh Hefner with religious delusions of grandeur, only to end up, probably, as a very monogamous family man and farmer? All the actors we spoke to were always very jealous of enormous diversity in the character you got to play. Which was your personal favorite?

Aaaaah flappy hands of joy. I love so much the use of the adjective "very" in the part I bolded, because it's such an important distinction, and not because Caprica was going to crack skulls. I love them!


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