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Day 22 → A website

Scouting NY

It's a really cool blog by this guy who scouts locations in and around NYC. He finds all sorts of neat things the average person would never notice, or would never find, and there are lots of gorgeous pictures.
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Day 21 → A recipe

This is like, the only thing I cook regularly, and one of the only legit recipes I have here. Also! It's the only food I cook. Everything else is cake or cookies or brownies.

Italian Broccoli )
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Day 20 → A hobby of yours

I can crochet! That's about as much as a hobby as I can do, unless you count watching TV or shipping like I'm getting paid as a hobby.

I tried to find a youtube video of my favorite stitch, and... couldn't find it? Whatever. I know enough to make blankets and scarves, and that is enough for me.
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Day 19 → A talent of yours

Ugh, I hated coming up with this one. I guess I'm a pretty rad baker? I like to do it, I like the results, other people like the results? That's... about it. I can crochet a bit? Are these talents or skills?
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Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy

I can't love a candy that's available year-round, can I? Nope, it's Cadbury eggs and Brach's candy corn. FML.
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Day 17 → An art piece

(I couldn't resist having a Kara icon.)
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Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Auf Wiederseh'n, my dear- The Comedian Harmonists

English version by Bing Crosby and my explanation as to why this song destroys me under the cut. )
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Day 15 → A fanfic

I absolutely could not pick one. Also, it's a lot harder to me to find all the Alias fic I love, because when I first started reading it, I wasn't obsessive about keeping track of things. I mean, website archives were around forever, right? WRONG. Sometimes they disappeared, and took all the fic with it

Also, while compiling this list (namely, going to get the link for Jodhpur,) I found out that I favorited a BSG fic in 2007 on ff.n. And not just any BSG fic- a Gaius/Six BSG fic. In 2007. By an author who I have since seen on LJ, but I don't know her, and I didn't follow any of the other fandoms she wrote for on ff.n, and ESSENTIALLY THIS IS A BIG OLD MASSIVE MYSTERY and it is making me insane. HOW DID IT HAPPEN? Did I watch the entire series and then just forget it because I was... given selective amnesia? What is this nonsense!

Anyway. Fics!

Alias )

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Day 14 → A non-fictional book

I don't often read nonfiction books. I love biographies, but I haven't read one in a while this is a lie, the book I am showing you today is kind of a biography. Anyway, usually the nonfiction books I'm reading are for class, and while I'm sure you guys would be fascinated in life in Medieval Italy and Russia, I'll spare you and instead show you this gem.

It is no secret at all that I love Hollywood, especially the Golden age. This book is pretty much exclusively about that, ONLY WITH SOME KENNEDYS AND BRITISH ROYALTY TOSSED IN. Dominick Dunne like, Forrest Gumped his way through life and wound up meeting everyone worth knowing in the 50s and 60s. This book is really like a giant scrapbook- big font, lots and lots of pictures, fun anecdotes scattered about- but enough text that I really got a feel for their opulent, almost unbelievable lives then. (And then I flipping started reading Dominick Dunne's book Fatal Charms, which is a collection of essays he wrote for Vanity Fair. The first one is "Justice," which is about his daughter's murder trial, and I literally had to stop reading it because I was about to start crying in the library at school- and when I say "about to" I don't mean that in an exaggerated way, I mean, my eyes were full of tears and I had a lump in my throat. He is an amazing author, and the trial was a horrendous miscarriage of justice.)

Anyway, even if you just like old pictures of Natalie Wood reapplying her lipstick in a knife's blade at the dinner table, or reading anecdotes about Warren Beatty playing piano at Sunday brunch, or hearing how Dominick Dunne's little girl curtsied when she was four and met The Beatles, I suggest picking it up.
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Day 13 → A fictional book

I don't... get it? A fictional book that I liked? That I hated? That I'm currently reading? That I last finished? I NEED MORE DETAILS PLEASE.

So I'm just... going with one I like.

Whenever you touched me, I knew you were comparing me with Rebecca. Whenever you looked at me or spoke to me, or walked with me in the garden, I knew you were thinking, "This I did with Rebecca, and this, and this." It's true, isn't it?

I was a really warped little kid, and I read this book when I was like... eleven. And I have read it about a hundred times since then. The writing is so fluid and beautiful, and you can picture everything so perfectly. I love the plot and the characters, I love how Rebecca never shows up, I love that the narrator is never named. I love speculating on the narrator's name. I love that it was made into a wonderful Hitchcock film that actually does the book justice (for the most part. Moral codes in Hollywood were lame at the time and changed the ending, BUT IT'S STILL A GREAT FILM.) Anyway, I highly recommend it.


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