Oct. 6th, 2011

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Dear everyone who has put up with me this last week,

You are all amazing rockstars. The amount of whining, bitching and crying that you tolerated this week is truly awe-inspiring, and you all handled it with the patience of saints. I truly don't deserve such an amazing group of friends.

However, things are on the upswing- it turns out that there *is* housing in my school! I showed up at my school today and two of the English teachers were asking me about my situation, both very unhappy about what had gone down, because I had done the right thing and I still got screwed over. The lady, Anna, was like I CAN'T STAND IT I'M GOING TO GO YELL AT SOMEONE and I don't know what she did but within an hour not only did I have a room, but people were scrambling to furnish it. I got to see it this afternoon, and it's a decent sized room with a sink and an armoire and a bed, a tiny nightstand and lamp, and apparently they plan on getting me a desk and two chairs. The next two rooms over are the German and Spanish assistants, and then the door after them is the part with our toilet, shower/sink room (France loves doing that for some reason) tiny kitchen with like, a grown-up EZ Bake Oven, a tiny dining room and a room with a TV and two chairs. They still don't have internet (D:) but they're saying next week, and I'm moving in when my stay at the hostel finishes, which is Saturday morning. Best of all, the rent is 175 euros a month. THAT IS SO LUDICROUSLY LOW I CANNOT EVEN UNDERSTAND IT.

Anyway, even though I'm still homesick I would jump at the chance to fly home tomorrow, I'm doing a lot better.

Thank you so much for all being fantastic friends!



sunshine_queen: Tricia being fierce, as always. (Default)

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