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Like, I'm glad she's getting work, and I hope this will be a gateway to more Mia in more things but WHYYYYY?
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Okay, all I have to say about this is TRICIA WAS IN A MUSIC VIDEO THAT I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT, WHAT?!

I lied, I have other things to say:

- The song is actually pretty good!
- I approve of the story of the music video
- I really approve of any band who has a music video concept of "let's have some BSG fan fight guys off so he can see Tricia." (It's like that vid Penelope Cruz's brother made, wherein he had his sister make out with Mia. You have to admire people who can include beautiful celebrities in music video for no particular reason.)
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So, my day's been pretty boss. I thought it would suck because last night I got into bed, started to drift off, and at FOUR IN THE MORNING the sprinklers went off. And by the way, they're not watering the plants. THEY'RE WATERING MY WINDOW. AND THE LIVING ROOM WINDOW. So there was this godawful erratic hail of water so I had to get up and take a sleeping pill and then put Gilmore Girls on my iPod. (Because, for some reason, I can't fall asleep listening to music, because I sing along in my head, and I can't watch other TV shows because I get too involved. Gilmore Girls I just let wash over me. It's rad.)

So I almost skipped my French class, but I went instead. Then I took a quiz in Spanish, which I think I did well on, and my teacher asked me to write her a recommendation, which I find totally delightful because I adore her and think she should get whatever job she desires. Second French class was okay, but then I got to go home and veg before getting dinner with Esther, during which we watched 'Good Will Hunting.' We'd never seen it before, and it was pretty damn good!

So then Crusoe was on.

I DO NOT want to like Crusoe as much as I do, but goddamn do I love it. It's mostly a love for the ridiculous- give me a disaster and I'm there, not to mention a hot British guy and then THE LOVELY AND ENCHANTING MIA MAESTRO- but then Crusoe and Friday were awesomely bromantic, and then tonight was like... the flagship episode for Crusoe and Olivia. It's really not fair for people to cast Mia if they don't intend shipping because that girl just projects adoration and sweetness. She could have chemistry with a blank wall, is what I'm saying. So they're all flirty and intense and delightful and then he's all I HAVE A WIFE and she's all :( :( :( and I totally hate cheaters but it's been SIX YEARS and I would lay down cash money betting that Susannah has moved on. Possibly with Sam Neill, who appeared to engineer Crusoe's predicament. I AM WRITING FIC IN MY HEAD, Y'ALL. CRUSOE FIC. This shit is bananas.

And then my roommated invited some people over and we played beer pong, or, in my case, Mountain Dew with a few drops of vodka in it pong. I was a really good player, too, and it was fun enough. Clearly not my new favorite pastime, but it was okay. Then I had to take a shower and I think a bunch of people are still out there and now smoking hookah, but I think I'm done socializing.

(What I want to do? WATCH THE CRUSOE EPISODE AGAIN. What is wrong with me?! Maybe I'll content myself with rewatching 'Fault' because... more badshipping. SELF, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?)
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I am precisely 2 and a half minutes into "Crusoe" and it is CLEARLY THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. Both the guys are hot, and it really has the feeling of an episode of Xena or Jack of All Trades. It makes me feel twelve again AND I DIG THAT.

Also Mia was in the opening credits. FTW.

I'm clearly going to enjoy this more than I should. )
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I need another TV show like I need a hole in the head... BUT LOOK AT THAT COSTUME. It's a big dress and a big cloak-y cape-y thing that's like, faux brocade (fauxcade, if you will) and it MATCHES THE FAUXCADE OF HER DRESS and IT IS AWESOME. I think I could watch anything if people were dressed like that, including Sex and the City. Maybe especially Sex and the City.

So, yeah. Crusoe. Woooo!
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Set on the eve of the next G8 Summit, this miniseries follows a mother's desperate struggle to bring justice to her murdered son, fallen victim to a corrupt pharmaceutical company.

Let's review: Mia Maestro, getting FIRST BILLING, and threatening Georg von Trapp with bioterrorism? I am there YESTERDAY. This will so awesome.

(It will also be a miracle if she lives. She never lives, poor lamb.)
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Basically, Penelope Cruz's brother was like, I want girls kissing. Like... my sister and Mia Maestro. And lots of girls in bathing suits. And my sisters in matching outfits. And... girls.
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So, I am officially in the clear. The guy just wanted to give me a chance to explain my side of the story, and he showed me the email the lady had sent me, (wherein she claimed that I called her a bitch to her face.) Based on his demeanor, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd pulled shit like this before. Awesomely, though, there is absolutely no record of me ever having been called there, so my immaculate record maintains its immaculosity.

Also, I got my schedule for next semester figured out, and it is awesome. I got every class I wanted and the times are pretty great. So I'm very happy. Also, at this time next week my family will be here!

(I guess the downside to my day was that I found out that my predicted grade in French grammar is a B. Not even a B+. I'm not a perfectionist by any means, and I don't expect to have all As... but a B. In French. It makes me very sad. I hate grammar.)

(On a happy note, my friend Paige is going to be in my Spanish class next semester. And she loves Alias. And Buffy. And Mia Maestro. I found this out because my Spanish teacher was talking about movies done in Spanish and was suggesting titles, and one of them was Secuestro Express, which, hi, I've seen about three times, and I was like !! and Paige and I went to go rent it and I mentioned "the sister from Alias" was in it and Paige was like OMG MIA MAESTRO? I LOVE HER. And I was like OMG ME TOO because, really, how often does that happen? Never. And then she asked if I had seen Tango and I was like, no, seriously, you are my favorite friend. Really.)
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I suck at going to my political theory class, mainly because I have to trek to math, trek back to my room, and then trek back to the same hall for poli sci. Which I don't really need to go to, since the notes are online. But I was totally going to go today.

It is, however, pouring out. So much water, guys. I am drenched, and I had my lovely umbrella. It's the kind of rain that makes me sing Shirley Temple songs in my head (... yeah, I don't know either) and think about 'Poseidon.' Seriously. If the rain is making you think about disaster movies involving ocean liners, it's time to stay inside. So, sorry, poli sci. I almost died getting to math; now that I know what I'm in for sojourning over to Norman Hall, I ain't lately going back there.

So what will I do instead? I will watch the episodes of Ugly Betty I downloaded expressly because they have Cesar Santos. Because I, once again, have decided that a ship with no future is better than almost every other ship available. (Why do I do this? Why?) And the more I watch of Hilda/Santos, the more I love it. It's so complex! And wonderful! And there were so many facets! But, of course, he is now dead. Those bastards. So now I'm going to cry into my chicken sandwich. THANK YOU, UGLY BETTY.

Sasha and I are almost done with season five. We only have the last two episodes. I don't think I can handle it.

What I'll probably be able to handle is the end of Buffy. Although maybe not. Seeing as I know Anya's fate. :(

And let the record show that the 3 Musketeers mint bar tastes like a york peppermint patty, only not as good. Greaaat.

(Also, I'm seeing a report that Mia is going to be on a mini series with Christopher Plummer. As in, um, GEORG VON TRAPP. AS IN MY FIRST CRUSH EVER. That's just... too good to be true.)
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UF lost to Auburn. I am so bitter I don't even want to talk about it.

However, my pain is dulled by my beautiful new layout, made for me by the delightful [ profile] thepodsquad. It's all Mia-tastic!


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